Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Monthly Favorites // April

Is it really the last day of April? 
This past month seemed to fly by!

But I'm definitely excited for May and warmer temps - actually the weather here in Portland tomorrow is supposed to be 89 degrees which is just crazy! This week is actually a little crazy for me (in a good way!) because my family is in town, but I thought I'd go ahead and share a few things that I've been loving the past month (just like I did last month). This is a (really) random list of stuff, but I always getting a kick out of reading these types of posts, so hopefully you'll enjoy it! 

My new Ray-Bans
I'd been eyeing these blue mirrored Ray-Bans for awhile now, but they're on sale at Nordstrom and so I couldn't resist! I just think they're really fun and I'm looking forward to wearing them all spring/summer.

The Mindy Project 
So happy this show is back on! It's seriously my favorite and always makes me laugh. The whole Mindy/Danny thing is kind of irritating, but it wouldn't be a good TV show if they didn't break them up and then toy with our emotions, now would it?

Untitled #19
MAC Fix+ and MAC Studio Sculpt Lash
So I do have a couple makeup posts coming up in May that I'm really excited to share, but I've really been loving these two items this month and so I couldn't do my favorites list without sharing them. I've never been a big MAC makeup person (I'm typically more of a Sephora gal) but lately, I've been getting into MAC products...I think as a result of the YouTube makeup tutorials I've been watching! I use the Fix + to spray my eye shadow brush before applying any sort of shimmery/metallic shadow to my lid. Not only does it help prevent fallout and make the eye shadow much more vibrant, but I've found it helps it stay on longer as well! As for the mascara, I'm usually a drugstore mascara fan but I was really intrigued by this Studio Sculpt Lash mascara because it has a very unique comb applicator. It's a little weird at first and I don't think it would be everyone's cup of tea, but now that I'm getting the hang of it, I am loving how it makes my lashes look!

Easter Candy
Ok, so this is actually one thing I'm excited about this month being over because I need this stuff out of my life. The amount of Easter candy I'm consumed over the past month is a little out of control, but I seriously can't resist it! My all-time favorite is still Cadbury Creme Eggs, but I also love the Cadbury Mini Eggs, jelly beans, Peeps, and pastel M&Ms (and obviously anything white chocolate). One candy I tried and didn't love though? These Swedish Fish Jelly Beans. I loveeee Swedish Fish, so that's why I bought them and they do taste just like Swedish Fish. However, they are just so ridiculously sweet that I literally couldn't even eat them and ended up throwing the bag out...and considering I typically love things that are disgustingly sweet, that's really saying something.
This is something I've posted about on my blog before, but I wanted to give it another shoutout because I feel like a lot of people have never heard of it and I feel like everyone should know about it! The Banff Mountain Film Festival is an annual film competition put on by the Banff Centre in Alberta and I believe the only requirement is the films have to have some sort of mountain content in them. The films vary from as short as a few minutes to much longer features and they often showcase extreme sports in some of very remote locales. They then take the best films take them on tour around the world, and they come to cities all over the US (typically between the months of February and April). Cameron and I have gone every single year since before we were married and we've seen the film festival in Ann Arbor, MI, Greenville, SC, South Lake Tahoe, CA, Reno, NV, and now Portland, OR. There are usually about 35 films that go on tour, but it's up to each individual city that hosts the festival to choose which films they'd like to show at their location (typically about 10 short films). When we were in Tahoe, there were a lot more skiing films whereas here in Portland, there were much more human interest type films shown, which I really enjoyed. My favorite of the bunch we saw this year was called Keeper of the Mountains; it profiled this amazing 90 year old lady who lives in Kathmandu and has interviewed everyone that's climbed Everest for the past 60 years. I thought it was such an interesting story, plus she was a University of Michigan grad! You can watch a promo of the film here:

And to prove that I haven't just been eating candy this month, I thought I should throw in that I've been loving clementines this month...random, I know. They kind of make me feel like a 5 year old, but their just so darn convenient for a snack or throwing in your purse. Plus, they're just so cute!

Untitled #21
I have posted about these before I think, but earlier this month I picked up their Coffee & Tea Flask in pink to match my water bottle, and I've been using them both every day! The water bottle keeps water cold all day, and the coffee cup literally keeps my coffee hot for hours. They're the best!

Untitled #20
NYX Butter Lipstick in 'Cotton Candy' + NYX Butter Gloss in Cherry Cheese Cake
Earlier this month, I posted about my obsession with NYX Butter Glosses but said I wasn't too crazy about the Butter Lipstick I bought. The shade of the lipstick I got is super light on my lips (even though it doesn't look like it would be in the tube) and so I needed something to make it more wearable. One day I tried topping it with my bright orange Butter gloss and the two make the prettiest combination! It's a very wearable salmon coral that's perfect for spring, and it's been my go-to lip look lately.

About a Boy
I wasn't sure about this show at first, but I feel like it's kind of hitting it's stride? Only time will tell if it's a flash in the pan or not, but I think it's kind of cute ad I've been enjoying it lately.

When Yumvelope reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in trying out one of their snack boxes, I was intrigued by the concept. I love getting mail and I really like the idea of getting to try some fun snacks that you might not normally buy, and so I said I'd be up for checking it out. I was really pleased when I received by cute box in the mail as it contained some awesome snack items!

My two favorite items in the box were the mini chocolate bars and (surprisingly) the sprouted spelt sourdough crackers. When I saw the crackers I thought they seemed kind of boring, but they were actually really really good! I think this is a really fun idea and a great way to have some healthy snacks on hand. And the best part is that the awesome folks at Yumvelope were nice enough to give me a discount code to share with all of you! If you're interested in trying it, be sure to enter EVE892 at checkout - this will get you $5 off + a free bonus snack! Definitely a great deal!

So there you have it, that's what I've been loving this month!
Looking forward to May :)

(In the spirit of full disclosure, the lovely Yumvelope box was provided to me by the company, but the opinions shared are my own. However, the rest of the items in this post are not sponsored in any way and they don't even contain affiliate links. Mainly because I haven't bothered to take the time to set all that stuff up. Whoops.)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

PDX Eats // Ración + Sen Yai

I was looking through the photos on my computer and realized I have a bunch of different pictures from restaurants we've visited since moving to Portland that I haven't blogged about yet - I need to get on it! My parents actually got into Portland last night, so I know we'll visiting some new restaurants over the next few days. I figured I'd better go ahead and post some reviews to try and get a little caught up - here are two places I've recently tried and enjoyed!

Ración is a restaurant I had been wanting to try for awhile, and so we finally made a reservation when my friend Lisa was visiting last month. It was perfect timing because we caught the tail end of Portland Dining Month, and got to try out a version of their tasting menu for only $29.

Ración is located downtown right next door to Blue Star Donuts and Lardo, and I really liked the modern vibe to the restaurant. The whole idea is that it's a completely open kitchen and you can see them making everything right in front of you.


They're known for their cocktails and so I was excited to try out this decadent White Russian that was topped with vanilla foam and sea salt - it was so good!

The Portland Dining Month menu included three courses, but they also had an expanded menu available for an increased price. You can also order individual small plates, or raciones, as well. 

It was really interesting to watch them make everything right in front of us with a lot of unconventional methods like immersion circulators, smoking guns, and water tanks.

Our first course was Yukon Gold Potato Soup - a simple dish, but it had great flavor! 

 The second course was a Sous Vide Egg; sous vide is a method of treating food by partial cooking followed by vacuum-sealing and chilling, so it was definitely unique! But it had nice complexity thanks to curry, couscous, and spinach butter and it all worked well together.

The last course was the oh so popular Portland favorite - Pork Belly! I loved this dish, but how could you not love giant chunks of pork belly? Yum.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience at Ración due to the creativity that clearly went into the food and the drinks. Granted, it is a little pricey for the portions you get, so it's probably not a place I'd recommend if you're super hungry. But if you're looking to try something a little out of the box, it's a good option that's very unique and perfect for a nice night out!

Ración on Urbanspoon


 Sen Yai is a place that Cam and I had been wanting to try since moving to Portland, however, after our trip to Thailand back in December, we were that much more eager to check it out! Sen Yai is owned by Andy Ricker who came to fame with his nearby Thai restaurant Pok Pok that's somewhat of a Portland institution. He also has a cookbook of the same name and we saw it all over Thailand, which only solidified to us that is food is pretty authentic. We had already tried Pok Pok, so we wanted to check out this more casual noodle joint.

 The restaurant is has a relaxed, casual feel with Thai vibe. I was trying to get a discreet picture of the dining room but of course these people had to turn around and stare at me super awkwardly. Ugh. Seriously, it's my pet peeve! I'm not taking a picture of you, I'm trying to take a picture of the restaurant...because that's perfectly normal, ha! (Actually in Portland, there are tons of food bloggers so most people are pretty used to it!)

 I started the meal with a Tamarind Whiskey Sour, which featured a lot of ingredients we learned about in our cooking class in Bangkok - I loved it! Cam couldn't resist his favorite drink - a Thai iced tea!

 The menu at Pok Pok is inspired by Thai street food, but the menu at Sen Yai is focused on noodle dishes! We actually took my friend Mike here back when he visited in January (which is when I took these photos - see told you I'm behind!) and then we also took Lisa in March as well because I think the menu is unique and very authentic.

Cam got the Boat Noodles which were definitely similar to dishes we tried on our trip.

Mike ordered one of the rice dishes, Muu Kaphrao Kai Dao, which featured minced pork and a fried egg, and it's a popular lunch dish in Thailand.

 I was most excited about trying Sen Yai's Pad Thai (or Phat Thai) to see how it compared to what we made in our cooking class (and still the best Pad Thai I've ever had!) because the ingredients listed on the menu looked really similar. Sen Yai doesn't do chicken in this dish, so I got the Phat Thai Ruam, which featured prawns and ground pork.

Man, was it delicious! It definitely tasted very similar to what we made, and I absolutely loved it! Definitely worth trying Sen Yai's version if you like Pad Thai!

Overall, I think Sen Yai is a fun place if you're in the mood for Thai food. It's a little hipster (that goes for a lot of restaurants in Portland) but the menu is an accurate reflection of the food we tasted while visiting Thailand. I'd like to try out their breakfast sometime soon!

Sen Yai on Urbanspoon

What about you? Tried any good restaurants lately?

Friday, April 25, 2014

Portland Fashion Week is Here!

Happy Friday everyone!
I'm super excited about this weekend because Portland Fashion Week is finally here!
I was selected to be a member of PFW Style Collective, and I've had the opportunity to do a few fun things around Portland recently in preparation for the show. Earlier this month, I got a facial at the Aveda Institute in the Pearl District, and yesterday I had the opportunity to get my hair and makeup done at Dosha Salon Spa! They're doing the hair/makeup for the models in the show, and they allowed the Style Collective to come in for complimentary appointments to help get us looking our best!

I went to the location on NW Glisan (near 23rd) and absolutely loved the vibe. They use Aveda products, which I'm a big fan of because they all smell amazing. They are gearing up for a busy three days at Portland Fashion Week and had posters around the salon.

For hair, my stylist was supposed help come up with a look for me to wear this weekend...however, after looking at my super dry ends that were in serious need of attention, we decided that a healthy trim was definitely the first order of business. I'll admit, because my hair is so long and I wear it up a lot, I'm really bad about getting it trimmed regularly and so this was very much needed!

It feels so much better and I'm excited to be able to style it for this weekend!
After hair, it was time to have my makeup done! I am actually not a hair person at all but (as you might know) I am a huge makeup person, so this is what I was really excited about! The makeup artist used all Smashbox products, and it was fun to have someone do my makeup for a change!

The look she ended up doing included super dark eyes and an orange lip for spring. It's definitely very different than something I would do normally, but it was fun to step out of my comfort zone a little.

 Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to Dosha Salon Spa and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to try them out as a part of the Style Collective

I'll be attending the shows all three nights, and I'm super excited to see the all the original creations that are sure to be gracing runway! I'll definitely be sharing my experience via social media so be sure to follow me on Instagram (@inthepinkandgreen), Twitter (@thepinkandgreen), and Facebook for updates as the weekend unfolds!


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