Thursday, May 7, 2015

Travel // Visiting Vancouver, BC

I have been wanting to visit Vancouver, BC ever since we moved to Portland, but we haven't had the time...until now! When Cameron had a work training in Seattle last month, we decided to head there for the weekend after it was over. We had a really great time, here's a glimpse into our visit...

We stayed at the Four Seasons right downtown, and I would highly recommend it. Everyone was super accommodating, look at the welcome snack they left us! (Their snack for Henry was a little beyond his abilities, but it was still really nice!) We had a great view and the location was really convenient.

Henry was clearly loving the hotel life...ha!

I couldn't resist putting him in a little Canadian-esque outfit for our day of sightseeing :)

My friend Katie was also in Vancouver for the weekend and so Saturday morning, we took the ferry over to check out Granville Island. (The ferry ride is like 2 seconds) It's a fun place to explore!

The market has all sorts of food for sale and it's a great place to browse and eat.

We ended up having lunch at the market - I got this smoked salmon pot pie that was so good!

You'll notice Henry had a mid-day outfit change...(insert smiling turd and monkey covering eyes emoji)

Let's just say it's a good thing he's cute...ha! After finishing up at the market, we spent some more time walking around Granville Island, it's a really charming place!

Henry in sunglasses is my favorite thing ever :)

We also spent some time walking around Stanley Park, another beautiful part of the city!

My friend Katie lives in Charleston, but she had to come up to Seattle and then Vancouver for work so it was really awesome to be able to spend time together!

As for meals, we had some really great ones in Vancouver!
In particular, we really liked this pizza place and this dessert place :)

We tried this Japanese place that's super popular and it was good...but just not my favorite type of food.

And you can't go to Canada without going to Tim Horton's! Henry was clearly into it...hehe :)

We also went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, located just north of Vancouver. Cameron went here as a kid, and it looked really neat in the pictures. However, it's definitely very touristy and Cam couldn't believe how much stuff they had added since he was younger. Personally, I wouldn't recommend it unless you have elementary-school aged kids. I feel like kids that age would probably get a kick out of all the different attractions, but otherwise it's kind of an overpriced experience IMO.

So even though it was just ok, I still took a lot of pictures. Obviously :)

The suspension bridge is actually kind of neat...Henry slept right through it though!

Even though the Suspension Bridge was a little touristy, overall we had a great time in Vancouver! I've really enjoyed visiting Canada in the past, and Vancouver did not disappoint. I'd love to go back again in the future, as well as make it to other places in British Columbia like Whistler and Victoria. And since Henry has his passport now, hopefully we can make it back to Canada soon!


  1. Love Vancouver! I'm hoping to make it back up there this Summer sometime!

  2. You have to visit Victoria! It's one of my favourite Canadian cities. Glad you had a good time :)

  3. so cute! i need to visit! i've just been to victoria on my way to alaska!

  4. You guys did so much stuff! I haven't been to Canada in ages. Vancouver is a really big city, I often forget!

    Love your tourist outfit in that last photo!

  5. Henry goes international! I've been dying to go to Vancouver, it looks so fun!


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