Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Day in Our Life - Henry at 16.5 Months

Almost a year ago exactly, I wrote a post sharing a day in our life when Henry was just 4.5 months old. I really enjoy reading these types of posts from other bloggers because I like to see how other moms  (especially my fellow stay at home mamas!) structure their schedules with little ones. And since I have a feeling that our days are going look significantly different at this time next year when we've got two under three, I thought it would be fun to share what our day looks like right now with just one :)

To be honest, I feel like things are fairly easy and low-stress right now. Like I said, I'm probably going to come back and read this post down the road and laugh once we're in a more chaotic season of life, but for now, I'm thoroughly enjoying this stage! And I realize I have things pretty good right now; I'm able to stay home full-time with Henry which is what I want, and my husband works from home so he's around a lot to help, which is really nice. I definitely don't take our situation for granted!

Currently, our days tend to follow the same loose structure, but there's also quite a bit of variance to the activities that fill our time. I was just going to share one day, but I thought that wouldn't necessarily be the best representation of an "average" day since each one is different. So I decided to go ahead and share two days (Monday and yesterday) to give a better idea of what our life looks like at this point in time. This post is way too long and unnecessarily detailed because, after all it's me and I honestly don't know how to write a blog post any other way :)

(I jotted these notes down in my phone with the times over the past two days, just FYI) 

 Monday 4/25
8:18am - I wake up after a night of restless sleep thanks to crazy pregnancy dreams, but thankfully Henry is still asleep! Cam just got out of bed, we are not super early risers around here clearly :) I spend a few minutes catching up on social media on my phone before getting out of bed.

8:30am - Get out of bed, and I strip our sheets to throw them in the wash. Cam is already making breakfast and coffee, so I put in my contacts and then go downstairs and put the sheets in the washer (and look in the dryer and realize there is a load of clean towels in there from I don't know when, whoops).

8:40am - I finally hear Henry stirring on the monitor, but he's just giggling to himself in his crib. So I talk to Cam about the day before he starts working and then I call the vet to make an appointment for Lola for later that afternoon because I realized she's out of flea meds and overdue for a vaccine.

8:53am - Cam is in his office getting ready for his 9 am call, so I go up to get Henry. I change him and get him dressed, and then get myself dressed. Monday mornings are usually when I go grocery shopping, but since we took a big Costco trip this weekend, we're going on a hike today instead. I have no idea what to wear because it's kind of cool and looks like it's going to rain, but I don't want to overdress because it's supposed to be in the 60s. Spoiler alert, I end up wearing yoga pants. Henry sits and reads his books in his room while I hang up some clothes, and then we head downstairs.

9:15am - Henry and I eat breakfast - I have the eggs and bacon Cam made me, along with some grapes and coffee, while Henry eats a banana, some sweet potato pancakes, and drinks his milk. I call to make a reservation for Lola at the dog boarding place for an upcoming trip and then I quickly catch up on a few blogs on my phone. (I try not to have my phone at the table, but it's hard!)

9:45am - Cam is off his call and so he comes out to say good morning to Henry and we're talking and then I realize what time it is. Henry and I are supposed to leave by 10am and I'm not even close to ready. So I scramble and do the mad dash to get out the door that I do way too often - I make Henry a PB&J to bring with us and pack a bunch of his other snacks and water, I get myself ready (I only have time for the basics - brush teeth, wash face/moisturize, deodorant, top knot) and toss Henry's food in my backpack. I get on Henry's shoes and coat, slip on my rain boots, and hustle out the door.

10:10am - We finally leave the house, 10 minutes after we're supposed to, and of course there is construction and traffic. I call my mom on the drive and manage to throw on some mascara and lip gloss on the way that I keep in my console for mornings like this. We're going to a nature area for a Hike It Baby hike, but I've never been to this particular place and didn't realize there's super limited parking, making us even later. Awesome.

10:45am - The good thing about going to an activity with a bunch of moms and toddlers is that other people are usually running behind too and I end up parking by another mama that I know who is also late for this 10:30am hike. We missed the welcome circle and the rest of the group is already on the trail, but it doesn't take us long to catch up to everyone since they're moving at toddler pace. And once we're on the trail, all the rushing around is forgotten and it's much more relaxing :) It's great to be outside and the wildflowers are beautiful right now. Love when we can start our weeks with a hike!

12pm - Our hike finishes about 11:45 and it happens to be right near this kids' hair salon I've been wanting to take Henry to. I end up calling them and they have an opening, so we scoot over there to get Henry a much needed haircut. I posted about it on Instagram, but the place was super cute, the stylist was great, and Henry did really well. Plus, his hair looks so adorable!

Also I basically slacked on taking pictures the rest of the day...
12:40pm - Henry's haircut done, we drive home, and I call my mom back since I had to cut her off earlier when I got to our hike. Also, pregnancy makes me hungry more often, so I eat a bunch of trail mix on the drive home.

1:15pm - Get home, feed Henry yogurt since he already ate snacks on the hike/in the car, and ate his entire sandwich during his haircut. I catch up with Cam a little bit, and then put Henry down for a nap.

1:40pm - Henry is down, so I sit down to catch up on some texts for a bit. I chat with Cam about the rest of the day, and then he has to leave to run an errand before a work event later on in the day.

2:15pm - I switch over laundry from this morning, start a new load, and make myself lunch. Henry is still wide awake in his crib, but he's not crying or upset, so I figure he'll fall asleep eventually.

2:35pm - I sit down to eat and turn on an episode of SATC, my guilty pleasure :)

2:45pm - Henry is finally asleep after being wide awake in his crib for an hour.

3:05pm - I could hypothetically get up and be productive, but Henry is asleep, Cam is gone and I'm tired and playing the preggo card. I start another episode of SATC, and call to switch Lola's afternoon vet appointment so that I won't have to wake Henry up from his nap since he fell asleep so late.

3:35pm - I'm in SATC binge mode now, so I start another episode since Henry is still asleep. Definitely enjoying the fact that I can lay on the couch alone and watch TV because I have a feeling that's probably not going to be as easy to do after October.

4:0pm - Henry is still asleep, but I decide to turn off TV and plan to get some things done before he wakes up, but then I start texting with my sister and time gets away from me.

4:45pm - Henry is awake (and not in the best mood from the sound of the monitor) so I go upstairs to get him. He doesn't want his diaper changed (which is always fun when it's dirty and needs to be changed) but then we sit up in his room for awhile and read books like we always do after his nap.

5:10pm - We come down stairs, and Henry plays in his play area while I switch over the laundry and start another load. Henry's in a mood and so I get him a snack, but he gets even more upset because apparently strawberries are not what he wanted for a snack. I just let him get it out of his system and make myself some avocado toast. When he sees I'm not phased by his outburst, he eventually calms down, eats all of his strawberries, and then has some cheese. Toddlers man! I load the dishwasher and fold a load of laundry while Henry plays. Cam calls to say that he's on his way home from his work thing, which is awesome because that means I don't have to take Henry to the vet with me. He gets home, I take the dog and run out the door, and Henry gets some playtime with his Dada.

6:20pm - I get to Lola's appointment on time (thank goodness our vet is close!) and they tell me she's super healthy which is awesome, but I after the exam, vaccines, and her flea meds, it still ends up being a relatively expensive visit. She's worth it, but man, it's annoying.

6:45pm - I leave the vet and swing by the grocery store to pick up bananas and a few other little things we didn't get at Costco. It's definitely a lot quicker grocery shopping solo!

7:25pm - I get home and feed Henry some dinner while Cam goes outside and does some quick yard work. Normally, we'd eat dinner as a family but this week is a little different since Cam has a few work commitments and we're getting ready to go out of town. I'm still full from my avocado toast, so I tell myself that I'm going to make myself some dinner after I put Henry down

8:05pm - It's bath night for Henry (he only gets a bath every other night/every third night or so, otherwise, his skin seems to get dry, plus as cute as he looks in the tub, it's one more thing to do at the end of the day and ain't nobody got time for that. Or at least I don't...ha!) and it's my turn to give him a bath, so I get that done and then brush his teeth. Cam comes in from outside, and we all go upstairs. He does the rest of Henry's bedtime routine (aka diaper change, pajamas, sleep sack, and reading him a few books) while I finally put the clean sheets/duvet cover back on our bed.

8:45pm - We both head back downstairs, and Cam tidies up the family room/kitchen (which is relatively neat today) while I switch over the laundry and put in load #4 of the day. We try to spend time at the end of each night after Henry's in bed quickly picking up to get the house back in order before we sit down to relax and it helps keep things from getting too messy :)

9:00pm - I'm still not very hungry, so I go ahead and get in the shower. I love taking a long shower when I don't have to rush and be somewhere so I enjoy every minute!

9:45pm - Cam is watching a show I'm not a huge fan of, so I eat the cupcake he brought home for me and work on my homework for my women's Bible study the following day.

10:20pm - I join Cam on the couch to watch some HGTV, and we get annoyed over how ridiculous the people on Tiny House Hunters are. Once that's over, we turn on an episode of Chopped, when we really should just get in bed...

11pm - I fall asleep on the couch, which is such a bad habit, but man, it feels so good :)

12:30am - Cam nodded off at some point too, so he wakes me up so we can actually get in bed. I get ready for bed, and then I remember I need to switch over the laundry. So annoying, but I do it anyway. Of course this wakes me up, and I am not tired when I actually get in bed. Whoops. I probably fall asleep around 1am after scrolling through social media for a bit, even though that's an exceptionally terrible way to make yourself sleepy. 

Tuesday 4/26
7:42am - Henry crying on the monitor wakes me up about 30 seconds before my alarm goes off (and yes, I weirdly set my alarm to really random times) and I realize I have a pounding headache. Which I'm guessing is caused by a combination of eating a cupcake for dinner and scrolling through Instagram after midnight. Way to go Jane, way to go

7:54am - Henry calmed down after his initial wake up so I stay in bed for a few more minutes, but then head downstairs, drink some water and take some Advil (which my midwife said is ok at this point in pregnancy), and then go back upstairs to get myself dressed and get Henry ready for the day.

8:15am - Henry and I are both dressed, so I carry him downstairs but his breath smells so horrible (he had salmon cake for dinner last night) that I instantly feel sick. I quickly stick him in his play area and go in the bathroom and start throwing up. Awesome. (Sorry if that's TMI, ha) Sometimes I get so focused on Henry and doing other things that I almost forget I'm pregnant, but then things like this remind me! But on the upside, my head feels way better, so I brush my teeth and start getting ready for the day. Cam makes breakfast (bless him) and Henry plays in his play area in the kitchen. 

8:35am - We all eat breakfast, and I stay off my phone to keep my headache from getting any worse.

8:55am - I start to scramble to get out door, so Cam helps out and puts on Henry's shoes and coat, and loads him in his car seat while I finish getting ready and packing up the diaper bag for the day.

9:08am - Henry and I leave the house, surprisingly not late, and I talk to my sister on my drive.

9:30am - Get to church for my weekly women's Bible study, drop Henry off at the nursery, and get some coffee (I love that they always have coffee ready because it's nice to have it while I can actually drink it uninterrupted and enjoy it!) The women's pastor gives a talk on today's lesson to the larger group, and then we break out into our small groups to go over our homework from that week. There is a really wide range of ages in this Bible study from moms in their 20's with young kids to women in their upper 70's, and I really enjoy all the sweet ladies in my group!

11:45am - Pick Henry up from the nursery, which he loves and the ladies that work in his room every week are so good with him! We head out to the jewelers to go pick up my ring that's there being cleaned, but luckily it doesn't take long and then we're on our way home!

12:40pm - Get home, eat lunch, and then catch up with Cam after his lunchtime class at the gym. Henry goes down for a nap around 1:30 and I get a few quick things done around the house.

1:45pm - Henry is fast asleep (which I'm thankful for because he has been pulling this whole stay awake in his crib shenanigans lately)  and I leave for my 2pm hair appointment. One of the nicest parts about Cam working from home is that I can leave when Henry naps to get things done, and today I spend an hour and a half getting my hair cut and then running a quick errand.

3:35pm - I get home from the salon, Henry is still asleep, Cam is working so I decide to take the opportunity to relax before Henry wakes up and turn on SATC and catch up on social media while eating some leftover Easter candy. Solid life choices.

5pm - Henry is finally awake (after a nice long nap!) and so I go up to his room and read books like we usually do when he wakes up. Boy loves his books!

5:30pm - We come downstairs, snack on some goldfish, attempt to start packing for our upcoming trip, but end up FaceTiming with my parents for awhile instead. Cam had some dinner plans tonight, so Henry and I keep busy playing with his toys in the family room and just being silly.

7:30pm - It's dinner time for Henry and I know I should eat something too, but nothing sounds appetizing. Thankfully, I haven't been feeling sick this pregnancy, it's just that healthy foods like meat and veggies don't really sound appealing. Meh. So I tidy up the family room a little while Henry eats his dinner (a turkey quesadilla and a yogurt) and then Cam gets home. 

8:30pm - It's time for Henry to go to bed, and since Cam was gone this evening, he does his bedtime routine (sans bath tonight) which Henry loves because I'm pretty sure that he reads him more books than I do before bed, ha! I put on my PJs on and get some of the clothes out of my closet I want to take on our trip because I'm planning on packing some more tonight.

I caved and downloaded Snapchat and I honestly hate it and I will probably never post because I think it's so dumb. I literally just downloaded so I could to things like this with Henry and he's obsessed with this dog filter. LOL.
8:45pm - Henry is in in bed so I eat some dinner (kale salad and a turkey quesadilla) while Cam watches a show and I think about doing some packing.

9:30pm - I abandon the idea of actually doing any packing tonight. Cam and I sit on the couch, watch the new Mindy Project, and eat some Talenti gelato (so good). Then I decide to get out my computer to write this post, which I assure Cam will only take like 20 minutes. He knows that I'm full of it, and eventually goes to bed. I suddenly don't feel tired and enjoy just having some time with the house all quiet to type up a blog post, even if I should be going to bed. Before Henry was born, I used to stay up sometimes and blog; being a night owl, I really enjoyed having time to myself to sit and write and enjoy the quiet. Now that I'm a mom, I find that I still value this time, and it's worth it to me to lose out on a few hours of sleep. I definitely don't do this as frequently now since I do need to sleep sometimes (hence why I don't blog as much as I used to) but it's nice to be able to enjoy the quiet of the night and just write, even if this post only really matters to me and I get to bed way too late :)


So there you have it, two back to back days in our life right now!
Just reading through this post, it's obvious there are some things I could do differently (aka work on my blog when Henry's napping instead of watching trashy TV) but oh well. And I realize I do stay up kind of late and I know I could easily get more sleep, but most mornings I'm not up before 8am, so I usually get 7-8+ hours of sleep, which I feel like is not too bad? Obviously if I had a job where I had to be up early or a baby who was an early riser, I'd have to adjust my schedule, but right now the schedule Henry is on works well for us so we're just going to go with it as long as we can :)

Also, most weeks, Cam would go to the gym after work (a few of the days at least), I'd cook dinner a few days (and we'd have leftovers the other nights), and then we'd eat as a family when he gets home from the gym. This week was a little different since he had work stuff in the evening, but then again, there are often weeks where I'll have blog events or plans with friends in the evening and so it's not all that abnormal for one of us to have plans at night. And depending on how much we've got going on, I don't always lay around and watch TV in the middle of the day; but if I have the time, I figure I'm pregnant so why not relax a little? And I'm totally soaking in this time to rest and definitely don't take it for granted! I'm almost done with working my way through all the seasons of SATC (I'm on season 5 now) and once I'm done, I'm telling myself I'm going to read while Henry naps instead :)
(Unless I get sucked into a new show...ha)

Our other days seemed to get filled with different things - play dates with friends, date nights, going to the mom's group I'm a part of, midwife/pediatrician appointments, trips to the children's museum/science museum, playing at the park, meal planning/going grocery shopping, going on walks, and of course, cleaning (some of that will need to happen today actually...whomp whomp). One thing I haven't made as much of a part of my schedule lately is time for me to workout, but I'm looking forward to getting back to prenatal yoga soon. Plus, I feel like I'm a lot less sedentary overall than I was when I was working on the computer Mon-Fri. Schlepping Henry (who definitely weighs over 25 lbs now) around and chasing him all over the place is definitely a workout in itself!

Having Cam working from home has been a little bit of an adjustment for both of us over the past few months and it hasn't always been easy (especially in a house with one bathroom - it never fails that he's ALWAYS in there when I need to use it - blergh!) but overall, it's awesome to have him home. It's super nice to be able to go out and do things while Henry naps, but it's also just great to have him around during the day and Henry loves it. Plus, even though he's working, because we're together so much of the day, it makes it easier for each of us to feel like we can go out in the evenings and do things individually without feeling like we haven't seen the other person all day.

Finally, it always seems like we're always either packing for or unpacking from a trip, and if not, then we're usually planning where we're going to go next. But that's what works for us, and we wouldn't have it any other way. So that's pretty much life in a nutshell these days! Henry is at such a fun age right now, and so we're really just try to enjoy every minute of this phase :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Charleston Beach Day

Earlier this month, we took a trip South Carolina and spent some time in one of my favorite cities, Charleston! It was so great to be back in the South and Henry is at such a fun age right now. And knowing that he's becoming a big brother later this year, Cam and I loved being able to soak up lots of quality time with him on. One of the days while we were in Charleston, we spent some time at the beach; it wasn't super hot out and there was a cool breeze, but the sun was deceptively strong! Henry loved the sand and had fun running in and out of the waves, so I wanted to share a few photos...

We tried to get a family picture, but Henry wasn't feeling it...ha :)
My serious beach boy :)

We spent the first part of the day at Folly Beach, and then after Henry was sufficiently ready for a nap, we got in the car and drove around for awhile. We end up driving over to another one of Charleston's beach, Isle of Palms, and we got in some more beach time there later that afternoon.

He loves playing in the sand!

The time at the beach (and these warm temps in Portland this week!) have me excited for summer!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Currently: April

Two of my recent favorites from Instagram this month :)
 How's your April going everyone? We're having weather in the 80's right now in Portland (yasssssssssss) so I can't complain one bit! As for what I'm up to, this month I'm...

Making: Henry give me a million kisses a day. He's in a big kissing phase all of the sudden and while he won't typically do it unprompted, if I ask him if I can have a kiss, he gets so excited to plant one on me and I am totally obsessed. All of the heart eyes for that little dude :)
Cooking: About two meals a week these days, on average. I'll usually plan two bigger meals that I know will make leftovers, and then it seems like inevitably things pop up during the week where we end up going out to eat, so it works out. Last week, I made a roast chicken (and we used the leftovers to make burrito bowls) and then Ina Garten's meatloaf and it was plenty of food (and delicious!).
Reading: Nothing for me at the moment, just lots and lots of books for Henry - kid loves books!

Wanting: A maternity swim suit! I forsee lots of time at the pool and splash pads this summer and I'm going to need something to accommodate the growing bump - I thought this one looked cute!

Looking: At double stroller options - any recommendations?

Wishing: That I knew what to do to get Henry to eat healthier because toddlers are way frustrating. Some days he'll love certain things, but the next day he wants nothing to do with them. It's just tough knowing what he'll actually eat from day to day! I know it's totally normal though and he's growing fine, it's just a challenge some days!

Enjoying: The amazing weather in Portland this week! It's so good, I had to mention it twice :)

Eating: When we were on our trip earlier this month, we had to fly through the Chicago airport and I totally bought a bag of caramel corn, because why not?. Since then, I've been craving caramel corn! I just got a bag of caramel corn/cheddar corn mix from Trader Joe's that was delicious, and then yesterday I picked up a bag of that same type of Chicago mix from Whole Foods. So now I'm on the hunt for the best caramel corn, I'm open to suggestions!

Loving: This white and gold polka dot phone case that I got from Target recently. It's held up really well and even though it's slim, I feel like it does a good job protecting my phone. Plus, I think it's super cute for spring!
Hoping: That it's not too crazy hot this summer here in Portland. I know I've been complaining for months about the rain, but it's going to be rough for this preggo if it's sweltering for months!
Needing: To get a haircut...yes, still. I have to do it in the next week before we leave for Michigan!
Feeling: So happy the news about baby #2 is out in the open :)
Wearing: My regular clothes, but I'm going to have to make the transition into maternity clothes pretty soon I have a feeling! I bought a fair amount of maternity pieces when I was pregnant with Henry, so I'm going to try not to buy too many this time. Instead, I'm trying to focus on getting things that are non-maternity but that are a little more...relaxed and flowy so they'll work for the next few months, as well as post-pregnancy, which is something I didn't really understand last time :)

Watching:  For whatever reason, I recently started re-watching 'Sex and the City' on our HBO Now app, and I'm currently on season 3. I used to watch the show all the time in college and I've seen every episode, but it's fun to go back and watch them all in order. I'll admit, the show is kind of trashy and when I go back and watch it again, it reminds me how messed up their attitudes towards relationship are. But the clothes, the ladies' lunches, and New York just make it my guilty pleasure :) I've also been enjoying 'Broad City' this season, and I'm working my way through season 2 of 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.' Oh and yay for 'The Mindy Project' being back! I felt like it kind of got way too serious (and kind of depressing) before the hiatus, so I'm hoping that it finds its groove again soon!

Bookmarking: This list of shorter hikes in Oregon (since under 5 miles is about all that Henry can handle in the pack these days) - we did #12 this weekend and it was beautiful!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Details on Baby #2!

First of all, thank you SO much to everyone for all of your sweet comments on our announcement earlier this week! We were really excited to share the news, so all the well wishes mean a lot! Since I basically just said "we're having another baby!" in my last post, I thought I'd follow up with a few more details on this pregnancy thus far for those of you that may be curious :)

I feel like from the moment you have your first baby, people start asking you "When are you going to have another baby?" and "How many kids do you want to have?" (Which not that it's really anyone's business, but I'm pretty open and it doesn't really bother me!) Neither Cam nor I are only children so we always knew we'd like to have at least two kids, but figured we'd kind of see how things went the first time around. Well, then Henry came along and he is seriously the type of kid that makes you want to have 10 babies. He's been a great sleeper, a good traveler, super happy, and just an overall "easy" baby. (And you can spare me the comments about how that means that this second baby is going to be a "hard" baby thanks!) That's not to say he's perfect by any means and we've definitely had our challenges, but overall, Henry has made the transition to being parents relatively smooth for Cameron and I and we just really enjoy being parents more than we ever thought possible.

So with that in mind, we decided we were a lot more open to the idea of having kids closer together than perhaps we originally anticipated. (That is after the intensity of labor faded in my memory a little bit, ha!) And after having one baby, it's made me realize that I would love to (God willing) have more than just two, so the possibility of having a bigger family was definitely another motivator to start trying for baby #2 a little sooner. Also, since I am staying home full-time to take care of Henry (and loving it!), we didn't have any concerns about having to figure out childcare for a second child. Basically, we're in this season of life of having babies, so why not get the show on the road? :)

However, since I was still nursing Henry at a year, I wasn't sure exactly how things would play out in terms of when that process would come to an end along with starting to try for another pregnancy. I know some people do get pregnant while nursing and continue to nurse through part of their pregnancy, but personally, that thought just did not really appeal to me. I knew that I ideally wanted to nurse him for at least a year, and I was hoping we could end one chapter before starting another, and honestly, things couldn't have worked out more perfectly. Earlier this year, I shared some details on my experience with weaning, but what I didn't mention in that post is that I was pregnant (since it was still super early at that point!) and that we knew we were ready to try for another baby when we started the weaning process. Honestly, I would have been fine for Henry and this baby to be even a little closer in age, but for me, nursing was preventing that from happening before he turned a year. However, right around his first birthday, he just became way less interested in nursing and seemed ready to be done. And because I vividly remembered how all-consuming nursing a newborn is and knew if I were to get pregnant that I'd hopefully be doing that again, I was perfectly fine to follow Henry's cues and start the weaning process as soon as he started showing those signs. We finished up with nursing in the beginning of February and that's exactly the time when I ended up getting pregnant. (I think it all happened in the same week or so actually which is pretty crazy!)

Unlike last time, Cameron wasn't out of town when I took the test and so we found out we were expecting together on Valentine's Day, which was really special. We told our families a few weeks after, and we've shared the news with some close friends over the past few weeks. However, we wanted to wait until we had our first ultrasound to share the news more publicly and we finally had that done last Friday. (And everything looks great, yay!) I had my first appointment with my midwife on Monday, and everything looked good so we wanted to go ahead and just make the news public :)

I don't know if the first trimester technically ends at 12, 13, or 14 weeks, but I'm 13 weeks now, so I'm pretty much through it. The first trimester is such a weird time because you have this incredible news but you may not feel ready to share it, so you're just walking around with this huge secret. I personally hate that part of pregnancy and I feel so much better now having the news out in the open! Since sharing that I'm expecting, I've been getting some of the same questions from friends and family, so I just thought I'd share them here, in case any of you were wondering too...

My due date? October 20 :) Cameron's birthday is October 12th, so it looks like this baby is going to share his birthday month, which is especially fun since Henry shares mine. That also means that Henry and this baby with be just under two years apart since Henry's birthday is in early December.

How am I feeling? Overall, I'm feeling good thankfully! That's not to say I've felt great every single day over the past few months, as there have definitely been some days that I've felt worse than others. At the very beginning, as in before I had even found out I was pregnant, I got a fever that lasted for a few days (while Cam was out of town, so that was awesome) and I had a feeling it meant I was pregnant since we were trying and I had read that getting sick can be an early sign since your immune system is lowered, and sure enough, I was right! I definitely had some nausea starting around week 6 and there were some days in the following weeks that I'd wake up and just lay on the couch for awhile while Henry played with his toys. Meat and veggies started to sound not super appealing around this point as well, which made meal planning/cooking super fun. But even though I had some mild nausea and didn't feel 100% like myself, I didn't have any of the extreme morning sickness/exhaustion I know a lot of people experience and was still able to go about our days normally for the most part. I started keeping saltines by my bed and I'd eat a few before I'd get up in the morning, and that definitely seemed to help. The nausea continued on and off and I did throw up twice or so around weeks 8/9, but thankfully that wasn't too bad. I would say the nausea started to improve around week 10 or so, but have still felt a little queasy here and there over the past few weeks. The biggest thing is that meat and veggies still just do not sound that appealing, which is a little frustrating. It's not like I have an extreme aversion to where they make me sick to be around them, but they just don't sound very appetizing and I feel like I really have to force myself to eat them. I also feel like I don't really have too much of an appetite at meal times and it will take me forever to finish my breakfast/lunch/dinner if it's something healthy :) I've definitely been indulging in snack-y type foods more because things like crackers/pretzels/carbs are just what sounds good. I usually have a pretty big appetite so it's weird not to be very hungry and have nothing sound super appealing. The other symptom I've noticed is that I seem to be getting more headaches...but I have a feeling that's partially due to my diet and the fact that carbs/fruit sound way better to me than protein most of the time, and so I don't think I'm always eating filling enough meals. I'm trying to be better about eating things like an apple with peanut butter or trail mix or something a little more hearty if meat/eggs/other proteins don't seem appetizing. I definitely have days where I wake up and don't feel 100% like myself, but I feel like every day keeps getting better and I'm feeling much more normal. And at no point during the first trimester did I ever feel super sick or really exhausted, so I'm thankful for that! In terms of energy, I'm actually feeling really good and not tired at all, so if I could just start craving healthy food we'll be all set :)

Similarities/differences this time around? Overall, I feel like this pregnancy has been super similar to Henry. I felt so great during my pregnancy with him that I felt like I blocked out the fact that I did have a little bit of nausea the first trimester with him too. Because it was relatively mild and short-lived, I sort of forgot about it; but I feel like reading back through this post, my symptoms have been extremely similar. I haven't had any crazy cravings yet, but I've found myself wanting pickles, lemonade, and the occasional salt bagel, which were all things that sounded good to me when I was pregnant before. What's different this time is just that my life is so different from before since I'm home with a toddler! In some ways it's harder because I have Henry to take care of even when I feel like just laying around; but in some ways it's also easier since I'm not working because I do have more freedom to relax during the day without having to worry about conference calls and returning emails. Overall though, the biggest difference this time around is that I don't have the time to sit around and think about the fact that I'm pregnant like I did when I was pregnant with Henry. I wouldn't say I forget I'm pregnant, it's just that I'm not sitting around thinking about it all the time because I'm busy chasing after Henry all day. I also suppose I feel a little more calm about things in general just because I've been through this before. And finally, the other big difference is just the fact that I feel like I'm starting to show so much sooner than I did with Henry! (Which I know is normal) I felt like before I didn't really start to pop until closer to 20 weeks and it took me awhile to feel like I needed to start wearing maternity clothes. This time around, I just feel like my body's muscle memory has started expanding things already and it's crazy. One of the things on my list to do this weekend is to bring up my container of maternity clothes that I packed away in the basement and put them in my closet because I want to start wearing them! I figure since I own them already, I may as well be comfortable!

Are you going to do bumpdates here on the blog? Nope, not this time around :) Last time, I was super consistent about sharing updates with photos every few weeks, and although it is neat for me to be able to go back and look at those, especially now, it also got kind of tedious towards the end. I also don't blog quite as frequently now as I did in my pre-Henry days, so I don't want to hold myself to having to keep up with that. However, I'm sure I'll be posting bump photos here and there on Instagram and I'll most likely do some sort of check in post at the end of the second and third trimesters, as well as some other pregnancy related posts, between now and October.

Are you going to find out the gender? Yep! We won't find out for sure until our 20 week ultrasound though, and that's not until the beginning of June. But after that we'll definitely be sharing the news!

Am I planning to have a natural birth again? I've actually had quite a few people ask me this and my answer is always that I'm not sure! Each birth is so different and it's something that is really out of your control, so even though you can have a "plan" in your mind, it's really hard to predict how it's all going to play out ahead of time. With Henry, I had hoped to have a natural birth if possible, but wasn't dead set on it by any means, and I told myself I'd just see how I felt in the moment. When I was actually in labor, I told myself if I could make it to 8 cms and felt like I was still handling the pain, I'd just keep going without any pain meds or an epidural. That's exactly what happened and I very quickly discovered that getting from 8 cms to actually pushing out the baby is incredibly painful. So while I'm thankful for Henry's birth story and that I was able to have the experience of an all-natural childbirth, I'm also not a masochist. Henry was a big baby and both Cameron and I were big babies and all our siblings were big babies, so I'm definitely much more open to exploring my options this time around and hopefully having a less painful experience. But I also know that second babies sometimes come much more quickly so I very well may end up having another natural birth if it ends up being a fast labor. We'll just have to wait and see! And while I can't say that I'm exactly looking forward to labor/giving birth again, I think the biggest difference this time around is knowing that my body is capable of it, which is huge. Plus, I also know how awesome having a newborn to snuggle is so there a lot more incentive vs. the first time around when it's just a totally new and overwhelming experience. Also, I am using the same group of midwives and delivering at the same hospital again this time around, so it's nice to have the familiarity there as well.

Finally, I thought I'd share just a few outtakes from when we took the announcement photo of Henry this weekend. Thankfully, we got a couple good shots right away...because after that it started to go downhill fast...ha! As much as I love the sweet ones, these really make me laugh :)

 He was not very happy that I kept sitting him down in his chair...not at all. LOL.
 I thought that moving the chair to the grass might help, which it did for like a second...
 Then he was pretty quickly over it again, ha :)
Ahhhhh toddlers :)

Thank you again for all your support on our pregnancy this time around, it really means so much! I'm looking forward to sharing more over the months to come and I appreciate you following along!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Here we go again!

That's right, the Graybeal family is growing!
I'm SO excited to finally be sharing our news today, we are totally thrilled :)

I will be sharing a post later this week with some more details about this pregnancy thus far, but for now, we're just excited to let the cat out of the bag that Henry is going to be a big brother!


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