My Day Job

Prior to the birth of our son Henry, I worked as a Recruitment Consultant for a full-service recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and human capital consulting provider. I was a client facing recruiter working on a wide variety of positions in all different industries. In addition to my responsibilities as a recruiter, I was also very involved in my company's social media/branding efforts. Because I was posting both professional stuff and blog stuff on my social media channels, I thought it was helpful to have this page here on my blog to provide some explanation. I also had the opportunity to write for my company blog, as well as some other sites, on recruiting-related topics:

 However, I recently decided to leave my position to be a full-time stay at home mom. I'm loving my new role and feel blessed to be able to spend each day taking care of our little boy. And although I am currently a full-time mom and not a full-time blogger, this space continues to be my creative outlet and I enjoy sharing little bits and pieces of my life here :)


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