Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monthly Favorites // September

It's the last day of September.
That means that our baby boy is due in just over two months.....AHHHHHHH.

I know I say it every month, but SERIOUSLY, this one flew by!
Between having friends visit from out of town, meeting our new nephew, camping at the Coast, Cam's busy work travel schedule, an insane food weekend at Feast, and coming to Michigan for my baby shower, it's felt like a little bit of a whirlwind. And for that reason, I feel like I don't have a ton of favorites to share? But I figured since I've been doing these posts pretty consistently for awhile now, I'd stick with it and share a few things that I've been loving this month...

So yeah, I'm kind of obsessed with my new phone and getting it was definitely one of the highlights of my month! Before this, I had a crappy Android phone that did not have a good camera and I've never been one of those cool people that gets the latest thing right when it comes out. But it just so happened that I was due for my upgrade at the end of August and I knew I wanted to switch to an iPhone prior to the baby coming so I could FaceTime with my family. My sweet husband pre-ordered the gold one for me so I got it the first day it came out without having to wait in a crazy line, which was great. I've been really happy with it so far, the only thing is I still have yet to get a case for it! I need to do that ASAP because it's so thin and slippery, but I just  haven't found one I like yet. Any suggestions for cute and durable iPhone 6 cases are welcome!

The Mindy Project/New Girl/The Voice
Another thing I've been loving this month is that my favorite shows are back on TV! I'm actually already a little behind on episodes since I've been busy lately, but I did watch and enjoy each of the season premieres.

Aidells Chicken Sausage with Sun-Dried Tomato & Kale
Super random, but I've been loving these this month! We buy their chicken apple sausage a lot to eat in the mornings, but I picked this flavor up earlier this month at Costco and it's really good!

I feel like I always hear other people ordering cute things online, but I'll admit, I primarily stick to shopping in store anytime I buy something. However, I recently ended up buying a few maternity pieces from ASOS and I was really happy with everything. (Maternity clothes post coming soon!) Plus getting mail is just kind of fun, you know?

The Roosevelts: An Intimate History
 This month, the new Ken Burns documentary about the Roosevelts premiered on PBS, and although I didn't end up watching all 14 hours of the seven part series, I did see quite a bit and really enjoyed it. I love documentaries and thought that this subject was particularly interesting, plus Ken Burns is really great at what he does. I'm hoping to go back and watch the whole thing sometime soon!

Nars Laguna Bronzer & Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter 
I feel like I've been pretty simple with my makeup this month and I haven't had time to play around with a bunch of new products. In fact, this month I have hardly worn eye shadow at all and instead I've been using bronzer and highligher on my eyes instead! I've been using Nars Laguna bronzer in my crease and then I've been using the Betty Loumanizer highligter on my lid. Together they create a shimmery neutral eye that's perfect for everyday. Plus I then use both products on my cheeks as well, and I love that they can do double duty!

Eb & Bean
I first tried this place over Labor Day weekend...and then I went again later this month as well. It's a new artisan frozen yogurt place that opened in Portland earlier this summer and it's SO good! They have a few different flavors of homemade organic fro-yo that rotate constantly (including a non-dairy option) plus a bunch of locally sourced and organic toppings that are all delicious. The whole concept and vibe of this place is super Portland-y, but I think it's awesome and absolutely delicious. If you live in PDX, you need to try this place out ASAP!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Feast PDX // Brunch Village

Hello from Michigan!

This weekend, I had my baby shower here in Michigan and it was so much fun! I'll be sharing more photos from that soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to share the last of my photos from Feast!

Last Sunday was the fourth and final day of Feast and this year, they held a brand new event called Brunch Village...and it ended up being my absolute FAVORITE event out of the whole weekend!

First of all, who doesn't love brunch? Plus, brunch is such a big thing here in Portland that it just makes perfect sense to have an event like this as part of Feast.

Brunch Village took place in Pioneer Square, which is the same spot that the Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting was held on Friday and Saturday, but it was laid out a little differently. There were fewer vendors serving food, and that made it much more relaxed plus there were more tables set up to actually sit down and eat, which I thought was great. This was especially helpful because the portions served at Brunch Village were some of the most substantial that I had all weekend! Granted I love brunch food so I may be biased, but everything I had at Brunch Village was delicious.

I'm not a huge carrot cake person, but I loved the delicious carrot cake pancakes from Charm City Cakes...and the coolest part is that they were served to me by Duff Goldman himself!
He was out there all morning serving food and seemed like he was having a blast! One of the coolest parts about the whole Feast experience in general is that you had all these big name chefs just out there mixing and mingling with us normal people and enjoying all the good food!
It was really really hot on Sunday and so Stumptown was there with delicious iced coffee!
Rachel and Brooke enjoying the last day of Feast fun!
There were really good tunes on Sunday which added to the laid back vibe of Brunch Village
We have a gray Kitchen Aid mixer...but I would love either that hot pink mixer or the chrome one!
Tillamook was the title sponsor of Brunch Village and they had the most delicious biscuits!
Inside the tent, there were a lot more delicious eats to enjoy!
The most popular thing at Brunch Village was definitely Franklin Barbecue from Austin, TX...
People were lined up to try this world famous barbecue, but sadly, I was too busy walking around sampling other things to get in line and they ran out before I got a chance to try it :(
There were lots of wineries at the event doing strolling pours which added to the laid back vibe
This dish from Butcher & Bee in Charleston had grits and okra - yum!
Perennial Portland brunch favorites like Pine State Biscuits and Mother's Bistro were there too!
This Kimchi Fried Rice from Egg Slut in LA was also a huge hit!
Kelsey and I always have to get a picture together :)
(This picture is actually from her blog - you can read her recap of Brunch Village here)
Whole Foods was on site printing free tote bags!
They also had an awesome Bloody Mary bar set up...
Not to sound like a broken record about not being able to drink, but I love a good Bloody Mary so I was kind of bummed I couldn't make one - I settled for taking a picture of Rachel's instead :)

Overall, Brunch Village was such a fun experience and it was the absolute perfect way to end an amazing Feast weekend! If you're considering attending next year (which you totally should!), then I would HIGHLY recommend going to Brunch Village, you won't regret it!


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