Thursday, December 4, 2014

Family // Thanksgiving + My Birthday

Happy Thursday everyone and happy due date day to me!
I'm officially 40 weeks pregnant, but so far no sign of baby yet...
I have an appointment with my midwife later today though, so I'm excited to see how that goes!

In the meantime, I thought I'd share some pictures from our Thanksgiving! (By the way, I can't believe Thanksgiving was already a week ago! I feel like time has been flying by the past week, which is good in a way because I know most people seem to think it drags when they're waiting on baby...) My parents came in from Michigan for Thanksgiving and my sister and Ben flew in from NYC, and it was really special to have them here to celebrate our first holiday in our new house! It was a fairly low-key day, but we made a ton of delicious food and it was fun to just spend time together!

Ben picked out some great cheeses for Thanksgiving which made the perfect appetizer to snack on
The guys in the kitchen
39 weeks pregnant and definitely looking every bit of it...
 I made the stuffing this year and decided to do it in the crock pot to free up space in our oven for other things. I made a cornbread stuffing using this recipe (except I did swap the cream of chicken soup/chicken broth for cream of celery/veggie broth since my sister is vegetarian) and I was really happy with how it turned out!
I also made twice baked sweet potatoes...but the before picture is much prettier than the after :)
Cameron handled the turkey and he did a GREAT job! It turned out perfectly!!
Ben made a delicious mushroom dish...and Lola wanted in on the action!
Carving the turkey!
In addition to the dishes I mentioned, we had smashed garlic redskin potatoes, homemade gravy, roasted carrots, and green beans with carmelized onions and almonds - everything turned out great!
Family getting ready to eat...and my overflowing plate! (Complete with sparkling cider...)
Some of Cam's family was able to come over for dessert and it was great to see them on Thanksgiving too!
Group shot of my family
All four of our baby boy's grandparents, who are all anxiously awaiting his arrival :)
I thought the sweater would make the bump look a little less out of control but I think it did the opposite...
My sister and Ben were in town through Sunday, and it was great to get to spend time with them since they were staying at our house. It was Ben's first trip to Portland so it was fun to show him around. We had some delicious meals and were definitely sad that they had to go back to NYC!

 (We also got our tree while they were here, and I'll share some more pictures of that soon!)

My parents are still in town though and so it was great to be able to celebrate my 28th birthday with them on Monday! It was the first day of my maternity leave, and so it was awesome to be able to have a relaxing lunch, go pick up a few of my favorite treats around town, do some major shopping with my mom, and then finish the day with some delicious pizza at Ned Ludd's PREAM!

Pre-dinner red lips
Making a wish with a delicious peppermint cupcake from Saint Cupcake - so good!
This picture makes me happy...but it could be our last one as a family of two! :)
I've really enjoyed soaking up all this family time the past week, but now we're definitely ready for our new addition to arrive! Hoping to share another bumpdate before that happens, but we'll see :)


  1. yah! im glad you had a great thanksgiving with family :) you look great! i can't believe it's your due date!!! good luck at the doctors! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. omg! your due date!!! I can't believe he hasn't come early at all...I hope you still feel OK and are hanging in there girl! So excited for you and the next upcoming days/weeks!

  3. happy due date lady! i was a 2 week late baby! let's hope your little one is NOT that stubborn!

  4. Happy due date! Sounds like a pretty great week between Thanksgiving and your birthday. We made twice baked sweet potatoes too!

  5. Ahhhh!!! The countdown is officially ON! SO excited for you guys!

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I never thought of doing the dressing in the crockpot! I do make up mashed potatoes early and keep them warm in the crockpot, but since I have THREE crockpots, I could do the dressing as well....I'll try and remember that for next year!

  7. Looks like such a fun holiday meal! I can't believe how gorgeous you are at this point in your pregnancy! You are simply glowing. Happy due date day! May it be a wonderful one.

  8. Omgosh!! Your thanksgiving was so cute. Ha I am excited for Birthday brunch tomorrrowwwww eeekkkk :)

  9. Congrats on your first Thanksgiving at your new place!! That's a big deal, hosting!! Looks great!

  10. I hope your appointment went well...waiting at the end almost feels like it won't end. I remember. I loved your table layout for Thanksgiving, it was very geometric and smashed garlic redskin potatoes...yum. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Good luck on your delivery (hopefully tonight, fingers crossed for you!).


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