Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hiking with Henry - Ramona Falls

This weekend, we did our longest hike we've done with Henry so far!

We hiked to Ramona Falls (near Mount Hood) and it was 7 miles round trip. Back in the day, Cam and I would have thought nothing of doing a 7 mile hike, but now, being 23 weeks pregnant and having a very active toddler who doesn't always love being in the hiking pack for long periods of time, I was a little unsure how it would go. But it ended up being so great! The hike is really pretty and the elevation gain (only 1000 feet) didn't feel too tough since it was spread out over a longer distance. Speaking of our pre-kids lives, there was a time when I would always bring our "real" camera when we'd go hiking (or do anything) and I'd usually do an entire blog post recapping every hike we did. Now, ain't nobody got time for that and the camera gets left behind to make more space for Henry's snacks. But we did end up taking quite a few cell phone photos during this weekend's hike, so rather than just spamming Instagram with all of them, I thought I'd just do a post instead :) Enjoy!

 The hike had some really fantastic views of Mt. Hood! It looks kind of small in these pictures, but it was massive in person. And it was such a gorgeous day, not a cloud in the sky!

The thing I was most concerned about with this hike was crossing the Sandy River; apparently there used to be a seasonal bridge that washed out, so now you have to cross the river (which is fairly fast moving) just using logs and rocks. I had read that it could be kind of unsafe, but had heard other people say it wasn't that bad. It was about a mile in and a little bit daunting, especially considering that Cam was carrying Henry and I'm pregnant and admittedly do not have the best balance.

Some people were just walking across these logs, but I wasn't about to attempt that.

I ended up crossing over these rocks on the way to the falls, and then used this log to cross over on the way back. There were other families with kids doing it, and it wasn't as bad as I expected.

Cam carried Henry most of the time, but we did let him do some hiking on his own two feet as well. It's a little hard because he either wants to go running down the trail or stop and pick up every rock along the way. But it's so fun to watch him get excited about hiking and discover nature for himself!

"Out of my way Dad!"

Finally, we made it to the falls!

And I really look pregnant - eeek!

It was hard not to want to take a million pictures, the falls are so pretty!

There was a nice, relatively flat area in front of the falls where we stopped to eat lunch and Henry collected sticks. He was being so stinking adorable, he's just the happiest boy :)


I know I already put some of these pictures on Instagram, but they're some of my new favorites :)

If you're in the Portland area and looking for a good hike to do this summer, check out Ramona Falls!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Beauty Favorites

Happy summer everyone! Yesterday was the first official day of summer, and so I thought it was the perfect time to share a few recent beauty finds that I've been loving lately! I always seem to change up my beauty routine a little bit with the seasons and I definitely have some new products that are in my current rotation that I'm really enjoying! (This post is a tad long and excessively detailed, so if you're not a makeup person, it might not be your cup of tea - just FYI!)

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation
This stuff is seriously SO awesome! It was actually recommended to me by a girl who works at my local Sephora, which was kind of a surprise because normally I'm kind of skeptical about taking their recommendations. I'm not a makeup expert but I do watch lots of  beauty videos on YouTube and I consider myself to pretty knowledgeable about the range of different makeup brands/products that are out there. Plus, not to be mean, but there are a lot of people that work at my Sephora who clearly have very different tastes in makeup than I do (as evidenced by the way they do their own makeup for work) so it makes it a little hard for me to take their recommendations seriously? Anyway...there is one girl who works at my Sephora who has great makeup and I was chatting with her because I was trying to the right shade for me in this Clinique foundation I had been wanting to try. As luck would have it, none of the colors of that foundation matched my skin (they were all way too pink and I have a lot of yellow undertones in my skin) and she asked why I wanted that particular one in the first place. I told her I wanted something that was really quick and easy to apply, as well as something I could use both to spot conceal or do a full face foundation look. She highly recommended this Makeup Forever stick foundation, and while I'm a fan of MUFE, I was somewhat hesitant because Jaclyn Hill (who is still my favorite YouTuber!) also raves about it but she has really dry skin, and my skin tends to be more oily. However, my skin has been less oily/a little more dry during this pregnancy, plus the girl at Sephora said that while this foundation is not a matte finish, it can totally work for oily skin, so I decided to give it a try. After using it for the past month or so, I'm totally in love! It is so easy to apply, it blends out really well, and since Make Up For Ever has such an awesome color selection, you can find a shade that's a perfect match for your skin. And as a mom who doesn't always have a lot of time to apply makeup, this product is a game changer! Since it's a stick, it's so easy to just throw in your bag, making it great for travel...or tossing in your diaper bag and applying in the car when you're running 15 minutes late. Not that I ever do that...ha. But it's just nice that it can't spill or leak, and it really looks like skin on your face, but provides really good coverage too. I typically apply a few swipes straight from the tube to my face and then blend it out using a foundation brush, but your blending with your fingers work well too! (I wear shade 117 just in case anyone was wondering!)

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation
After having such good luck with the Make Up For Ever foundation, I decided to take a chance on a drugstore foundation that is 1. another Jaclyn Hill favorite and 2. geared towards more dry skin. Seriously, pregnancy is drying out my normally super oily skin, plus I'm dealing with a lot more hyper-pigmentation than I experienced with Henry's pregnancy, hence why I am on kind of a foundation kick as of late! Anyway, I've heard awesome things about this L'Oreal Lumi Cushion foundation and after trying it, I can see what all the fuss is about! I love the cushion application because it's so easy and just less messy than a normal liquid foundation. I just tap my stippling brush right on to the cushion to pick up some product and then apply it right to my face. This foundation provides more of a medium coverage and it's a little more dewy, but I think it's very natural looking making it great for summer! I also like that L'Oreal has a pretty good range of shades/undertones for a drugstore brand, and I wear shade W3 (Nude Beige) which is the same color I wear in the original True Match, another drugstore foundation I love (and have blogged about before).

Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer
 This was kind of an impulse buy last time I was at Sephora, and to be honest, I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about it. But I still wanted to share my thoughts in case anyone is curious about it! Basically this is a liquid version of the popular Nars bronzer 'Laguna' but it's not super shimmery or anything. It comes in a very chic looking glass bottle with a pump, which I love, but I like all Nars packaging, it ends up getting super dirty due to the rubbery texture. That aside, when you pump some out it looks pretty dark, but it actually blends out quite sheer. To the point that I'd said it's really geared towards fair to medium skin tones and wouldn't even really show up much as a bronzer if you're darker. To apply it, you can use your fingers or a brush or a sponge and just put it on where you'd apply a normal powder bronzer. It definitely gives a very natural sun-kissed look and is perfect for those summer days where you're maybe doing more minimal makeup and just want a little something to warm up your skin. However, I feel like I'm just such much more used to powders that I find myself not using it as much just because it's out of my comfort zone. BUT, something that I think it's super useful for is mixing with your foundation in the summer! I always have the issue that I buy foundations in the winter and then come summer they're too light and I feel like I can't use them. With this stuff, you can just mix a pump into your liquid foundation before applying it and it helps to adjust foundations you have to your summer skin tone :) I've actually been doing that a lot and mixing the liquid bronzer with this Nars tinted moisturizer that I bought in the winter and bought a shade too light to begin with anyway. So the liquid bronzer is a good versatile product to have in your makeup bag, but I wouldn't say it's life changing and it is on the pricier side so it may not be worth it depending on your needs.

 Nars 'Chelsea Girls' Lip Gloss
Clearly I was on a Nars kick last time I went to Sephora, and they're definitely one of my favorite more high-end beauty brands! I've always heard that their lipgloss shade Chelsea Girls was a cult favorite so I decided to give it a try and I am OBSESSED. It's such a great warm pinky nude for summer, and it's really the perfect shade to put on whether you're wearing no other makeup or a more dramatic look. In the summer I find I often wear more bright colors in terms of clothes and so I feel like wearing a bold lip can be too much, so this is great to give you some color, while still being more subdued. Plus, Nars lip glosses have a great formulation - very smooth and not at all sticky!

 Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer
Even though I have the Nars liquid bronzer, I was in the market for a new powder bronzer. I've always seen that Physicians Formula is a drugstore brand that makes a ton of different ones, so I decided to try out their Butter Bronzer after hearing good things. This stuff smells like straight up summer! Kind of like a mix of coconut and sunscreen (in a good way), it's just a very beachy scent! So if you're not into scented face products then I'd steer clear, but if you're looking for a bronzer that screams summer, this is it! I was a little concerned that because it is so scented that it might break me out, but so far so good! And the color is great, not too orange or muddy, just a good neutral bronze shade that doesn't have much shimmer in it, which I like. It's perfect to buff on and warm up the face, and it's definitely the type of product that you can build up to get the intensity you want (which I prefer to bronzers that are so pigmented that they're tough to apply). Overall, a solid drugstore purchase!
Wet & Wild Balm Stain
Wet & Wild is a brand that I used to buy back in middle school and then kind of ignored because it's so inexpensive that you sort of assume everything is crap...ha. But after having good luck with their nail polishes and hearing good things about some of their new products, I've been giving them a second look lately! I recently picked up this Balm Stain in the color Coral of the Story and I really really like it! It's super smooth and moisturizing and the color does seem to leave a nice stain on the lips, so even when the product wears off you have some color left behind. But it does seem to be super super soft in consistency, so you have to apply with caution. And you have to make sure that the lid is on really tight, otherwise, it will come off in your purse and get all over your stuff...as I found out the hard way. But despite that, I still love the color and the price can't be beat!

So there you have it, some of the things currently in my makeup bag! I still need to do a post about my favorite mascaras, but since this post is already getting kind of long, I'll save that for another day :) And as always, if you have any beauty products you're loving right now, definitely let me know because I'm always looking for suggestions! Happy Summer! :)

Friday, June 17, 2016

Currently: June

Some recent favorites from my Instagram so far this month :)
Enjoying: The second trimester of my pregnancy! Although the first trimester wasn't too bad for me, I definitely feel more like myself and like I have more energy now, which is really nice. Plus, Henry is in a place where his sleep/nap schedule is really consistent and so I'm also enjoying the predictability of our days. It's great to be able to do fun activities with him in the morning, and then to be able to have 2-3 hours to myself in the afternoon to get things done. Plus, since Cam works from home, often I'm able to go and run errands solo in the afternoon while he naps which is awesome. I'm just really trying to savor how nice our schedule is right now, because I know that come October things are definitely going to change :)

Making: Plans for the rest of the summer...or trying to at least! I feel like on one hand, I do like to leave space in our schedule to dothings spur of the moment, I also get a little stressed when plans are not on the calendar in advance. I just feel like the summer always goes by so quickly and if you don't set concrete dates for things, then they probably won't end up happening.
Cooking: A bunch all of the sudden! While I haven't had terrible nausea or food aversions with this pregnancy, for awhile, cooking food, specifically meat and vegetables just didn't sound all that appealing and I wasn't feeling very inspired when it came to meal planning. I kind of just made the bare minimum of meals I needed to each week and stuck to familiar recipes. But the past few weeks, I feel like all the sudden I'm motivated to cook and try new recipes again! (Also, the cool rainy weather we've had in Portland lately definitely makes me want to spend more time in the kitchen) This week, I've made this buffalo chicken salad that I love (and I even found pasteurized eggs to make the homemade mayo preggo safe!) and I also made this bison chili. Two nights ago, I made this crockpot pork with Cuban-style black beans, and served it over cauliflower rice, which I totally don't mind if it's covered in homemade guac :) Last week, I made these stuffed peppers and then this Paleo-ish white chicken chili which was SO GOOD. (I say Paleo-ish because the recipe is actually Paleo but I proceeded to top mine with a ton of shredded cheese....mmm! I also added some frozen corn to it and used corn starch instead of potato starch to thicken) Oh, and then I used this recipe to make homemade galette dough (and then kind of followed these steps on how to make it) to use up all the raspberries we've got growing in our yard. Yay for productivity in the kitchen!

Reading: The Nightingale - I started it while we were camping and read a bunch, but then I haven't really made time for reading since we've been home. So far I really like it though, it's a good summer read and you should definitely check it out if you like historical fiction set in WWII Europe!
Wanting: To paint our walls white! They're tan right now and perfectly fine, so painting our them isn't super high on our priority list at the moment. Cameron would really like to paint them gray, which would be fine, but I've been seeing so many photos of older homes with white walls and it just looks so bright and beautiful! (This recent home tour on Cup of Jo has totally given me the itch!) My only hesitation (aside from the fact that Cam doesn't want to...ha) is that our walls are a textured plaster so I'm not quite sure it would look as crisp...but I think it could still be so pretty!

Looking: For ideas of how to keep Henry entertained once the baby comes. I know I still have a few months, but I know I'm going to need quite a few tricks up my sleeve to keep my little busy boy occupied while I'm nursing, especially since newborns tend to do that a lot. A lot of moms have recommended making a special box of toys or activities that he can only play with while I'm nursing, but I'm open to suggestions on specific things that will really help engage a two year old!

Wishing: Our basement project would hurry up and be done! Cam is in the process of finishing our basement himself (with the help of his family) and while it's so awesome that he's doing it and I really do appreciate all the hard work he's putting in, it's consuming a lot of his time right now. The plan is for him to move his office down there once it's done, and then we're going to be moving our bedroom to his office, and making our room the new baby's room. So basically none of that can get started until the basement is finished. This time around, I really don't care as much about having the new baby's nursery all done right away since I know he'll be sleeping in our room for the first few months anyway. But still it would be nice to have the basement done so we could at least start the process of moving all the rooms around. Plus, even though I've told Cam I don't care when the basement gets finished, he's a very goal-oriented person and it's hard for him to focus on doing other fun things until this project is done. And (selfishly) it's hard for me to have Cam work all day and then go down and work on the basement for hours at night because as much as I love Henry, that's a really long time for me to spend by myself with a toddler...ha! But I know it will eventually get done and it will all be worth it :)
Eating: Ice cream for dessert pretty much every night. It's a problem. Ha.

Loving: That I scored two pairs of Bogs boots for Henry on Amazon this week for 50% off! These boots are so awesome for little ones (he's worn them in the snow, rain, to the beach, and hiking!) but at $50, they're kind of pricey. Amazon had a bunch of pairs in random sizes and patterns that were in the $20-$25 range so I snagged them in bigger sizes for him to wear down the road, and it's awesome knowing that he'll have a little brother who can wear them too because they seem like they're really well made! I got Henry these and then these (but they've already gone up in price since I bought them) and then I think this pattern is really cute so I may go back and order those too - but Amazon sales seem to be very random, so my apologies if the sale prices are no longer available when you click on the links! (Girl mamas - they have so many cute girl prints on sale too! I would totally buy these if I had a daughter!)

Hoping: That all the dads out there have a wonderful Father's Day! Unfortunately I won't be able to be with my own dad since he's in Michigan, but I'm looking forward to celebrating my husband (and father-in-law and brother-in-laws) this weekend! Henry is lucky to have such a great dad :)

Needing: To walk more! I feel like now that Henry wants to walk (aka run) everywhere, I'm always chasing him but I don't necessarily go for longer walks as much as I used to when I was pregnant the first time or when he was a baby and would nap in his stroller. I'm definitely going to try to fit in some more dedicated walks over the summer months!

Listening: To the Radiooooo app - my sister told me about it and I think it's pretty cool! Basically when you open the app there is a big map and you click on a country and choose a decade and it plays music from that time. It's find it's good background music to have on when I'm cooking or playing with Henry :)

Wearing: These sunglasses that I recently picked up from Nordstrom. I'm trying not to buy any maternity clothes this summer since I have quite a few from my first pregnancy and you only wear them for a short time anyway. As consolation, I figure things like accessories, shoes, and makeup are all perfectly legitimate purchases when you're pregnant :) And I just love the sunglasses from BP because they're so cheap (that way I don't feel bad if Henry breaks them!) and I actually got another mirrored pair that I can't find online but that are super cute and fun for summer :)

Watching: I'm loving The Bachelorette this season, even though I really don't like when they do those two night episodes and then skip a week like they did this week. Normally I don't like the Bachelorette as much as the Bachelor, but this season I'm really into it! And although Cam refuses to watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette with me, I convinced him to watch UnREAL with me, which is kind of a dark satire of the Bachelor. We just started Season 1 and so far I like it! And then for some reason, Cam decides to start re-watching The Office from the beginning on Netflix and so that's always good to turn on an episode at night when we're tired and don't want to watch anything too heavy :) I've also been enjoying The Mindy Project; I feel like after being kind of weird and not funny for awhile, it's back in it's groove. And we'll probably start watching Season 4 of OITNB since it's out today, although I thought last season was kind of slow and boring? And then I'm excited for season 2 of Odd Mom Out! I feel like I don't hear people talking about this show, but I thought season 1 was hysterical!

Feeling: Saddened by the state of our world. It's hard not to have a heavy heart this week after the tragedy in Orlando, and then on top of that, there's so much constant noise on social media during an election season anyway, but especially when it's depressing as this one, the negativity is just draining. (Not to mention all the sad things that I feel like are constantly in the news about little kids getting killed or injured) Being pregnant, it's honestly a little hard not to feel a little depressed about the hurting world that this baby is going to be born into, but all I can do is just try and focus on the good and try my best to raise my children to try and make things better. And then staying off Facebook usually helps too :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Henry at 18 Months

I've been meaning to post this update since last week, but life with a toddler is busy, so better late than never! Henry turned 18 months on 6/8 and he's such a little kid now and really does not seem like a baby anymore, which is sort of sad but also really incredible at the same time. This stage he's in right now is just so much fun, I am seriously obsessed! He's so adventurous and independent and constantly doing and learning new things, but he's also so sweet and still little and just love it! It's just weird to think that he's already halfway to turning two...eek! Here's what he's up to at 18 months...

I didn't have a chance to take any special photos on the day he turned 18 months, so all of the photos in this post are from our camping trip to the coast, which was only a few days before :)
 Henry had his 18 month well check last week and he is a growing boy! He is currently 26 lbs 13 oz (80th percentile) and 33.5 inches tall (85th percentile). (He's also still in the 97th percentile for head circumference, which is no surprise since Cameron and I both have pretty big heads...ha!) As for teeth, he's got a bunch now! I'm pretty sure he has 12 (6 on top, 6 on bottom - he never lets me count them though!)  and he has all of his one year molars. He still has a few others that are in the process of coming in at the moment, but (thankfully) teething doesn't seem too bother him too much!

 Henry has been really healthy over the past few months! I feel like the warmer weather of springtime has helped bring an end to cold season and he hasn't had any viruses for awhile, which has been so nice! (Though of course he does seem like he has come down with first cold in months this week, however, it could also be allergies? We'll just have to wait and see...) I would say that the biggest health concerns with him right now are just minor injuries like bumps, bruises, and skinned knees aka the occupational hazards of being a toddler who loves to run, jump, and climb!

-Running, jumping, and climbing...ha! Not to sound like a broken record, but those seriously are his three favorite things to do! He is a busy boy that likes to be on the move :)
-Books! He likes being read to, but he also loves just sitting and "reading" books on his own too, which makes me so so happy! He has a ton of books that are easily accessible at his level in his nursery, and then we have a bunch of books stacked up that he can easily get to in our family room as well. Literally the first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning or we walk in the door from being gone is to run and grab a book and sit down on the floor and start reading - seriously the cutest!
-The dog filter on SnapChat, he's obsessed. Honestly this is one of the only reasons I downloaded SnapChat in the first place and it's one of my go-to tools to distract him if he's having a meltdown.
-Lola, and specifically, climbing into the chair in our living room with her...ha!
-The beach! Henry loves sand and splashing in the water, it's his happy place for sure.
-Playing with my phone, the baby monitor, and any remote he can find :)

-Taking baths! This is a new thing that has just started in the past few weeks, and it's sooo frustrating! He used to love taking baths, but now, for whatever reason, he refuses to sit down in the bathtub and just stands there. And he doesn't like when we use our moveable shower head to wash him off, so I end up just dumping cups of water on him while he screams to get out. Sooo needless to say, he's not getting a bath super often these days!
-Getting his teeth brushed, which was another thing he used to like but now he's not into it. Ugh.
-Just the general toddler disdain for being stopped from doing something that he wants to do such as being told he can't hit his parents in the face or run in the street. We're the meanest!
-When it's time to leave the park/beach/etc. and he doesn't want to :)

Right now, Henry is mainly wearing size 18-24 month stuff; he has a few things that are 2T but it seems like most of the 2T stuff is way bigger and so he doesn't fit into most of it yet. I've been getting most of his clothes at Old Navy lately and have had really good luck finding cute things there! I've also found some really adorable stuff at Oshkosh B'gosh and Baby Gap as well. I've probably been going a little overboard buying Henry summer clothes recently, but it's hard not to knowing that we're going to have another boy - I figure that (hopefully) most of it will get worn again :) Seriously though, I've bought him so many bathing suits/rash guards, it's a little out of control - ha! As for shoes, he's been getting a ton of use out of his Keens! (He has these ones) They're so great for places like splash pads because they provide really good traction. He's currently wearing a size 5 in diapers and we've been using Honest ones during the day, and Huggies Overnights at night :)

This is probably the toughest area for us at the moment, as Henry is very selective about what he'll eat and he loves throwing food from his high chair. I try not to stress about it too much though since he's obviously growing just fine and I know that a lot of it is just normal toddler behavior. For breakfast, he usually has either sweet potato pancakes or chia and flax seed oatmeal, and I'll add in some almond meal to give it a little more protein. Lunch is often a peanut butter sandwich, just because that's the easiest thing to feed him if we're out and about. And then dinner, I try to give him whatever we're eating, but a lot of times he just straight up refuses to eat any of it. He LOVES dairy though so drinking whole milk, along with eating yogurt and cheese. Seriously, he could just drink milk and be happy, so I think we're going to cut down slightly on the amount he has per day to try and encourage him to branch out and eat more of other foods (per his pediatrician's suggestion). He loves any sort of bread/crackers/cookies/carbs (obviously the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!) and while I try not to feed him this stuff too often, if we're traveling or out at a restaurant, I'm not above giving him animal crackers to keep him happy :) He likes apples, melon, clementines, and bananas, but (sadly) doesn't really like grapes or berries too much. I think it's because they can sometimes be a little tart initially, so I'm hoping that changes over the course of the summer! He does still love pouches, so I try to buy ones that have as much vegetables in them as possibly and he eats those as snacks on the go. It's tough because when he first started eating real food, he'd eat anything and everything, and it wasn't until about a year that he started getting more picky. I just keep reminding myself that it's a phase, not to make it a battle, continue giving him healthy food, and hope that he comes around eventually! :)

No complaints here, he's still an awesome sleeper! He goes to bed around 8:30pm and then sleeps straight through until around 8am. He takes one nap (usually around 1:30pm) and that lasts anywhere from 2-3.5 hours. I'm seriously praying that baby #2 ends up as good a sleeper as his brother!

I thought I'd add this category for this (and future) updates because I don't want to forget any of the cute things he's saying! Up until a few weeks ago, Henry was still pretty much only saying Mama, Dada, and No...ha! But I'd heard so many people say that language really starts taking off around 18 months and over the past few weeks, it's like a switch flipped and now all the sudden he realizes everything has a name and he wants to identify things all the time! He's constantly saying "car" and "truck" every time he sees one go by and since we live in the city on a relatively busy street, that's pretty often :) Like most people in Portland, we don't have central AC but we have an AC unit in his bedroom and our bedroom, as well as a few fans around the house and he calls them all "cool"...ha! For whatever reason he calls milk "goo goo" and whenever I open the fridge or we go to the grocery store, he points and the gallon of milk and starts yelling "goo goo! goo goo!" He also recently started to say "Oh man" or "Oh boy" and that is pretty funny :) There are lots of words that start with the same letter where he'll kind of say the first part of the word and they all sound the same, especially for things that start with the letter B (book, ball, bowl, bottle, bed, etc.) he'll kind of point to it and make a "ba" type sound...so he's on the right track! I made a list of things he says where if you showed him a picture of something, he'd be able to identify it and I'd say he's got about 30ish words at this point? Granted he's not necessarily clearly pronouncing the full word so things like dog and duck would both sound similar, but he at least knows that the object has a name that starts with that letter. We're still working on his animal sounds (the only one he consistently has down is monkey and hearing him do that sound is the BEST) and he's getting better at identifying body parts (he's really good with nose, mouth, eyes, ears, and toes and that's about it so far). His pediatrician said that kids usually pick an area to focus in at this age, either physical or verbal, and typically develop in that more quickly. Henry is definitely very physical; he's super adventurous and independent and is almost always running and loves to jump and climb. For the longest time, I would try to get him to repeat words and he just didn't seem into it, whereas some of us other friends who were maybe a little more physically timid would parrot back tons of words. But now, Henry seems to finally be wanting to talk more all of the sudden and his pediatrician said that his language is right on track with where it should be for his age, and even though he is still super physical, it's really cool to see him getting excited about language and wanting to learn so many new words all of the sudden!

Favorite Things:
He's still enjoying the things I mentioned in his 15 month update, but a new addition is this slide we got him! He's still all about the books and this recent addition to his library is a new favorite of both of ours. We use these Munchkin cups all the time, and lately has really been loving playing with this little Jeep. He also seemed to really like this sand toy set that I got him for our camping trip; I have a feeling we'll be adding some more new toys as the summer goes on, so I probably do another post with some of his "summer favorites" in another month or two :)

Things I Want to Remember:
-He's just such a happy boy and has such a zest for life! He gets really excited about so many little things that it really makes me want to slow down and appreciate things more.
-He still gets the most comments on his dimples, they seem to charm everyone :)
-We've been trying to "train" his hair not to go in his eyes, so every time he gets a bath, we always comb it in the same direction. (And I do think it's helping!) Henry loves when we give him the brush so he can do it himself, even though he almost always puts the back of the brush towards his head :)
-Any chance he gets, the boy will run! If he sees an opening, he'll just take off and it's a little crazy how fast he is! When we were camping, he'd just run from our campsite down to other campsites and anywhere we go, if he's out of his stroller or not being held, he starts running. (He also loves to bolt out an open door so that's fun) And he finds it hilarious when we chase after him...ha! It does make me happy that he's confident and independent, but I'm strongly considering getting him on of those backpacks with the leashes on it :)
-No matter what we're doing, if he hears a plane overhead he always stops and points at it.
 -He has such an expressive face and even though he's just starting to talk, I feel like he communicates really well. It almost feels like we have this secret inside joke and all we have to do is look at each other and we understand what the other person is thinking.
-He is really great at playing independently in his play area, which makes my life a lot easier! I can be cooking or cleaning up the kitchen (which is where his play area is) and he's perfectly happy to just read his books or play with his toys for an extended amount of time.
-He still doesn't have a super long attention span for TV, but he does like Sesame Street. Whenever I ask him if he wants to watch Sesame Street, he always says "Mo! Mo!" (for Elmo...ha!)
-I feel like I say 100 times a day "Sit down please!" (when he standing on furniture) or "Get down please" (when he has climbed on the coffee or end table) and he always listens, and then I tell him good job for listening. But then he stands back up again and waits for me to tell him to get down and I think he thinks it's a big game...ha!
-He loves babies and whenever he sees a little baby or even a toddler close to his own age, he always says "Bebe!" I'm hoping it's a good sign for the fall when his little brother arrives!
-He loves pointing out when he sees stars on something and trying to say "star" - he has some sheets, a few clothing items (like his hat in the picture below), and some Goodnight Moon dishes that all have stars on them and he loves pointing that out to us.
-Right now, I feel like my biggest struggle is not wanting to totally squash his adventurous spirit and fearlessness when it comes to doing physical things, while also wanting to stay out of the ER this summer. He just doesn't quite get the idea of consequences yet and so he'll do things like climb to the top of the jungle gym and doesn't even realize he could fall off the edge, so it makes me nervous!
-He's pretty friendly and outgoing in public, but he can also be a little more unsure when a stranger says hi to him - it typically doesn't take him too long to warm up though!
-Mama is still is most used word and he says it literally 500 times a day, usually like Stewie from Family Guy (no joke) where he's all "Mama! Mama! Mama! Mommy! Mom! Ma!" :)
-He likes being the center of attention and wants to make sure people are watching him. I've taken him to a few gym classes and he loves when it's his turn to go in the middle of a circle or under a parachute or whatever, and so we're working the concept that other kids need a turn too and he can't always be in the middle. He's just really confident for his age and I'll admit, I kind of love it :)
-He's still into giving kisses so I'm constantly asking him for smooches!

Life with Henry right now is just so much fun, and I'm really thankful I get to stay home with him and spend my days with him. I'm doing my best to soak up all this one on one time with him this summer before baby brother arrives! Thankfully, I'm still feeling really good so I'm trying to do lots of fun things with him now like go to the zoo, the splash pad, the park etc. while I still have the energy, because I don't necessarily know if I'm going to feel as up to it when I'm 9 months pregnant! He starts swim lessons next week (which I think he's going to love!) and I've got lots of other activities in mind that I'm hoping we'll be able to do before the summer ends. More than anything, I'm just enjoying getting to know the little person he's becoming each day. He really feels more like my mini sidekick/BFF than a baby and it's so much fun to do things with him. I'm thankful to be this sweet, smart, and silly boy's mama and I'm looking forward to making lots of memories this summer!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Henry's First Camping Trip

Well, we made it to another Friday! I don't know where the weeks go, but they seem to fly by :) But I finally wanted to share some photos from our camping trip this past weekend to the Oregon Coast!

Cam and I have done a fair amount of camping over the past few years, and it's something we hoped we'd continue to do with kids. But last summer, our schedule was pretty busy with our trip to Europe for my sister's wedding and we never got around to making any camping reservations. So this summer, we definitely want to make it a priority! Weeks ago, we made reservations at Nehalem Bay State Park near Manzanita for the first weekend of June, because it where we camped back when I was pregnant with Henry and loved it. As luck would have it, Portland was hit with a massive heat wave this past weekend and it was supposed to be in the high 90s/low 100s here. And since our house (like many homes in Portland) doesn't have central AC, we were even more excited for this trip to the coast!

We got to the campground Friday afternoon, came home late Sunday, and I took a bunch of pictures :) And overall, I'd say Henry's first time camping was a big success!

One of the first things we did when we got there was head for the beach! Henry seriously loves the sand and the water and while he did seem to enjoy camping, I think he was most excited about just being at the beach!
20 week bump on display :)
With all of the other stuff we had to bring, I didn't bother to stick in the "real" camera so all these photos are iPhone :)
When it was time to go back to our campsite, Henry was not having it...
You can't tell, but he's hysterically screaming because he doesn't want to leave the beach...ha :)
The path to the beach from the campground is kind of narrow through these tall grasses and I think it's so pretty :)
Nehalem Bay State Park has a mix of tent and RV campers, and the sites aren't super secluded by any means. But we like the proximity to the beach and enjoyed our time camping here once again. (However, if you're going to stay here with young kids, I'd recommend staying in the B loop because there is a playground that's more geared towards their age. We stayed in the D loop and the playground was definitely designed for older kids so Henry wasn't able to get too much use out of it)

Little camping boy settling in on Friday in his new camp chair :)
Helping dad with the fire :)
One of the most challenging things (for us) about camping with a toddler was just keeping Henry at the campsite because our boy loves to run! Any chance he got, he'd take off full speed towards another campsite or just down the road that runs through the campground and we kept having to chase after him. So we did spend some time in the tent and playing in the car just to keep him corralled :)
He loves being in the driver seat of the car (and admiring his reflection, ha!)
And then he pulled my review mirror off...yeah...
Henry is still a little young for s'mores and roasting marshmallows - I tried to let him help me, but he wanted to do it himself aka just run around with the hot roasting stick, which wasn't going to happen :)
But he was pretty excited about getting to have graham crackers and that pretty much kept him busy the whole time :)
At night, he'd wear the slipper moccassins from Hanna Andersson and they worked great because they have a leather sole, but they're basically just like socks. Plus I could just throw them in the wash when we got home :)
The other thing about camping this time of year is that the days are soooo long! Henry was up way past his normal bedtime since it stays light so late, but he was happy as a clam running around and exploring :)
Saturday morning, we headed straight to the beach after breakfast and it was perfect weather!
(Plus it wasn't crowded at all, which was amazing considering how hot it was in Portland!)

Seriously so happy just playing with sand toys and running on the beach :)
We brought our kite and Henry loved watching Cam fly it :)

We ended up going on for a drive after our morning at the beach to get Henry to take a nap, and it worked like a charm! The car normally puts him to sleep, plus he had played pretty hard :)

Post nap pouch and showing off his guns :)
Saturday night, we went back down to the beach before sunset and it was also gorgeous!

Chasing horses down the beach :)
I know I already posted this one on Instagram, but I love it :)
When we were at this beach before, I was pregnant with Henry and Cam took some bump photos so I felt like I needed to get at least one this trip :) I was just over 20 weeks here, yay for being over halfway!
Taking in the rest of the sunset from our campsite :)
The first night, sleeping was a little dicey because Henry kept tossing and turning and couldn't seem to get comfortable. But the second night went much better and we all slept great!

Most amazing bedhead ever :)
Sunday morning, we were just hanging out at the campsite and we were glad we had brought lots of books for Henry because that's definitely what keeps his attention these days!

Making breakfast!

Later Sunday morning, we headed back to the beach and had more great weather :)

Sunday afternoon, Cam's family came up and joined us at the beach and I completely forgot to take any photos of that - whoops! But we had a really fun day before finally heading home!

It's funny because lots of people here in the Pacific Northwest are super outdoorsy and take their kids camping as really young babies, so I was feeling kind of bad that Henry is just going camping now for the first time at 18 months. But then talking to other people, they're shocked we took him camping already at such a young age and think it's nuts - ha! So it all just depends on your perspective I guess! But we had a really great time, he seemed to really enjoy being outside, and although the sleeping took a little getting used to since we don't co-sleep at home, it really wasn't too bad at all :) We're definitely planning on doing some more camping trips later this summer and I can't wait!


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