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Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Randoms

Happy Monday everyone! 

Lola being Lola on Friday
This weekend was completely wonderful. We stayed in town and didn't do anything particularly exciting, but it was both relaxing yet really productive. And the best part is it's not over yet! I have the day off work today for MLK Day, but Cam doesn't unfortunately. Normally when we both have a three-day weekend I'm all about going out of town for a long weekend, but I'm actually so glad just to have this day to be home and do all those things that I don't always have time for. I'm looking forward to going to a morning yoga class, getting Starbucks, reading, running a some errands, taking care of a few things around things around the house, catching up on personal email, getting my eye brows waxed, and of course...blogging! I'm excited for a fun day to myself!

But back to this weekend...Friday night, we had dinner with one of my co-workers who was in Tahoe for the weekend. Because I work remotely for my company, I've never actually met most of the people I work with. However my colleague Jessica and I were able to meet up a few months ago in San Fran and it was a lot of fun, so when she said her and her boyfriend were coming to Tahoe for the weekend I jumped at the chance to get together again! Cam and I met them for dinner at Fire + Ice, a self serve stir-fry kind of place in town, and it was a really nice night!

(Except I may or may not have gorged myself on shrimp...for whatever reason I had been craving shrimp all week, and since Fire + Ice is all you can eat, I definitely got my money's worth in shrimp! Also, thankfully Tahoe is a place where you can wear a hat and actually pretend you're going for an "apres ski" look...when really you just haven't washed your hair...whoops)

One of the main thing we got accomplished this weekend was getting rid of a bunch of junk! Cam has been on this big kick that he wants to declutter lately, and at first I was really resistant, but this week I got the bug too! Because Cam's company has moved us multiple times in the past two years and they've had professional movers pack all our stuff, we had so many boxes that we didn't even know what was in them. Over the course of this past week, we've been able to consolidate a lot of the stuff, along filling a bunch of the boxes with things to give away. Friday night, we loaded the car and then Saturday we took it all to Goodwill. Feels so great to have it out of the house!

Saturday afternoon, we went to Reno to run some errands. We ordered a new pair of glasses for me (something that was way overdue!), went to Target, REI, Whole Foods, and a bunch of other places. Mid-afternoon we stopped for coffee at a little local place called Swill, that was actually a coffee slash wine bar. Kind of weird, but kind of cool. Reno is definitely not the greatest city, but there are also some really interesting places too and we love discovering new things every time we got there.

Even though we just ran errands all day, Cam and I had a really fun day! I love that even kind-of mundane things can be fun when we do them together.

Saturday night, we had dinner with our friend Aaron who lives in Reno at a really great place called Bowl. They had really unique dishes (all served in bowls...hence the name) and our food was all delicious. Plus, it was right next door to a cute wine bar and they let you order food at Bowl and get wine there and sit in this common area between the two. Definitely trendy, but I loved it. I didn't get wine since I'm still doing the 21-Day Sugar Detox, but my green tea in a mason jar was an ok substitute. I had the duck confit for dinner with extra veggies instead of polenta, and it was amazing. Also, the detox ends on Wednesday (wooo!) and I'll have a recap of my experience on the blog on Friday!

While shopping Saturday, I picked up a few things that I'm kind of obsessed with. I had been seeing these adorable gold polka dot notebooks with cute quotes all over Instagram lately, so I had to pick up a pack at Target. They're the perfect size to keep track of the 138732 lists I'm always making. I also found a gold polka dot planner as well, and since I'm a sucker for pretty paper goods, you know I had to get that too. And during our stop at REI, I happened to find a Marmot down jacket! With all this cold, dry weather we have here in Tahoe, I've really been wanting a down jacket to wear but nice ones are definitely a little pricier so I've been waiting. I happened to see this turquoise Marmot one at REI Saturday and loved the it was the only one left, it happened to be my size, and it was on sale. Sold! I have other Marmot outdoor gear that I love and this jacket is so so warm. It's crazy to me that I now get so excited about outdoor gear, but here in Tahoe, I just don't have as many places to wear things like heels and dresses as I do things like this.

Yesterday, Cam and I slept in, made a big breakfast, did some things around the house, then headed out to do some skiing in the afternoon. I feel like I take this exact same picture every time we go to Heavenly, but it's seriously so breathtaking and the view of the lake never gets old. Definitely one of my favorite things about living here.

It's been warming up the past few days, so the snow wasn't that great but we still had a fun time skiing!

And other than that, we've spent the rest of the weekend watching episodes of season two of Portlandia on Netflix. I'm seriously obsessed with that show. It's so absurd and kind of stupid, but having spent a fair amount of time in Portland now I can tell that some of the stereotypes (while exaggerated) are pretty dead on. We love it, so you haven't seen it and you have Netflix definitely check it out.

 That's all for me today, hope you had a wonderful weekend as well! I'm off to begin my day of leisure...ha! Xoxo

PS: I'm linking up with Sami and Leeann for their Weekend Update! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

InstaWeekend: Welcome Fall

Happy Monday everyone! 

My parents got to Tahoe late last week and head home to Michigan tomorrow, so I don't have a ton of time today as I want to enjoy the rest of their visit here. However, I thought I'd pop in to share a few Instagram shots from this weekend: 

I snapped a blogger-y outfit photo before we headed out to dinner Friday night--one of my favorite dark nail polishes {Essie Power Clutch}, orange stripes, and moccasins just feels like fall to me!
Before dinner we stopped at the lake for a bit--note someone doing yoga in the background :)
Another gorgeous Tahoe sunset
Saturday morning, we went to our favorite local place--The Red Hut!
I got a spinach/zucchini omelette {sans cheese} and berries--a delicious Paleo breakfast!
After breakfast, Cam thought it would be fun to take my parents off roading in the Jeep and so we drove to the top of Genoa Peak to take in the great views of the lake.
Saturday afternoon, we headed to the beach to enjoy the sunshine and go standup paddleboarding! Perfect activity for the first day of fall if you ask me :)
Saturday night, we barbecued at the house, had some of my favorite fall beer, and watched college football...sadly Michigan lost to Notre Dame, but it was still a great day! 
Sunday, we headed to Reno and had brunch at Midtown Eats!
Unfortunately, my mom caught a case of stomach flu or food poisoning on Friday and was still recovering and then I woke up Sunday morning with the same fun! (I was able to pull it together enough to go to Reno though--somehow I can always rally for the possibility of shopping!) So sadly we didn't eat much at the restaurant, but it was still a fun time. 
I absolutely loved the decor at Midtown Eats though--Edison lightbulbs, mason jars, little potted succulents on the distressed wood tables, I adore this look (and it totally reminded me of a restaurant you'd find in Brooklyn or Portland). We'll definitely be coming back here when I can actually eat something!
After brunch, we went to Junkee, which is this retro store that sells used vintage furniture, clothing, accessories, and pretty much anything you can think of. They had some really cool stuff, and it was fun to just walk around and's definitely worth a stop if you're in Reno!
Overall, it was a really lovely first weekend of fall and it has been great having my parents in town. I did use my actual camera this weekend as well so I'll be sharing more photos from their visit later on this week. But for now, I hope you enjoyed this little Instagram sneak peek! Have a great Monday everyone! Xoxo

PS: I'm linking up for Weekend Update! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Mom and Dad Visit Tahoe!

Happy Friday everyone! 

I ended up taking a little break from the blog the last few days, but I'm back baby! My parents left on Tuesday morning, and then I've had a busy week (as usual) with work. And then Wednesday night, Cam and I drove to Reno to see The Shins in concert! It was a lot of fun, but I haven't had any time to go through all the photos that I took during my parents' visit...until last night! I was going to break the pictures up in to multiple posts, but instead I thought I'd share them in one massive goes!

My parents got in on Friday afternoon, and they rented a condo only a few minutes from our house right near Heavenly Ski Resort. We spent a lot of time there during their visit as it was a little more roomy than our place :)

 My parents went out to visit some of my mom's relatives in the Bay area before coming to Tahoe, and so her cousin Mike came along with my parents for the weekend. Mike has spent a time out in Tahoe, so it was fun for him to revisit it, plus we all had a nice time hanging out together. Saturday we had gorgeous weather, so we decided to take the Heavenly Gondola up to get some good views of the lake. It was absolutely breathtaking!

After the gondola ride, hanging out at the ski lodge, and checking out Heavenly Village, we decided to drive around the lake. We stopped by Emerald Bay, which is one of the prettiest spots on the lake to take a few photos.

There were a few ambulances that went by, and Lola started howling her face off when she heard the sirens! Everyone had a good laugh over that. After taking in the beautiful scenery at Emerald Bay, we drove up to Truckee for lunch. We ate lunch at Fifty Fifty Brewing Company, and it was excellent!

After lunch, we continued our drive around Lake Tahoe and the views were stunning thanks to the blue skies and sunshine! We stopped at this great overlook point on the Nevada side right before you get to Cave's such a pretty spot, we'll definitely be coming back here this summer!

Sunday, we went out for brunch in South Lake Tahoe and then took Lola for a walk around our house. We spent the rest of the day showing my parents around Nevada--we stopped by Cam's office in Minden, took them through the old western towns of Genoa and Virginia City, and then stopped for diner in Reno.

This is the view from Cam's office...pretty amazing!

It was awesome to have my parents here, and we had a lot of fun spending time with them and showing them our new home. They could not have come on a more perfect weekend, and it was so nice to be able to enjoy the beautiful weather together. I'm already looking forward to their next visit!

Have a great weekend everyone! Xoxo

{PS: Is anyone else having problems scheduling their posts? I had set this to post earlier this morning and it didn't work! #bloggerfail If anyone knows how I can fix this, let me know!}


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