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Thursday, July 2, 2015

In PDX // Baby friendly spots

Bonjour from France!

We are having a fantastic time on our trip, I can't wait to share more about it once we are back in Portland! I was originally planning to have a few more posts scheduled to go up during our vacation, but that didn't end up happening. C'est la vie. But in the meantime, I am sharing some of my favorite baby friendly places to eat in Portland over on my friend Meredith's blog today! The post is part of her Thursday Tours series with my other friend, Erin, and I'm so glad I could contribute!

Be sure to check that out today and let me know what other baby-friendly spots I'm missing! Also, be sure to keep up with me on Instagram as our European adventure continues! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Motherhood // Momma Bear Magazine

Happy Monday! I've got something super exciting to share today :) 

Yesterday was Father's Day (obviously) and it was extra special this year since it was Cameron's first one! It's been so awesome watching him really embrace the role of being a dad these past 6 months, and seeing the love he has for our son touches my heart like nothing else. Yesterday, he got to spend a little "me" time doing something he enjoys (mountain biking) in the morning and then we had a barbecue with his family in the afternoon, and it was a nice way to celebrate! I'm so thankful for all the awesome dads in life - my wonderful dad in Michigan, my grandpa, uncles, father-in-law, brother-in-laws and friends with kids - they're all men that love their families and it mkes me happy that Henry will grow up around all these positive examples of fatherhood.

So yesterday was all about celebrating the dads, but today, it's all about that mamas!

I recently had the chance to make a new "mom friend" here in Portland and she's working on a project that I am so genuinely pumped about! My friend Mary is creating a magazine called Momma Bear that's all about focusing on all of the amazing, positive things about motherhood. I'm not going to try and go into a ton of detail explaining the concept here because she's done a really fabulous job of that on the Momma Bear website, but basically it so perfectly captures how I feel about my current season of life. 

She's striving to create a beautiful print version of this magazine and I know that as a mom, it's something that I'd really love to have. Not only that, but I think it's something that's so needed because I can't think of anything else like this out there in the market today.

Momma Bear is currently doing a Kickstarter to raise the funding they need to make this project happen, and they only have until the end of this month to reach their goal! Check out their lovely video for a better idea of what Momma Bear is all about...

Mary didn't ask me to write this post, I'm simply doing it because motherhood is something I'm so passionate about and I think the heart of Momma Bear perfectly captures how I feel. I'd definitely encourage you to give to their Kickstarter if you feel so inclined because I'd love to see this awesome idea become a reality!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

In PDX // Three Days of Rain at PCS

Happy Sunday everyone! I normally don't post on the weekends, but I wanted to pop in and share some details about an awesome show going on now here in Portland...

This weekend, my husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary; we spent yesterday at the Coast (and hopefully I'll share a few photos from that soon!) with Henry and Lola in tow, but Friday we had the chance to go on a little date night alone. We went to see the play "Three Days of Rain" which is currently showing at Portland Center Stage and we both really enjoyed it! 

Honestly, I didn't know much about the play beyond the fact that it stars two members of the cast of the NBC show Grimm, Silas Weir Mitchell and Sasha Roiz. Grimm is filmed right here in Portland and so we really enjoy watching it because it always features shots of the city in each episode. While on hiatus from filming, Silas and Sasha are staring in this three-person play and it was fun for us to see them in such different roles than the characters they play on TV. "Three Days of Rain" is a drama, but it definitely has its humorous moments. The first act of the play is set in the 1990s (so like 20 years ago now which is weird...) and then the second act takes place in the 1960s. The plot line touches on things like love, loss, legacy, and how relationships within families aren't always what they seem. The dialogue moves pretty fast (almost Sorkin-esque) but I felt it was extremely engaging and easy to understand. I don't always have the longest attention span when it comes to plays and sometimes find myself counting down the minutes until intermission. However, when the lights came up at the end of the first act I was surprised because I felt like it went really quickly, but I mean that in a good way :) 

Even if you don't watch Grimm, I feel like anyone would enjoy the performances of these talented actors. And if you are a Grimm fan, then it's a special treat to be able to see Monroe and Captain Sean Renard in such different roles. Here's a sneak peak at what the show is like:

"Three Days of Rain" is showing now through June 21st and so if you're here in Portland, be sure to check it out before it closes! You can purchase tickets here :)

Finally, my Title Nine bra giveaway closes tonight at midnight so be sure to enter if you haven't yet! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Baby // Out & About in JJ Cole Style

Recently, I was contacted by JJ Cole Collections with an opportunity to try out some of their products. I try not to do too many product reviews here on the blog unless it's for something I'm really interested in and feel I'd actually use in my everyday life; these products from JJ Cole fit that description and so I was excited to check them out. As a new mom, I'm always reading other blogs to get the scoop on which baby gear is worth the money and so I wanted to share my honest thoughts on these products with you (along with a few photos!) in case you're in the market for any of these items...

The Blue Iris backpack is something I was super excited to check out because pre-baby I didn't realize how awesome it would be to have the option to wear my diaper bag as a backpack. I wear Henry quite often in various wraps/carriers and so having the backpack option is really convenient for me.

The backpack can also be worn as a messenger bag (and comes with grips to attach to the stroller) and it's super roomy. It has tons of interior and exterior pockets and so there is lots of space to store all of Henry's stuff. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was that the magnetic clasp on the front of the bag came unsnapped a few times since I had it pretty full. But the nice thing is that once you open it, there is another zipper so nothing will fall out. This diaper bag is available at Babies R US :)


I also received an Outdoor Blanket (in Blue Iris, to match the backpack!) and this product couldn't be more perfect for the age Henry is at right now. I love getting him outside in the nice weather but since he obviously can't run around or play on the playground yet, it's nice to give him the option to stretch out a little bit! The outdoor blanket is perfect for laying down at the park so he can do tummy time and play with his toys. It's really thick and durable, but soft at the same time. It's easy to fold and comes with a convenient carrying strap - we'll definitely get a lot of use out of it this summer for sure!


I happen to think it's super cute how it matches the diaper bag, but they have a bunch of different options for patterns. The blanket is available at buybuyBABY, and clearly Henry loves it!


We also received the Agility Carrier as well; I'm a huge fan of wearing Henry so I was excited to check this out. This way the baby goes in to the carrier is basically the same as with a wrap but instead of a giant piece of fabric that you have to tie, it's basically loops of fabric connected to a back panel. I think it's a little less intimidating to put on than the wrap, but it's still lightweight and easy to throw in your bag. The carrier is available at Target, Babies R US, buybuyBABY, and Amazon.

All the gardens in Portland seem to be blooming right now and so it's really fun to take Henry on walks through the city. The nice thing about this carrier is that the baby can be worn either forward facing or inward facing. Henry loves facing out so he can check out the world around him!

Pretty sure this is right when he started grabbing the rose petals and ripping them off...whoops!

A downside to this carrier is that it comes in sizes and isn't really adjustable. I wasn't quite sure what size to order, but after reading a few reviews saying it runs a little small in the chest if you're nursing, I ended up deciding to order a large. It fits just fine and the nice thing is this way Cameron can wear it too. However, if you and your partner are very different sizes, you may not both be able to wear it.

Also, I know that people have all different opinions on babies in forward facing carriers, and I realize there are potential legitimate concerns with this issue. However, my personal stance is just to use common sense; we only use the forward facing option for shorter outings and turn him inward facing if he's going to be in the carrier for a more extended amount of time, plus that way he can more easily take a little snooze if he's tired or overstimulated. But I personally really like having the option to face him out now that he's old enough because he really does seem to enjoy it!

Thanks again to JJ Cole for giving me the chance to try out these products and enjoy our family day in #jjcolestyle! As always, all opinions expressed here on this blog are 100% my own and based on my experience. And finally, thanks to all of YOU for your continued support of this blog that allows me to receive great opportunities like this!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

In PDX // FitFest at Title Nine + Giveaway

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that last week Henry and I paid a visit to Title Nine. Today I'm sharing the details for their upcoming FitFest as well as a fantastic giveaway!

In case you're not familiar, Title Nine is a women's activewear company (with a store located here in Portland!) that's all about empowering women to get involved in sports and fitness by offering clothing that's comfortable and functional while still being cute! And when it comes to being active, a good sports bra is key. That's why Title Nine is gearing up to host FitFest events at their stores across the country to help women find the sports bra that are the perfect fit for their body and workout routine.

When I heard about FitFest, I was super excited because I personally was in dire need of a new sports bra. To be honest, I typically didn't wear a sports bra all that often when I worked out before Henry was born. Let's just say my pre-baby boobs didn't need a ton of support and so the little shelf bra inside my regular workout tanks was more than enough for me.

And then I had a baby. Whole different ball game. 

I actually wore one of my workout shirts that had a light support sports bra built into it to a bootcamp class recently and when we got to the part of the class where we had to do jumping jacks...let's just wasn't pretty. (I really wish I could insert an emoji right here...ha!) I realized I needed a better sports bra ASAP, but I didn't know what size I was now or even what to look for.

Enter the "bravangelists" at Title Nine.

They are specially trained to help you find a sports bra that's the perfect fit, including taking your measurements and suggesting bra options from Title Nine's huge selection that will fit your needs. While I won't get into the specifics of what size bra I needed, let's just say that my flat-chested 7th grade self would probably be pretty shocked...ha! I was able to try on a bunch of different bra options, and have the bra experts at Title Nine assess the fit for me to make sure it was correct. Plus, as part of FitFest, they have a bunch of fun props you can try out to see how their sports bras work in action!

The FitFest event is being held here in Portland starting tomorrow, and then there's also one in Eugene next week. It's the perfect chance to get a great fitting bra, here are the details:


 June 3-4, 10am- 8pm
Title Nine Portland
1335 NW Kearney Street, Portland

 June 10-11, 10am-8pm
Title Nine Eugene
5th Street Market
296 East 5th Ave. #229, Eugene

You can RSVP for the event at your local store, as well as visit for more information!

So which bra did I end up choosing?

After trying on a bunch of great options, I ended up going home with the 7 Wonders Bra! It provides fantastic support without creating a uni-boob situation and I loved the fun print. But my favorite part of the bra is the fact that it has the option to adjust the straps in the front...

So while it's not technically a nursing sports bra, it's nice to know that I could easily nurse while wearing it if needed. Plus, it fits great and will be perfect for any high impact activities this summer.

Now it's your chance to try out one of the many fantastic bras from Title Nine!

Win a Bra from Title Nine!
The giveaway closes Sunday (6/7) so be sure to get your entries in! Good luck! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Motherhood // The Best Gift

Happy almost Memorial Day weekend everyone!

I haven't had much time for blogging/social media this week as I'm still in Michigan spending time with family. It's been really nice to relax and unplug a little bit, but I did want to pop in today and share some photos from my Mother's Day weekend before too much more time passes :)

I told Cameron that the one thing I really wanted for Mother's Day was just to get a few pictures of Henry and I together. I am constantly snapping pictures of the baby with my cell phone, but it's somewhat rare that I actually get out the "real" camera these days, let alone actually have on makeup and something other than yoga pants and get in the picture with him...ha! He's at such a sweet age right now though where he's really smiley and I just wish I could freeze this moment in time. So the day before Mother's Day, we went down to the Rhododendron Garden (which is also where we took our maternity photos!) and Cameron snapped a few pictures of me and our baby boy. There were tons of rhodies in bloom, we managed to get there during the golden hour, and Cameron did a great job getting some really lovely photos. Words can't describe how much I love being Henry's mama, and I'm so thankful to have these photos to look back on from my first year celebrating Mother's Day as a mom!

His expressions kill me :)

Not too sure...

...but he can't resist smiling for long :)

My laptop automatically makes GIFs when I upload photos and these were a few of my favorites :)

Gahhh, I just love him :)

Finally, I wanted to share a special offer with all of you that I think is pretty great. Rocksbox is kind of like Rent the Runway meets Stichfix...but for jewelry! For a low monthly fee, Rocksbox mails you a box of three pieces of jewelry that are hand selected to match your personal style. You can wear them as much as you'd like, then mail them back, and they'll send you three new pieces. (You can also opt to buy pieces of jewelry that come in your box as well) It's a great way to keep your accessories fresh without having to invest in a ton of different pieces of jewelry...pretty genius concept if you ask me!

In my first box, I received this gorgeous necklace, along with two pairs of earrings, and I've already returned it and received my second box. I realized I want to get more statement necklaces so I was able to go online to tailor my preferences and so my second box had two necklaces that I absolutely love. Plus, it's just really fun getting a box full of pretty jewelry in the mail! If you're interested in trying out Rocksbox, you can get your first month free by using the code 'janemgrayxoxo' at checkout!

Henry clearly approves :) Hope everyone is having a good week!


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