Wednesday, August 31, 2016

End of Summer Family/Maternity Photos

With today being the last day of August, it feels like summer is finally coming to an end.
And what an incredible summer it's been!

Last week, my amazing friend Ali was sweet enough to take some maternity/family photos for us after I mentioned to her I wasn't planning on doing maternity photos this time around. And I'm so glad she did because I'm absolutely in love with how they turned out! Not only did she manage to catch some amazing light, she also perfectly captured this season of life for our little family of three. I've mentioned before that I've been pretty bad about getting many bump photos this time around, so I'm really glad she got some sweet ones that we can show baby #2 one day. But a big focus this summer has really been soaking up the one on one time we have left with Henry before he becomes a big brother. He's at such a fun age right now and I'm so glad we'll have these photos to look back on!

I had a hard time narrowing down the ones she took, so I decided just to share a bunch :)

His face here cracks me up :)

I posted that last photo on Instagram recently with a side by side comparison of Henry from the family photos we had taken last August. Last August, he wasn't crawling yet and I remember really wanting to get photos taken before he became more mobile, which in hindsight was a smart thing to do :) I loved how those end of summer photos my friend Ashley took turned out, and so it was really fun to have these photos taken a year later as you can really see just how much Henry's grown and how our life has changed over past twelve months. (And it's pretty incredible to think that by this time next year, our life will look completely different once again with two boys!) While I'm so looking forward to heading into fall with all the changes on the horizon, it's nice to be able to reflect on what a wonderful summer it's been and I'm so thankful to have these photos of such a special season of our life :)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Recent Target Favorites

Happy Friday friends! I feel like the majority of blogs I read have been really sporadic in posting lately; it seems like everyone is just in this sort of lazy end of summer mode, myself included. I know soon enough we'll be back in the routine of fall, but right now I'm just enjoying soaking up what's left of these long summer days!

Speaking of summer, it's been HOT here in Portland lately! And that's part of the reason I found at Target twice this week :) I meant to go last weekend and it didn't end up working out, so on Monday morning, Henry and I headed there and had a nice leisurely morning enjoying their AC. Then yesterday, Henry decided not to nap and I had a couple things I needed to take back/exchange from Monday's shopping trip, so we headed back there for another quick trip...and of course I left with even more stuff! Pretty sure I'm on a Target embargo for the next few weeks :)

I know it's the epitome of a #basic #momlife cliche, but I really do love Target! You can get cute clothes, diapers, shoes, snacks, makeup, and you can get Starbucks while shopping - what more could you want? I realize how lame that sounds, but I know my fellow moms out there will agree! Case in point, last weekend I happened to be texting with my friend Natasha asking her a question about something she uses for her boys because I told her I was going to Target soon...and she texted back saying she was at Target, ha! Then earlier this week, she put up a post about finds from her Target trip and I thought it was such a great idea! I tend to gravitate towards the same things when I go to Target, so I love seeing fellow bloggers share their favorites because (much to my husband's dismay) it gives me ideas of what to pick up when I'm there. So I thought I'd copy Natasha's post and share a few of the things that made it into my cart this week that I'm loving!

I saw my friend Stephanie from Olive & Tate post about this t-shirt on Instagram recently and it looked so cute and flattering that I just had to have it! I had a little bit of a hard time finding it at my Target since they sell like 4852713 different styles of t-shirts, but I eventually found it on the clearance rack marked down to only $8! But when I was there yesterday, I saw some that were the normal price and it's not marked down online, so it may be in stock at your store and I highly recommend snapping it up! I bought it in my normal size for postpartum, but I sized up and bought one for now too because it seemed to work well with the bump!

I got this dress because it seemed like the perfect summer to fall transition piece as the fabric is on the thicker side. It's not maternity, but it's loose enough that I can wear it with the bump, but I think it will be ideal with leggings and a sweater in the months after baby too!

And even though I said I wasn't going to buy any other maternity pieces, I feel like I'm starting to run out of clothes that fit so I ended up getting these maternity leggings, this (clearance) striped tee, and another one of these maternity tanks in gray because they're such a great staple! But looking through all the non-maternity clothing, I thought they had some really cute things for fall! Sometimes I think the clothing selection at Target can be hit or miss depending on the season, but there were a lot of other things I wanted for fall that sadly won't fit me right now :( There were also lots of really adorable things in the workout section too, but I didn't spend too much time looking there since I'm not really in the market to buy any of that stuff at the moment! (But I will definitely be hitting up the workout gear section post-baby for sure!)

As for things I can actually wear right now, there were also lots of cute things for fall in the shoe department! I actually ended up buying these taupe booties, which I think are super cute...but ended up taking them back. Whomp whomp. As much as I liked them, I feel like a wedge heel like this isn't as practical for me chasing after Henry and even though the heel on these isn't too high, I usually do better with something a little more flat. Not to mention the faux suede material and the Oregon rain don't always mix super well. But I do think they're adorable so someone should buy them, ha!

These days though, I seem to have a lot more fun buying clothes and shoes for Henry than I do for myself! And especially since there's another baby boy on the way who will hopefully get to wear a lot of this stuff again, I feel like it gives me even more incentive when I'm shopping for his clothes. I was super excited to check out the new line of kids clothes at Target called Cat & Jack and it did not disappoint! I will admit that some of the boy stuff was not my style as I'm not a huge fan of graphic tees and they had a bunch of space-themed stuff that I didn't really care for. But they also had some really cute pieces that were super reasonably priced that I picked up for Henry for fall!

I got him these Straight Fit Khaki Jeans and I love the color! Plus, I like that they have a soft waistband since it seems more comfy for a toddler on the go. I feel like Henry has grown a lot over the summer and he's officially into 2T sizes for the fall.

I also got him these Black Wash Soft Jeans (although I think the ones that I got have black not white stitching?) because they are so soft! They'll be super comfy for him to play in while still looking like cute jeans. I also got him two really cute sweatshirts Cat & Jack sweatshirts that were only $5 each, but they don't seem to be available online - definitely check your store though!
Probably my favorite thing I got are these Zip Up High Top Sneakers for Henry to wear this fall, I think they're just so darling!

And new shoes need a few new pairs of socks - how cute are these

Even though Henry has so many old clothes that we'll be using for baby #2, I can resist picking up a few new things for him too! We loved zip footie PJs with Henry, and I thought these Organic Zip Sleepers were so sweet looking, I love the neutral color palette! (Also, if you have a little girl, then definitely check out the Cat & Jack stuff because it was seriously adorable!!

And because it seems like many of my shopping trips these days involve buying more things for Henry than myself, I did pick him up a few other things while we were there. One thing in particular is this Numbers Colors Shapes board book! (The link says it's not available in store, but they had it at my Target!) Awhile back, I picked him up a book from the same series about 100 different trucks and it's one of his favorites, but what I love is that the size of the book is perfect for throwing in my bag when we're on the go. Each book in this series has so many different pictures in it that they're great for holding a toddlers attention longer than just a normal storybook.

(And just FYI - the Dollar Spot has tons of great educational type items right now for back to school so I've found some really fun things recently to help Henry work on shapes, colors, etc. Plus, they've got some other things that are really cute like Rifle Paper Co-esque paper goods. But when does the Dollar Spot not have good stuff? It's seriously my downfall!)

So even though I bought a few things for Henry, it's pretty much impossible for me to walk by the makeup section without at least putting something in the cart...ha! I did have to stock up on a few things I was running low on (like these face wipes - my favorite!) but one more impulse purchase was this navy nail polish from Essie! I recently tried out their gel couture line and was impressed with how long it stayed on my nails, so I wanted to get another color to give it a try and I thought this one was perfect for fall!

 Speaking of fall, I am starting to get super excited for the change in seasons but they didn't really have any fall stuff out at my Target except for back to school stuff. However, I am a sucker for these seasonal Method soaps so I did pick up this pumpkin clove one (and this blue sage one!) so I'm excited to put those out soon. With Cam working at home and me having to constantly go to the bathroom being pregnant, I feel like we got through so much hand soap, ha!

So there you have it, a few of my favorites from my recent Target trips! Of course, somehow a ton of other random things ended up in my cart including birthday cards, bubble bath for Henry, s'mores flavored Oreos (seriously), etc...ha! But I'd love to hear what your Target favorites are so I can keep an eye out for them next time I'm there!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Currently: August

Some Instagram favorites from August so far :)
Feeling: Not super motivated to blog at the moment honestly! But it's been over a week since my last post, so I thought that I'd at least do this 'Currently' post and check in :) Usually I have a list of post ideas on my phone with different things I want to write about, but I'm just not feeling very inspired at the moment? I know it's mainly just summer and once fall hits, I'll probably have a lot more that I want to blog about. But in the meantime, any posts you'd like to see? I'm open to suggestions!

Watching: ALL OF THE OLYMPICS. I love them, but Cam is seriously obsessed and we've had them on non-stop since they started. Gymnastics is my favorite and the Final Five are just so incredible to watch! I like watching swimming too, there were so many exciting races this year! Before the Olympics, we were looking for a new show to start watching. We had started Unreal and Bloodline earlier in the summer, and I don't know if we just didn't give them enough of a chance, but we didn't really end up getting into them like I thought. But we recently started Homeland and we're loving it! We haven't watched it lately with the Olympics, but once they're over, we plan on starting it back up!

Enjoying: That fact that Cameron and I had an awesome little getaway sans Henry this weekend! We had a wedding to go to, so Henry spent the weekend with Cam's parents and it was so nice to have a little time alone. (And I know he got spoiled by his grandparens and had an awesome time at their house!) And what's cool is that the wedding we went to was for a girl that I was really good friends with in elementary school! We went different middle/high schools, but then we both ended up at Michigan for college and saw each other a few times there because we had some mutual friends in common. We both moved out of Michigan after college, but somehow, we both ended up in Portland! It's been fun to reconnect now that we both live here because we are just a lot alike and our families are really similar as well. It was surreal to be able to be at her wedding and see her family this after so many years, you just never know where life is going to take you. Plus, the wedding was in such a beautiful spot and it was nice to spend some time in the Gorge!

Making: A giant list of all the things I'd like to get done before the baby comes! Even though it feels like there is a lot less to do this time around since we already have pretty much all the gear we'll need, that doesn't mean there's not stuff to do. I've got to get out and wash all the infant clothes that are currently in rubbermaids, get out the infant car seat and install it, and bring back out things like the swing and the bassinet that are currently in storage in the basement. Not to mention, I have some photo projects I'd like to finish (like the photo book from Henry's first year that I have yet to print out, whoops!), I want to make some freezer meals, and putting together some little activities for Henry that he can do while I'm nursing. I know it will all get done, but I like to see things written down :) Second-time moms, anything you wish you would have done before going from 1 to 2?
Cooking: On the grill as much as possible! (Well, Cam usually does the grilling part...ha!) We had grilled salmon last night and Henry ate a ton of it, which is awesome considering he's kind of hit or miss when it comes to meat. We definitely need to try to eat more fish because he seems to love it!
Reading: I just downloaded Shauna Niequist's new book "Present Over Perfect" on my Kindle and I'm excited to dive in, it looks like such a great read!
Wanting: To do all of the summer things! I feel like we've done a lot to enjoy the season over the past couple of months, but there are still a few items on my list (splash pads, farmer's markets, ice cream places, ha!) that we haven't gotten around to yet, so hopefully we'll be able to do some of those over the next few weeks!

Looking: Massively pregnant. I'm going to be 31 weeks on Thursday and I'm just at that point where I'm feeling quite large. I feel like I'm busy chasing Henry around so I don't really notice but then I'll catch my reflection in a store window or see a picture of myself and do a double take. I feel like everywhere we go, people keep asking me when I'm due because it's just very obvious I'm with child. I think they might expect me to say that I'm due next week or something...nope, still have two more months!
Wishing: That it wasn't going to be so hot this week, gahhhhh. I really can't complain too much because overall, it's been a pretty cool summer here in Portland. And I normally don't mind having a few hot days where it really feels like summer and we can go to the lake or the pool or whatever. But it's just a little harder to deal with the heat being this pregnant, so hopefully we don't have too many more hot days left!

Eating: So much ice cream. Literally we have it almost every night. Sorry not sorry.

Needing: To register for some of our fall activities, they'll be starting before I know it!
  Wearing: Whatever fits, which isn't much these days! With Henry, I was all about maternity clothes that were very fitted to show off the bump. And while all those clothes still fit this time around, I feel like my belly is just bigger and it's not as comfortable to wear things that are super clingy when I'm chasing Henry around. So as much as I didn't want to buy more maternity clothes, I did just pop in Motherhood Maternity the other day and they had some awesome sales (I got a dress and 3 tops for less than $38!) so I may try to go back there and pick up a few more pieces to help get me through this last trimester!

Hoping: My sister has her baby soon! She's due near the end of the month and I can't wait to have another nephew! Even though I'm obviously super excited to meet our son in the fall, there is just something so special about having your first baby and I'm excited for her and my brother-in-law to experience that :)

Loving: That my cousin from Michigan is coming to visit this week! He's never been to Portland before, so I'm excited to show him around as well to have an excuse to hit up some of our favorite food spots!

Friday, August 5, 2016

My Last Minute #NSale Picks!

Happy Friday friends! I know I just put up a post yesterday afternoon (it's a recap of July, ICYMI!) but I wanted to share a quick post about NSale since it's ending this weekend!

If you read blogs, chances are you've heard about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. For the past month, I've literally been seeing posts every day about this epic sale and I feel like it gets more and more hyped up every year. And honestly? I think it's kind of overrated! Are there some great deals? Sure! But the way people freak out about it and act like it's like the most amazing thing ever is a little excessive IMO. Granted, I don't have a Nordstrom card and didn't have early access to the sale, so I had to wait for it to open to the public on July 22nd. And I'll admit, I've read a number of posts about it, done some shopping online, and visited a few different Nordstrom stores during the course of sale. And I do think if you're in the market for certain items, like designer jeans for example, there are some awesome deals available during the NSale. (And since I'm living in maxi dresses and maternity pants these days, part of the reason I'm probably not super into to the sale this year has to do with the fact that I can't really shop for clothes!) The problem is, as the sale gets more and more hyped up on social media each year, it seems like the popular items sell out fast which is kind of a bummer!

So if you're the type of person who likes to wait until the last minute with things, I thought I'd do a quick round up of my favorite items that are still in stock! But first, I wanted to share the things that I actually purchased during this year's NSale, even though most of them are no longer available :(

NSale Purchases

1. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Robe - This was the one item that I wanted from the NSale this year since I feel like I'll be living in it after Baby #2 comes! (And unfortunately it looks like it's totally sold out online now!) People go crazy over these robes and I've seen how soft they are in store, however, I haven't actually received mine in the mail yet. (But it has lots of good reviews so I have high hopes!) I have the cream color pictured, but the one I ordered is the marbled indigo/white color (in size 2).

2. Kate Spade Mini Small Square Stud Earrings - Since I don't want to risk Henry ripping my earlobes, I pretty much exclusively wear stud earrings these days. I've seen these Kate Spade studs in previous NSales and I thought the rainbow glitter would be fun to spice up my usual yoga pants ensembles, ha. It looks like that the color I got is still available, along with an opal/silver color.

3. Thread & Supply Utility Vest - I've been wanting a vest like this for awhile and I'm hoping I'll get a lot of use out of it this fall/winter! I did get it in store and it was kind of hard to tell exactly how it will look once I'm not pregnant, we shall see! It looks like this is also sold out online though :(

4. BP Plaid Square Scarf - I realize I need another scarf like I need a hole in the head, but when you're pregnant and nothing fits you, this is about one of the only fall items you can get on board with. Plus, I figure the large blanket size of this cozy scarf will be perfect to do double duty as a nursing cover! I have the scarf pictured in blue, but the one I got is actually a cream/red color. It does look like this is totally sold out online as well, but if might be worth checking in store for it!

5. Lush 'Perfect' Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic - So this isn't technically part of the NSale, but it is marked down right now and I wanted to share! I actually have this shirt in a floral print and it's one of my absolute favorites, so when I saw online that it was reduced, I couldn't resist ordering it since it will be perfect for postpartum! It's longer in length (and since I'm 5'10'' I love that!) and it's flowy but also flattering. It's one of those shirts that can be dressed up or down and clearly I'm not alone in loving it since it has 700+ great reviews online. I ended up ordering it in Olive and Burnt Henna (in size Medium), and I think both colors will be perfect for fall. Since this isn't part of the NSale, I'm not sure when the price will go back up on this one, but it looks like all 5 colors are still in stock!

So that's what I managed to get my hands on during the NSale, but there are still lots of great things available online! I don't think I'll be pulling the trigger on anything else, but the items below are just a few of the other things that caught my eye! I should mention that everything I have listed is still available as of right now (Friday morning when the post was published) but if you're checking this post out later on in the weekend, things might be sold out. Finally, Nordstrom does offer free shipping and is really good about returns, so keep that in mind if you're on the fence about something! (Also, unlike other bloggers out there, this post is not sponsored by Nordstrom. Even though I think the NSale itself is a little overrated, I'm am a fan of the store and that's why I wanted to share!)

NSale Picks

People seem to LOVE these Zella 'Live In' Leggings (and the cropped version is on sale too!) so it's a great basic to pick up. There are also TONS of cute workout things included in the sale, as well as these adorable Nikes. (Although living in Portland I think I could probably get an even better deal on shoes at the Nike employee store, ha!) Speaking of shoes, the booties I wanted are mainly sold out unless you have super tiny feet, but these Toms peep toe booties are pretty cute! And if I had a reason to wear heels, well ever, I would totally get these lace-up ones! I've heard good things about this Pleione Tunic, it looks similar to the Lush one I got and it comes in a few more colors. I'm a big fan of Nars, and this face palette looks great because it has four of their most popular blushes, along with a highlighter and bronzer. There are some really great kids' items that are part of the sale as well; we're pretty set with baby blankets at our house thanks to Henry, but I've heard that these Little Giraffe blankets are awesome and the sale is a great opportunity to get them at a reduced price.

The sale ends this Sunday and prices go back up on Monday 8/8 - so if you see something you want and it's still available online, definitely grab it before it's gone! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

July in Review

Hey there, happy August!

July was a pretty busy month for us - we took a trip to Central Oregon (which I already shared some details about here), then we went to Michigan for a week, and then we took another camping trip! It was all lots of fun, but I'm also looking forward to sticking a little closer to home this month! I already shared quite a few photos from these trips on Instagram, but here are a few more of my favorites from the month of July that I never got around to posting :)

I love holidays and I'm all about being festive, especially when there are so many cute things for kids out there! Even if it was a tad heavy on the stars and stripes, I loved Henry's 4th of July outfit this year. (The romper is from Hanna Andersson, the shoes are Old Navy, and the glasses are from the Target Dollar Spot!)
He did not want stand still or keep his sunglasses on, but you get the idea :)

After 4th of July, we headed to Bend for five days and it was a really nice little getaway! We camped for a few days at Lava Lake and it got REALLY chilly at night since we were at a high elevation, but Henry handled it like a champ! And then we also spent a few days in Bend as well, along with checking out the Painted Hills and Smith Rock!

Having a blast at Crux Fermentation Project, a super popular and family friendly brewery in Bend :)
Letting Henry have some of my milkshake at dinner and he did NOT want to give it back...ha!
Morning cup of coffee, ha :)
I already shared a bunch of photos from Smith Rock but I can't help but take a million of this little scrunch face!
Also, it's probably time to retire this orange jacket, but it's so perfect for cold weather!

After we got back from Bend, we took a trip to Michigan and had a great time seeing my family, along with quite a few friends! The time always seems to go by too quickly though!

We had a layover at MSP and they had an awesome kids play area!
Little and Loud - I thought the people sitting around us would appreciate this shirt :)
Henry already has so many toys at my parents' house, but he loves this giant bear - Costco for the win!
Taking a break from checking out the ducks with Grammy at the park
Cute little driver
My dad took Henry out on our pond and they caught a few fish!
Henry was not too sure about the life jacket, but my dad had fun :)
Speaking of fishing, my dad and Cam went on a little fishing trip in Canada while we were in town
I'm so glad I got to meet my cousin's sweet baby Lila!
Henry got to spend time with his cousin Luke, they're so cute together :)
Playing with their new pillow books from Great Grandma
Henry and Great Grandma :) He's got more teeth coming in so he's constantly chewing on his fingers!
Day at the lake
In addition to getting to see my parents while we were in Michigan, there were actually a two relatives from my extended family that don't live in Michigan but happened to be visiting during the time I was there, so we had a lot of family barbecues which was fun!
After we got back from Michigan, Henry came down with a really bad cold and then I got it...and then I also got pink eye, gahhh! (Thankfully that's gone now though!) So we spent quite a bit of time just laying low and relaxing at the house, summer colds are such a bummer!

Testing out the new chairs that we got for Henry and his little brother!
Being sick means lots of Sesame Street! Also, our dog is literally the goofiest.
We ended July with a quick camping trip to the McKenzie River area in Central Oregon! This area is relatively close to Bend, but there's enough to see that it definitely warrants it's own trip! The McKenzie River is beautiful and there are lots of great waterfalls to check out!

We stayed at Ice Cap campground, which was ok, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it with a toddler as some of the sites (including ours) had pretty steep dropoffs and I felt like the tent only sites were very close together. Henry still had fun though and we tried to keep him busy with books and snacks!
Enjoying the campfire while Lola eyes his hot dog :)
Even though I'm pregnant, I've been able to sleep in the tent just fine this summer! (As evidenced by this picture Cam took, ha!) But now that I'm in the last trimester, I decided that this would be our last camping trip for the summer just because the bump seems to be growing and I don't think I'd be as comfortable camping in the future.
Hiking on the McKenzie River Trail which runs right next to the river!
I know I probably sound like a broken record complaining about having to wear my glasses while I had pink eye, but it was just annoying! I have terrible eye sight and so my vision is just much better with contacts vs. glasses, not to mention my glasses are super bent from Henry constantly pulling them off my face! Plus, it's just weird for me to see myself in them since I normally never wear them!
A particularly blue section of the McKenzie River
Lower Proxy Falls - so glad we got to see this one!
We had planned to go swimming at Clear Lake, but we didn't realize just how cold the water is! (Apparently it's right around 40 degrees!) So we opted to rent a boat instead, which was perfect for taking in the absolutely amazing color of the water!
Lola checking out the other dogs
Henry wasn't a big fan of the boat at first, but then he ended up loving it!
My hair (and my face for that matter) looks slightly crazy, but oh well - it was a fun day! :)
I have SO been enjoying this summer, and I'm excited for another month of fun in the sun! (I'm also starting to get antsy for fall, but I'm trying to force myself to soak up this next month of lazy days of grilling and swimming and all things summer before switching to fall mode!)


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