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Monday, November 4, 2013

My Birthday // Christmas Wishlist

Happy Monday and Happy November (a few days late) everyone!

This weekend was another relaxing one at home here in Portland. Cameron and I didn't have any big plans, which was really nice! We slept in (loved getting an "extra" hour yesterday!), we went out to eat, we cheered for our Wolverines (even though the game against MSU was super depressing), and just enjoyed the cool, rainy weather. I realize the novelty of damp, gray Oregon days will probably wear off pretty quickly once we get into the winter months, however, for now I'm enjoying it since it's a good excuse to get coffee and catch up on errands that we avoided doing during the gorgeous fall weather last month! We actually accomplished a few of the remaining items on my to-do list yesterday (yay!) and so hopefully I'll have time to share some photos of our apartment later this week!

However, now that we're into November I thought it would be a perfect time to share some of the things on my birthday/Christmas wishlist this year. Many of the stores Cameron and I popped into this weekend had their Christmas decorations out in full force, and last week I noticed some bloggers are already starting to share holiday gift guides. My birthday is less than a month away (Dec 1) so I figured today was as good a time as any to share some of the items I've got my eye on...

Birthday Christmas Wishlist

Here's a quick rundown, broken down by category:

I have been obsessed with watching makeup tutorials on YouTube the past couple of months and as a result there a couple of brushes I'd love to add to my collection: the Nars Ita brush and then a few from Sigma, specifically the F80 and the E40. I have been super lazy about ever doing much to my hair beyond straightening it lately (and by lately, I mean since graduating from college...ha!) and so I'd love to get a Nume wand and curl it more often. (FYI, Jaclyn Hill has discounts for both Nume and Sigma on her channel!) And then I saw this gray beige nail polish from the new Marc Jacobs line at Sephora and thought it was so pretty, and the color has my name on it. Literally, it's called Baby Jane :)

I have been getting back into yoga lately now that we're in Portland, and I have been eyeing this black mat for ages. I love taking hot yoga classes and would love one of these towels because they are so helpful in a sweaty class! And then obviously Lululemon, because I love their stuff but have a hard time justifying buying it for myself. I was fortunate enough to get giftcards to Lululemon from both my parents and my in-laws for my birthday last year and bough a few pieces; I've literally worn/washed everything I bought about 100 times and it all still looks brand-new almost a year later! However, I mainly have crop pants/tanks, so now since I walk to the yoga studio and the weather's cooling down I'd like to get a pair of the Wunder Under pants and a long sleeve shirt, like this one.

I have been eyeing a longer black raincoat like this one for awhile now, and I feel like it's kind of a necessity for Portland, especially heading into the winter months. I also really love wearing vests in the winter and think this one from J.Crew is super cute. Lately, I often find myself sticking my credit cards/license in my coat pocket if I end up running errands and don't want to bring my purse since my current wallet is massive. A small, slim wallet like this pink one from Kate Spade would be perfect!

Pendleton blankets are such a classic Oregon item, and they're the sort of thing that you can literally have for years and years. I'd love one for the foot of our bed here in the apartment, as I know it's the type of thing I'll end up using down the road as well. They have so many gorgeous patterns, but I'm a huge fan of anything with gray, like this one. And then I'm really not loving my Android phone right now, so I'd love to make the switch to an IPhone and would totally take either the 5s or the 5c :) I always loving getting gift cards during the holidays and Lululemon, Nordstrom, and Sephora are probably my top three favorites. Finally, Cameron and I put up a mini gallery wall in the apartment recently, and I'm still in need to some additional prints to complete it--I absolutely adore this one!

{Click here for all the item details}

This year I really am not too focused on presents when it comes to my birthday/Christmas. Being able to spend time with family is what's truly important to me, and I am looking forward to spending my birthday in Michigan! And then I am SO excited to spend Christmas with Cameron in Thailand, that trip is definitely our gift to each other this year! However, I love seeing these kind of birthday/holiday wishlist posts from other bloggers, so it was definitely fun for me to share!

(And if you want to send me any of the stuff on this list, I wouldn't be mad...ha!)

Have a fabulous week everyone, hopefully the time change doesn't throw us all off too much!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nordstrom Rack Fall Looks

Every fall, I always get the urge to add some new pieces to my closet to celebrate the change in seasons. That's why it was perfect timing that I recently had the opportunity to attend the store opening event for the new Nordstrom Rack in Eugene, OR! I already shared with you how much fun I had browsing the store, and now I wanted to show you a few of the different looks I put together during my shopping adventure! Nordstrom Rack has so many on-trend pieces so I had a really tough time narrowing it down, but I managed to choose three outfits that I felt fit perfectly with my personal style. 

Look #1: Polished Work Look 

I currently work from home, which means I don't have to dress up on a daily basis. Most of the time I love it, however, there are definitely days that I miss getting dressed up in cute clothes and going into an office. My recent work trip to Florida made me realize that my closet is seriously lacking in stylish yet business appropriate looks. I was inspired to put together this outfit because occasionally I do go to events where I need to dress up. I'm a big fan of feminine pieces, but I also love things that have a little bit of an edge which is why I thought this combination was perfect.

I was instantly drawn to this pretty gray floral blouse, and I thought this sleek leather panel pencil skirt would be the perfect way to balance it out. Mixing prints is another big trend this season, so classic leopard pumps seemed like a great way to give this look even more personality!

I loved how the rose gold stud details gave a little toughness to this girly blouse!

This look might not work in an ultra conservative office, but it would totally work for any event I'll need to attend in Portland where I want to look sophisticated without being too stuffy.

Look #2: Downtown Date Night

Now that Cameron and I live in downtown Portland, we love going out on the weekends to try new restaurants. However, we try to walk to our destination as much as possible, so that means I need a date night look that allows me to look cute but still stay comfortable (and warm!) en route! 

I knew I wanted my look to revolve around some classic dark skinny jeans, and Paige is one of my all-time favorite denim brands. Leopard print and leather accents are two huge trends this fall, so I thought this tie-neck blouse paired with this black blazer would be the perfect way to incorporate both into my date night ensemble. These black Steve Madden motorcycle boots give this look even more of a rock and roll edge, plus they were super comfy which is ideal for walking around the city!

Like I said, I love looks that are feminine but balanced out by pieces that are a little tougher.

 I would totally wear this outfit out on a Saturday night, and I love the way it came together!

Look #3: Weekend Casual 

So this look is most in line with how I dress on a daily basis. It's comfortable yet cute, and it's perfect for running around and doing errands on the weekends. I think that a great jacket is essential for pulling together any look when you'll be out and about, and I fell in love this green MICHAEL Michael Kors coat. I paired it with a comfy gray top and a great pair of Joe's Jeanssimple yet stylish. 

It rains a lot here in Oregon, so a good pair of rain boots is a must. I already own a pink pair of Hunter rain boots, but I've been dying to get a pair in a more classic color. This dark hunter green pair is just perfect (and reminds me of Kate Middleton!) Plus, they were such an incredible deal!

This look is very relaxed yet still pulled together and totally fits the vibe here in Portland. 

So what did I purchase?

While I wanted to buy literally everything, I ended up buying the Michael Kors coat. I have been searching for an olive green anorak-style jacket like this for ages, and this one had everything I was looking for. It was a little longer in length and you can cinch in the waist for a more fitted look. I absolutely love the waxed cotton material and the fact that it has a hood means it will be perfect for running around on rainy days here in Oregon. And while I'm sure I'll often be wearing it with jeans and rainboots similar to how I styled it in the store, I feel like this jacket is such a versatile piece! When I brought it home, I wanted to see how it would pair with other pieces in my closet; I decided to wear it with a bicycle-print dress (because it doesn't get much more Portland than that!) along with my flat leather boots (which I actually purchased at Nordstrom Rack earlier this year!) and my leather tote to create this fun fall look. I am seriously in love with it already!

I absolutely love this versatile jacket and I know I'll get a ton of wear out of it this fall. And to top it off, it was it was less than half the retail price--thank you Nordstrom Rack! Shopping there is seriously smart because I can get such high-quality wardrobe staples at amazing that! If you want to be a shopping genius as well, be sure to check out where there is a Nordstrom Rack near you!

I was selected for this opportunity by Nordstrom Rack, however all content and opinions expressed here are my own.         

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Smart Shopping at Nordstrom Rack

When it comes to doing any sort of sponsored posts here on my blog, I am very selective because I only ever want to partner with brands that I feel strongly about. That's why when I was approached about this opportunity to go check out the new Nordstrom Rack store in Eugene, Oregon, I jumped at the chance! The preview evening I attended last week gave me a chance to do some treasure hunting through all their great fall items and I wanted to share some of my favorite finds.

First of all, I am kind of obsessed with Nordstrom Rack because shopping there is really just smart. It allows me to buy on-trend brands at a fraction of what I'd pay retail, meaning that I can stretch my shopping budget further. That's just good math...ha! And the pieces I've purchased in the past (like this jacket, for example) have become wardrobe staples for me because they're always so high quality.

When I walk into a Nordstrom Rack store, there's this awesome sort of sensory overload that happens and I just want to look at everything all at once. That's why my usual plan of attack is to start in the accessories and then work my way through the store from there. They always have everything displayed so beautifully and I always find something I want.

Case in point? 
These gorgeous Kate Spade purses. 
They caught my eye right when I walked in because they are so classic and just perfect for fall.

Another classic that you can never go wrong with? 
Ray Bans. And when you can get them for a great deal, even better. 

It's clear that the statement necklace trend is not going away anytime soon, and I thought that these Kate Spade beauties would be perfect for fall--seriously, how pretty are these colors?! If you can't tell, I love Kate Spade, so it's a good thing Nordstrom Rack always has tons of Kate Spade stuff!

Another thing that's super convenient about shopping at Nordstrom Rack is it offers salon-quality hair products, along with my favorite makeup brands. I always love browsing this section!

Essie polishes are my favorite, and they had lots of great colors for fall. 

After taking my sweet time in the accessories and cosmetics, I finally made my way over to the clothes! Nordstrom Rack does a really good job with carrying the latest styles, and I love that their displays help highlight what's on-trend for each season.

 I am such a fan of dresses and they had so many cute ones to chose from. Leather details, like the dress on the left, are a huge trend for this fall that I am absolutely loving!

Nordstrom Rack always has the best selection of designer jeans, and I love how they had so many cute ideas for what to pair with those jeans for the fall. These are all perfect date night outfits!

In addition to leather accents (like the sleeves on the blouse on the left) being a huge trend this fall, a great leather jacket is also a must-have item. Nordstrom Rack had an awesome selection of styles and colors, and they were all literally hundreds of dollars of retail pricesuch a steal!

I am a huge fan of really feminine pieces and so I was loving all the florals, tweeds, and animal print!

Because this was a new store opening, they had awesome drinks and snacks throughout the store to enjoy while shopping, which made the experience that much more fun. 
After all, a girl's gotta stay hydrated!

And they had amazing pumpkin macarons. No joke, I could have eaten that whole plate. 

Seriously, you work up an appetite shopping! I really love the experience of shopping at Nordstrom Rack because I love browsing the racks of all the different brands to find that item (ok who am I kidding, it's usually multiple things!) that's perfect for me. Plus, I feel like such a shopping genius when I see how much I'm saving so it's a win win!

Be sure to check back because I have another post coming your way soon with some fun fall outfits I put together during this visit to Nordstrom Rack, along with a few pieces that came home with me that I can't wait to show you. In the meantime, if you live in Oregon be sure to check out the new Nordstrom Rack at Oakway Center in Eugene, and if not, click here to find a store near you! Happy shopping!

I was selected for this opportunity by Nordstrom Rack, however all content and opinions expressed here are my own.         

Monday, June 3, 2013

Wedding Week: Wear

Happy Monday everyone!

With my fourth wedding anniversary coming up later on this week (crazy!) I thought it would be fun to do a week's worth of wedding-inspired posts! After all, June is the most popular month to get married so I thought it would be a great way to kickoff the month! (And apparently other people have the same idea because the Everygirl is also doing a wedding week on their site this week as well!) Plus, I wasn't blogging when I was going through planning my own wedding, so I'm excited to talk about all things wedding!

I thought I'd start out the week talking about one topic in particular that I've been dealing with recently--what to wear to a summer wedding?!

This summer, Cameron and I have four different weddings will be attending. I'm being a bridesmaid in one of the weddings, so my outfit is covered there. However, I've definitely been having a little bit more of a difficult time than I anticipated finding a dress to wear for the other three weddings! Obviously, these are the things I'm looking to stay away from: 

1. Anything white/cream: I definitely think that all wedding guests should follow tradition in this case and it's just distasteful to wear white to a wedding. 

2. Anything black: I'm not necessarily against wearing a black dress to a wedding in the winter, but I just feel that it's kind heavy for a summer wedding? While I do think that there are probably some cute black dresses out there that would be appropriate for a summer wedding, I guess for me it's more due to the fact that I've worn a black and white dress to a few summer weddings in the past and I'm just ready for some color!

3. Anything too casual: I absolutely love wearing sundresses with flip-flops all summer long, however, I think for a wedding it's appropriate to get a little more dressed up. It's a special day and I think it warrants wearing something a little fancier than a cotton dress that would wear to the beach. After all, my husband will be wearing a suit, so I want to wear something that's on a similar level of formality. 

4. Anything too dressy: At the same time, I'm going to someone's wedding not going to prom. I think some more formal dresses can look really over the top for a summer wedding, and after all, it's the bride's day so the last thing I want to do is wear some crazy ballgown. 

5. Anything too office-y: This is been a hard one for me as it seems like so many dresses that I've come across look much more boardroom than wedding guest.

6. Anything too pricey: While I definitely want to look my best when attending a wedding, at the same time, all the weddings we'll be attending this summer do involve buying a plane ticket to fly across the country. And while I'm so glad we're able to do it and can't wait to see my friends, I don't necessarily want to spend tons of money on a dress that I'll probably only wear a few times.

7. Anything too short/revealing: A wedding is a special event where people often have older relatives/family in attendance, and you don't want to be that person that shows up in some scandalous outfit. First of all, if the ceremony is in a church, it's important to be dressed appropriately for that, but even if it's not a church wedding, in my opinion it's still really distasteful to wear something that shows too much skin. Because I am 5'10'', finding dresses that are long enough can be a challenge sometimes!

So there you have it, my criteria. 

Surprisingly, it's more difficult to find a cute dress for a wedding than one might think! However, here are a few fun options I've found recently:

J.Crew Camille Dress
J.Crew Swoop Dress
Hailey by Adrianna Papell High/Low Chiffon Dress (Online Only)
High/Low Chiffon Dress--Hailey by Adrianna Papell (Nordstroms)
Maggy London Metallic Dot Fit & Flare Dress
Maggy London Metallic Dot Fit & Flare Dress (Nordstroms)
Calvin Klein Sleeveless Lace Fit & Flare Dress
Calvin Klein Sleeveless Lace Fit & Flare Dress (Nordstroms)
{Nordstrom's was having an awesome 40% off sale on dresses last week, so some of the prices may have changed from when I originally looked, just FYI!}

ASOS Midi Dress With Drape Front
Piperlime Watercolor Dress
Modcloth The Right Mauve Dress

BB Dakota When The Night Comes Dress (Modcloth) 
Jessica Simpson Tiered Lace Cocktail Dress
RACHEL Rachel Roy V-neck A-line Dress
I've also considered trying out Rent The Runway, but am a little nervous to give it a try. They have some gorgeous dresses but 1) I'd be worried that the dress would come and I wouldn't like the way it looks/fits and 2) Some of the rentals are pretty pricey to the point where I'd just rather purchase the dress. However, I do really like that people who have rented the dresses can post pictures of them actually wearing it so you can an idea of how it photographs/fits on different body types. Here are a few of the more reasonably-priced rentals I've had my eye on:

Tibi Coral Paradise Dress
Mark James by Badgley Mischka Draped Dream Dress
Erin by Erin Fetherston Blue Sea Mist Dress
Tracy Reese The Vote Is In Dress

If you've tried out RTR, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

So there you have it, a few ideas for what to wear as a wedding guest!

What about you--do you have weddings to attend this summer? What's your go-to store for a cute dress? I'd love to hear! Xoxo


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