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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lompoc Brewing 2013 Holiday Beers

Happy Hump Day everyone!
It's officially the holiday season...and in Portland, that means it's time for holiday seasonal beers!

This time of year, lots of breweries release special beers to celebrate the season; however, Lompoc Brewing takes things to another level and they're actually releasing eight holiday seasonals this year! They released these special beers to the public yesterday and they're now available at their five different locations here in Portland. However, I had the privilege of getting a sneak peek, or should I say sneak taste, of these beers late last month at their 2013 Holiday Beer Tasting. To be completely honest, I wasn't all that familiar with Lompoc as a brewery before this tasting. Being newer to Portland, I'm still getting the lay of the land when it comes to the robust brewery scene here, however, I was very impressed with everything I tried at the tasting. All the beers were really solid, and I think the fact that they're able to put out holiday seasonals in such a wide range of styles really showcases their capabilities and creativity as a brewery. 

The Holiday Tasting was held in their Sidebar tasting room, which is next door to their 5th Quandrant brewpub in North Portland. This is a really cozy space that can be rented out for events, but they also have it open during select hours to taste their beers. It would be a perfect venue for a party!

We got to sample all eight holiday 2013 seasonals during the tasting--here's a quick rundown of this year's lineup, along with the descriptions we received to go with each beer:

Cherry Christmas 2013 | Specialty Blend
Originally brewed in a wine tote in August 2013 with 200 pounds of sour cherries, this beer sat on the cherries for a month, and was then transferred to a stainless steel tank and blended with a touch of gueze brewed in February 2010. Pouring a bright pink color with a fruity aroma this crisp, refreshing beer has hints of cherry and finishes slightly tart. 5% ABV

 Jolly Bock | Lager
Jolly Bock was brewed with a generous amount of Munich malt to develop the deep amber color and
rich malt flavor. The malty flavor is balanced with a spicy hop bitterness. 7.3% ABV

 Brewdolph | Belgian Style Red
This Belgian style red ale features a malty and creamy body. Brewed with the Belgian Ardennes yeast strain, it boasts a mild fruitiness and a spicy clove character. 7.7% ABV

Holiday Cheer | Robust Vanilla Porter
A robust vanilla porter that combines big chocolate flavor and a full body with mellow vanilla notes, complements of whole vanilla beans in the conditioning tank. 6.8% ABV

 C-Sons Greetings | Imperial IPA
A deep copper colored ale brewed and dry-hopped with all seven "C" hops for a piney, citrusy, floral and resinous aroma. Offers a full hop flavor with a rich caramel malt finish and an endless developing hop presence. 8% ABV

 Old Tavern Rat | Barleywine
A dark amber colored barleywine that was aged for almost a year prior to its release, it has a strong bitterness that is balanced with the sweetness of caramel and toffee flavors. 9.4% ABV

Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Tavern Rat | Barleywine
Brewed in December 2011, aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels for 22 months and cellared for an additional two months, this dark amber colored barleywine has soft oak character with raisin and fig notes. 9.7% ABV
(The bourbon barrel aged one is on the left compared to the normal Old Tavern Rat on the right--you can really see the difference in color!)

 Revelry Red Ale | Specialty Blend for the 2013 Holiday Ale Festival
This custom blend takes our Big Bang Red aged in Big Bottom Whiskey barrels with 80 pounds of sour cherries for nine months & Big Bang Red aged in Maryhill Winery Port barrels for 11 months. The resulting beer is crimson in color, malty in body with notes of cherry and oak, and finishes slightly tart.  8% ABV

The final beer we got to try (which was probably my favorite of the bunch!) is actually going to be featured at this weekend's Holiday Ale Festival in downtown Portland. That's right, Portland has an entire festival specifically dedicated to holiday beers! Pretty cool, right? The festival actually starts today and runs through Sunday; I've never been but I am hoping that we have time to check it out this weekend. It looks like it's going to be a great time with lots of really unique holiday beers!

Lompoc Brewing was nice enough to give everyone who attended this holiday preview tasting a bottle of the C-Seasons Greetings Imperial IPA (much to Cam's delight) and I genuinely enjoyed all the beers we sampled. Definitely look for their beer at the Holiday Ale Festival this weekend and be sure to stop in one of their Portland locations to try out all of these fantastic seasonals!

Cheers to the holidays!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Part 1: Grand Teton National Park (& Jackson Hole)

So I'm just going to go ahead and warn you (again), we took a lot of pictures this weekend...but justifyably so, as Grand Teton National Park is truly one of the most gorgeous places on Earth! I had been to the park once already when I was a kid, and I can still distinctly remember getting off the plane in Wyoming and breathing in the air when we got off the plane and thinking that it seemed so fresh. (Random memory, but it stuck in my mind!) I was amazed at how beautiful the mountains were then, and was still as equally awe-struck on this visit. Cam had never been before, and although we see mountains from our apartment in Colorado everyday, there is something about the Tetons that is just so breathtaking.

After leaving Friday morning and making the 8.5 hour drive (through the nothingness of central Wyoming...seriously if you want to get away from people, this is the state for you) we finally arrived in the park. We explored the park Friday afternoon, ate dinner in Jackson Hole on Friday, spent the majority of Saturday taking in more of the beautiful sights this park has to offer before heading north to Yellowstone, and then we stopped back through for breakfast on our way home Monday morning. The nice thing about Grand Teton is that the park is fairly compact and there are great views of the mountains from pretty much everywhere. Jackson Hole is a really fun area as well, and if you've never been out West, this is the place I would suggest to see....but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Finally made it!
Lots of buffalo just roaming around...they are so cute :)

Grizzly in the Visitor Center...closest I got to a bear on this trip...

Before dinner at the Snake River Brewery--both the beer and the food were good, but not great...

Downtown Jackson Hole

Friday night, we stayed in a tent cabin in Colter Bay Village...pretty basic, but good for one night!
Watching the sun rise from Signal Mountain on Saturday morning

So pretty :)
So early...hence why we are still in our sweats!
Saturday was also the first Michigan Football game of the season so you know that I had to show my school spirit! (Also, I was trying to take some jumping pictures but then I remembered I'm horrible at them--oh well, GO BLUE!)
Boat ride on Jenny Lake

Hidden Falls
Inspiration Point
Hiking :)
This little church is so amazing, the windows behind the altar have the most heavenly view!

Giant breakfast at Jackson Lake Lodge before heading back to Colorado--we were seated right next to the window and had gorgeous views of the Tetons, plus the food was great! I'd highly suggest this place!
Kinda sad we didn't see a bear this trip...guess we'll have to come back!
Stay tuned for more pictures from our weekend--Yellowstone is up next! xoxo

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun in Fort Collins

Happy Tuesday everyone! After our hike on Saturday, Cam and I did a quick change out of our sweaty clothes and decided to go explore Fort Collins. I've heard a lot of great things about FoCo (Colorado slang) from friends who had visited, so I was excited to check it out.

They had a lot of really cute sculptures all over the place

Making new friends wherever she goes...
Such a social butterfly

The downtown area is definitely really adorable, and I can see why people love this town. It's has somewhat of a similar feel to Boulder, but it's definitely got it's own unique vibe. Cam and I were pretty hungry after our hike, so we headed straight to get some grub at one of the restaurants in the Old Town area. We ended up eating lunch at CooperSmith's, which (to my knowledge) is the only one out of the many breweries in Fort Collins that actually serves food. (Points to Portland on that one; while there are a lot of breweries in Colorado, I don't think the food scene is as prevalent here so not as many breweries serve food, whereas in Oregon a lot of the brewpubs have both great beer and delicious food) CooperSmith's was a pretty neat place that had two different sides on the Old Town Square, a pool side and pub side. Both had outdoor seating so we ended up on the pool side and had a pretty good lunch. I got a yummy salad, and Cam got a burger with some really excellent fries (of which I probably stole half). Both of our beers were decent, I wouldn't say they were great, and Lola was super appreciative that they brought her out a big bowl of water when the waiter brought our waters.

The "you're not putting this on your blog" face
Lola passed out like a hobo during our meal
I seriously cannot take a picture straight to save my life
After lunch, we walked around the Old Town area and checked out all the neat little shops and restaurants. There happened to be a jazz festival going on this weekend, so it was lovely to have live music playing throughout the afternoon. There were bikes everywhere, and in the center of the Old Town area, there is a bike library where you can go and rent bikes for free! I know that a lot of people rent bikes and ride them around to the nearby breweries, so that's definitely something I'd like to do when we come back without Lola! We ended the day by getting some delicious ice cream at Walrus, which I had heard was a must try spot. All in all, I definitely think I like Boulder a little bit better, but we'll definitely be coming back to spend some more time in Fort Collins because it really is a cute little town!

There are lots of stores like this in Colorado which is great

Bike library
I need to come back and check this place out, it looks so cute!
Jazz Festival


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