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Friday, March 1, 2013

Packing: UK Style

Happy Friday and Happy March everyone! 

I can't believe by this time next week that Cam and I will be in Scotland! I am pumped! This weekend, I plan on getting packed for our trip (plan being the operative word, we'll see if it happens...) and I'm trying to figure out what to bring. Packing for travel in the winter months is definitely more challenging than in the summer as boots and sweaters take up a lot more space in your suitcase than flip flops and tanks. It's important to be selective about what you bring, and make sure that each piece can be worn more than once. 

I thought I'd see if Pinterest could provide me a little inspiration on what to bring for a winter trip to the UK. Obviously, I had to start with their most stylish resident...

 If I had a goal for how I wanted to dress on this trip, it would be Kate Middleton Casual.

So taking a cue from the Duchess of Cambridge, I am definitely going to be packing my navy blazer and my rain boots. Thanks to Pinterest, I found some other cute ideas for styling these preppy pieces...first the blazer: 

 If Kate and Jen are both wearing it, you know it's a classic. 

As for the rain boots, I have light pink Hunters (like in the first photo below) and plan on wearing them with my gray cable knit liners. We're anticipating rainy weather so hopefully they'll keep my feet warm and dry while sightseeing! 

 Another staple that I plan on bringing is my trench coat: 

I'll be going for this same Emma Watson vibe, except my trench is Banana Republic, not Burberry. Ha. 

Finally, I looked over my Fashion Inspirations Pinterest board and pulled out a few additional looks that I've pinned recently that I thought would be perfect for a trip like this: 

  I obviously plan on bringing a few scarves, but we'll see what else actually ends up in my suitcase when we head across the pond! If you've been over to England/Scotland/Ireland this time of year and have any advice on what to pack, I'd love to hear it!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Xoxo

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Kate the Great

Happy Monday lovelies! I have lots of posts to put up this week, but before I get to my own life can we just stop and obsess about Kate Middleton for a minute? I know many of my fellow bloggers have been posting about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their visit to North America during their 11-day visit, but I decided I'd wait until they were on their way back to jolly old England before I commented on their trip. But I have been stalking following their visit, and I think it's made my fascination with the royals even worse than before (if that was possible). Kate just seems to have this effortless poise and grace and her style is flawless. She made some stunning fashion choices during her time in Canada and the US, and here are a few of my favorite looks...
I LOVE this look. I am all about being festive and dressing up for a holiday, so I love that Kate chose to wear red and white for Canada Day. This dress is gorgeous (love the hem), I'm obsessed with that adorable fascinator (why don't we wear these in the US?!), and I love how she went with the red shoes. And I love how she has on the beautiful maple leaf pin and also has maple leaves in her hat. SO. STINKING. CUTE. (Source)
This was my absolute FAVORITE thing she wore, she knocked it out of the park for the star-studded BAFTA gala. This dress is pure modern Hollywood glamour; I love the color, love the silhouette, love the belt, and as always, her hair = flawless. (Source)
A close second for me would be this purple Issa dress that she wore for an evening celebration on Canada Day. I love the color and I like that she wore her hair up because I think it looks really stunning. (Source)
While Kate did wear a lot of navy and cream on her trip (which I love), I adore this green silk Diane Von Furstenberg dress that she wore for her first US event, perfect for sunny California! (Also you can't really see in this picture, but I love how she accessorized with nude pumps and a leopard clutch, so fab) (Source)
I love this navy lace sheath dress she chose for her arrival to Canada, very sophisticated. (Source)

There were lots of really great outfits she wore that I didn't include because basically everything she wore on their 11-day trip was stunning. I hope that the Duke and Duchess make another stateside appearance sometime soon because I look forward to drooling over Kate's polished fashion pics. (Like I seriously wish I was friends with sick as that is, I really do) For now I'm just going to have to keep LOL-ing over the hilarious photos at Running off the Reese's (if you haven't checked out her blog, you'll thank me!) Hope that everyone is having a fabulous day so far!! xoxo

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Inspiration

The weekend is here! (almost...) I just wanted to take a quick second to talk about how much I appreciate all of my fellow bloggers out there. Sometimes when I'm writing a post about something random, it's kind of like why am I bothering to write about this? Who cares? But I'm starting to realize that if I care about it and want to share it, that's all that matters. That's the great thing I love about blogging, I can just ramble on about whatever strikes my fancy, and if no one reads it, that's cool, and if people do read it and like it, that's great too. I really love the variety of topics and opinions you can find out here in the blogosphere and I am constantly being inspired by the posts I read everyday. (I'm trying to get better about commenting!)

For example, this morning I got up to go to Boot Camp class at my gym and while the class was super tough, I'm so glad I just got up and did it because I know I'm not going to have anytime to workout this weekend and it was a great way to start my Friday. I'm a night owl, and I rarely workout in the morning because it's SO tough for me to drag my butt out of bed, however, it gets annoying how going to a gym class after work because it seems to take up so much of your night. However, you do really feel better when you just get up and get your workout done in the AM, and I'm really going to try to start doing that more. Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers is super dedicated to working out in the morning, and I love reading her blog. She's great at consistenltly making healthy choices is really motivating, and I think it's so cool that she's decided to pursue blogging full time.

Another blog that's really been inspiring me lately is J's Everday Fashion. I love checking out this blog when I get into work in the morning to see what outfit she's put together for that day. I like that she mixes a lot of different color combs together, and I just love her overall style. I feel like reading her blog has inspired me to try a little harder with the outfits I wear during the week. The dress code is pretty relaxed at my work now, so I could wear just jeans every day if I wanted. However, I have plenty of different pieces in my closet, so reading her blog has motivated me to pull out different things that I normally wouldn't wear, because it's like so what I'm just going to work, I might as well look good! :)

Speaking of style, I've been starting to think about how I'm going to transition my wardrobe when we make the move to Colorado. I know I've said this many times before but I love the South and the colorful, preppy clothes that people wear down here. However, I feel like the way people dress in Boulder is going to be a lot different. And that's fine, I feel like my tastes have changed somewhat since Cam and I started dating and I started doing to out to Oregon, and I actually like a lot of REI/outdoorsy-type clothing, and then I love the athletic Lululemon style clothing as well. It's hard because I feel like while I like the style of both the South and the West, those two looks don't mesh well together. Aka a Lilly Pulitzer sheath dress doesn't exactly pair well with a Mountain Hardware half zip. Hmmm. That's going to be an interesting challenge, but I guess, I'll just need to go shopping!

In anticipation of this, I'm trying to be good about not buying anything else too "Southern" that I'm not really going to use in Colorado...but that's hard because there are some things that I'm dying to have before I leave the land of everything girly and monogrammed...Exhibit A: A giant monogrammed sun hat! (Similar to the style hat that Smiles and Sundresses is wearing in her picture!) I feel like since there is no ocean/beach in Colorado, I'll look like a fool, but I don't care, I want one of these giant hats with my initials on it. Pink LouLou at Confessions of a Twenty-Something had some super adorable ones on her blog yesterday, and I want one. I also really want a monogrammed picnic basket, like the one pictured below, so if anyone wants to send me either of these items as a going away present for my departure from the South, feel free :)
Picnic Basket Tote with Free Monogram, Pink Floral
Idk how crazy I am about this pattern in the pink, but you get the super cute/practical!

Have a great weekend everyone!! xoxo

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shopping & Staying in Shape

Happy Tuesday Y'all! I feel like time is just flying by this month, I really can't believe that it's almost Memorial Day! As I mentioned in my post yesterday, we had the chance to go to Savannah over the weekend and we had a fabulous time. During our trip I was able to break away and do a little shopping, and I snagged these beautiful suede open-toe wedge booties from Banana Republic. The picture really doesn't do them justice, they are gorgeous! I think they're very versatile and will look good with all sorts of outfits well into the fall. I'm especially excited about this purchase because they were marked down from $140 to $50, and then when I bought them on Saturday, Banana was having a sale to take an additional 25% off all sale items, so I snagged them for only $38! Score!

Hello pretty :)
Another recent purchase of mine was a new pair of shades. I am notorious for losing/scratching/breaking sunglasses, so I never really like to spend a lot on them because I know that something will happen to them. I was in the market for a new pair when I came across these cute cat-eye frames at Target for only $12.99. I've been noticing a lot of celebs rocking this retro-glam look, and even though Cam says that I remind him of his grandma when I'm wearing them, I still think they are awesome :) And I'm not alone, a lot of celebrities having been getting in on this trend as well, and I've seen lots of buzz in the blogosphere about this hot accessory. 

My cat-eye sunglasses that I wore all weekend :)
Speaking of sunglasses, how adorable is this sunglass case that I got at Swoozie's yesterday?! (Also, if you don't know what Swoozie's is, it's basically my dream store. It's the epitome of the Southern to me; you can get anything monogramed their and they've got lots of stationary and cute little gifts.) As I said, my sunglasses are constantly getting scratched because I just throw them in my purse, so hopefully this case will help me be a little more careful. It's got bright pink lining and I just love the graphic aviator print. The case is made by Toss Designs, and after checking out their website, they have 2908317 cute preppy things that I want now. (Also, it's only $16.00 from the Toss Designs website, but it was $20 when I bought it at the store, just fyi!) 

Seriously, how cute is this?!
Cam's parents and brother and sister-in-law are still in South Carolina, and while it's great having them down here, I am feeling (to quote my dear friend Wendi) fat as a tick right now. When you have out of town company, inevitably it makes it harder to get to the gym and you tend to go out to eat more. So while I'm super appreciative that Cam's parents have taken us out to so many nice dinners, I'm trying not to let myself go off the rails too much. They're here until Friday, and I know we're going out to dinner tonight and Thursday, so I'm really just going to try to enjoy it the fact that they're here and not worry too much about going out to eat, as I know next week we'll get back on track with healthy meals. At the same time, I'm really trying to make a point to stick to my workout schedule this week. I only got to the gym twice last week, and I feel like my energy really lags when I don't work out. So here's my workout schedule for this week, I'm putting it up here hoping that it will hold me accountable to sticking to it! (I've already done Monday and Tuesday's workouts, only 3 more til the weekend!)

Monday-Body Attack class (1 hr cardio/strength)
Tuesday-Spin class (1 hr cardio)
Wednesday-Body Pump class (1 hr strength)
Thursday-Elliptical or Running/Walking (45 mins cardio)
Friday-Boot Camp class (1 hr cardio/strength)

***Also, stay tuned for some big news later this week...***

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day everyone!! For some reason this week seems really long already, so I thought linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love (love her blog!) and doing a happy blog post about things that I'm loving right now would be the perfect thing to perk me goes...

1. My sweet husband comes home tomorrow! He's been over in the Netherlands for work for the past two weeks, and I'm so ready to have him back!! I wish I could have gone with him (boo work!), but here are some pretty pictures he sent me the other day from his trip:

He's been busy busy using his smarty pants engineering skills on a wind farm!
 2. I know I'm a little late to get on this bandwagon, but I got my first pair of Tom's Shoes a few weeks ago, and I love them!! I'm wearing them today, and they are super comfortable, and I love the philanthropic vision of their company. I got the classic olive canvas ones, because I thought the color would be versatile and not show dirt:


So now that I have one pair, I am dying to get a few more...I'd really like some red ones (with the rope soles!), some wedges (I need these), and I'm DYING for some glittery ones!

3. When I was in Charleston this past weekend, I ended up getting two of these solid color strapless maxi dresses from Forever 21. I normally don't buy multiples of something unless I really love it and it's a great deal, and this maxi dress definitely fell into both of those categories! It's very very light (we're talking borderline sheer), which will be perfect for the hot summer days that are rapidly approaching. (Actually the temperature gauge in my Jeep said it was 90 degrees when I went to go take the dog out at lunch, so I'm pretty sure summer is already here!) I got the dress in black and teal, and the best part is they were only $10 a piece! Talk about a steal! I plan on wearing these around all summer, and since they're very simple they can be easily dressed up or down with a scarf or jewelry.

That's not me, it's the model from the Forever 21 website...confusing I know...ha.

4. When we were in Charleston this weekend, I took Lola to Camp Bow Wow for the night and I'm obsessed with this place. That's right, Camp Bow Wow is a day camp/overnight camp for dogs. I'm pretty sure that someone like me aka someone that loves their dog like it's their child is their target demographic because while I realize that this is just a fancy kennel, I think that all of the adorable branding and just the whole concept is awesome. Growing up we always had family watch our dog when we went out of town, so I was leery about the idea of taking Lola to a kennel in the first place. However, Cam and I travel a lot, and we don't have family lives within 5 states of us, so there are going to be times that we're going to have to board Lola. However, taking her to Camp Bow Wow I don't feel bad at all about leaving her because she loves it! She is very social and she loves loves loves to play with other dogs, and when she's there she gets to do it all day. I took her there for daycare the other day because they make all first time visitor do a trial day of daycare. When I came to pick Lola up, they gave me a little report card called the Doggy D-tails about how she did, and lets just say that my child is an overacheiver because she got 5 tail wags for her day at Camp Bow Wow which is the best you can get! (Yes, I do realize how ridiculous this all is, I'm fine with it.) When we took her there for the night in Charleston, she seemed to have a really great time again, and what's neat is they have webcams in the dog play areas so we were able to watch her playing from my laptop at the hotel. Camp Bow Wow is a franchise and they have them all over the country, so I'd highly recommend taking your dog here!

5. I'm currently reading "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett and it's excellent so far! I'm almost finished, so I'll do a review as soon as I'm done...

 6. I've been on a big Greek yogurt kick the past couple of months. When mixed with some fruit, it's an easy breakfast to grab when I'm running out the door, and it has a lot of protein, calcium, and nutrients. (Strawberry is my favorite, and it's only 120 calories!) At first I liked Chobani brand Greek yogurt, but they're kind of big and for me, it's a lot of yogurt to eat in one sitting. I've tried a few different brands, but so far my favorite is Voskos Greek yogurt. Great flavor, great texture, and they are blended, so it's not all soupy the way some fruit on the bottom yogurts are.

7. I am loving blogging right now! I am lucky to have my friend Wendi in my office who also likes to blog (check her out her blog Earth Wind & Fire!), which is encouraging and gives me someone to bounce ideas off of. I love reading all the new blogs I've started following, and you can check them out in my blogroll. I love logging in and seeing that I have a new follower or comment, so if you are enjoying my blog, it would really mean a lot if you started following me, and I'll follow you back (if I don't already!)...thanks!! :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fashion Friday: Crazy for Calypso!

Happy Friday everyone! I am SO ready for the weekend! I've decided to link up with Kori over at Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday. (Congrats on the book btw!) This was the perfect opportunity for me to talk about something I've been eager to discuss all week--the new Calypso St. Barth for Target line! It appeared in stores around the country this week, and I had been trying to get there ASAP to check it out. I finally went last night (thank goodness the Greenville Target is now open until 11pm for my night owl shopping trips!), and while I had admittedly high expectations, I liked what I saw. The preppy resort collection includes pieces for women and girls, as well as things for the home, and everything I saw was super cute and colorful. I tried on a couple different things that I didn't end up getting, including an embroidered turquoise tank (it was cute, but just ok) and a patterned tunic with crochet detail (I like it, but thought it seemed a little to silky, almost like a nightgown). However, I did end up getting two dresses that I absolutely love! Check them out...

Tie-dye turquoise dress...super cute! I liked that it can be dressed down for the beach or... can dress it up more with
I saw this dress in a magazine ad, and I had to have it. I love the navy and white color combo and the embroidery detailing...and I think it's perfect for a vacation we may or may not be taking later this year...
Photo credit:

They also had some really pretty things for the home that I resisted buying but I thought was absolutely adorable...

I so wanted this bowl so I could use it while I was wearing the matching dress... :)

I have a feeling that I'll be making another trip to Tar-jay before Calypso leaves stores...Happy Shopping y'all! :)


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