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Baby // Registry Suggestions Needed!

One of the things that Cam and I have on our agenda this month is putting together our baby registry...which not gonna lie, is kind of a daunting task!

So far, pretty much all we've decided is where we're registering. Given that we live in Oregon but are going to be having a baby shower in Michigan, we decided that registering on Amazon would be the best option for us, and then we're also going to register at Target as well. As for my personal preferences when it comes to baby items, I'd prefer to buy something higher quality that is simple, well designed, and will last for years to come. As for aesthetics, I'm not a huge fan of anything super colorful, cartoon-y, or overly babyish, especially with more expensive items or things that I have to have sitting out in my house. I'm not trying to be a killjoy as I do think there is definitely a time and place for cute, colorful things when it comes to clothes and toys and stuff...but I want bigger items to be gender neutral and in colors that aren't going to look like crap after a month. So basically if an items comes in black, then we're probably going to register for it in black (or gray) :)

It just seems like there are SO MANY choices when it comes to baby things and being that this is all new to us, we want to do our best to make informed choices, especially when it comes to bigger ticket items. I've been a regular reader of quite a few mommy blogs in the past and have a few family members/friends with kids (although not too many...) and so I have a general idea of the popular baby items on the market. Lately, I've been scouring Pinterest/my favorite blogs for recommendations and reading lots of product reviews, but I'm still having somewhat of a hard time narrowing down all the options...which is why I wanted to write today's post to (hopefully) get some input from YOU!

The first item I'm debating is...strollers!


Looking around it Portland, it seems like the most popular stroller here is definitely the BOB! I know that I'd definitely want a BOB for jogging, but it seems like here that lots of people use it as their primary stroller as well. However, the issue with that is that it does seem a little bulky for travel (which we obviously do a lot of) and it can't be converted into a two-kid stroller. It seems like there are a lot of benefits of having a modular convertible 4-wheel stroller for when you're not jogging...but they can be pretty pricey! (I love this stroller and this stroller but I didn't even bother putting them on here since we're not realistically considering either one given their price points - yowza!)

Here's are the options I'm weighing:

#1 - Only register for a BOB and use that as my primary stroller
This is probably the most cost effective option as the BOB I'm looking at is actually the most inexpensive of the strollers I'm considering. If I did this, I would definitely plan on getting the car seat attachment as well, and I feel like it would probably be fine? Granted, we would potentially have to get a more lightweight stroller for our Europe trip next summer, and we'd also most likely have to purchase a new stroller down the road when we have a second child...but since that is most likely a few years away, it seems like something I don't necessarily need to worry about this second.

#2 - Register for a BOB and another stroller
I realize these are pretty big ticket items so I'm definitely NOT expecting friends and family to just buy us strollers left and right. However, given that one of our showers is out of state, I have a feeling we may end up with some money/gift cards that we could potentially put towards investing in two strollers right now, so that way we'd have one of each type, including one that's convertible that we could continue using when we (hopefully) have a second child.

#3 - Only register for a modular convertible stroller and buy a BOB next year
Since the modular convertible strollers I'm looking at are a little more pricey, we could just register for that now and then wait until next spring/summer to look at getting a BOB. Keep in mind, I'm due in December, so I don't really anticipate I'm going to be doing a whole lot of jogging the first few months anyway due to the weather and I do like the variety of configurations with a convertible stroller.

Moms out there - I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts! What stroller do have? Do you have more than one? What would you do if you were me? Also, if I do end up going with one of the convertible strollers (so option #2 or #3) is it necessary to get a bassinet attachment? They seem nice to have but like you'd realistically only use them for such a short period of time, that I don't know if it's worth it vs. just using a car seat attachment? Any suggestions/recommendations on strollers would be much appreciated!

Ok, the stroller is probably my biggest question mark at this point...but there are still a ton of other items that I'm looking for recommendations on! Here are a few of the things I'm debating...

Registry Choices

If you have any suggestions on which infant carriers, car seats (which seems it could be somewhat influenced by which stroller we chose...), high chairs, or travel cribs you liked/didn't like, I'd love to hear them! I'm also looking for input on baby monitors, bassinets, swings/bouncy chairs, and any other more big ticket items that you would recommend!

And finally, I definitely don't want my baby registry to be all super high-priced items either! Granted, Cam and I will probably register for a fair amount of more big ticket baby items, however, this isn't because we're expecting for people to buy them all for us. We fully realize that we'll probably have to end up buying quite a few of the bigger things ourselves, which is totally fine. (And all the more reason that I really want recommendations on which things to choose!)

So here are a few of the more "fun" things that I'm definitely planning on registering for...

Registry Stuff

I know that there are a ton of options when it comes to little things too, so any suggestions on things like diaper bags, pacifiers, swaddles, clothing, bottles, etc. are all VERY welcome! Just FYI, we are planning on breastfeeding and possibly cloth diapering (although I'm really not 100% sold on that just given how on the go we are) but we will definitely be doing disposables in the beginning, so any recommendations on things to register for regarding those two topics would be great as well. I'd also love to hear if there were things you got for your baby shower that you felt you couldn't live with out, even if it's something random! (Or on the flip side, if there are things you registered for and never use, I'd love to know that too!) Basically, I am starting to go all type-A, neurotic planner with this baby registry and so I'd be incredibly grateful if all my mom readers out there could talk me off the ledge just tell me what the heck we need for our baby boy! Thanks in advance!

(PS: I didn't list links for all the products I'm considering, but you should be able to just click directly on the images and that will take you to the links in case you're curious - just FYI!)


  1. You aren't supposed to actually jog with the baby until 6 months, so I'd wait on the Bob (plus it might take that long before you actually feel ready to do so). As for the other stuff, the best swaddlers for us were swaddle me brand. Velcro makes it so much easier. We could never get the swaddle right with regular cloth ones. I have that grass bottle rack, and I don't really like it. Bottles pop off the edge, and it feels hard to organize. The Bumbo is used for such a short period of time that I would go the used route. Check out Other Mothers and Bella Stella. I would also go to Bella Stella for your baby wrap/carrier. You can try any of them on. We realized there that the Moby was too complicated, and we went with one called the Becco. I got both the Boppy and My Brest Friend for gifts, and I like both. The Boppy is great for nursing and having the baby hang out in. My Brest Friend is nice because it straps on and has a flat surface for baby, so it feels more secure. But it hurts my back because of the strap. For bottle brand, we really liked the Medela brand ones that came with the pump because you can just pump into them. Oh, Butt Paste actually is the best diaper ointment if your baby gets a rash. I hate the name, but it works just as well as everyone says.

  2. For the high chair, we got the Graco,slim spaces one, but in retrospect I wish we got one that is more like restaurant high chairs. I love the removable tray, but the cloth cover is a pain to take off and wash. Food constantly gets on it, so one that is just plastic or wood that is easy to wipe down would be great.

  3. I'd go with the city select stroller but I don't think you need the bassinet attachment. That's what I want if we have a second. Wish I got it the first time. For two kids it's one of the few where the second kid isn't up the other kid's butt. Wait for the bob until the baby is a little older. As for the other items... Loved our britax infant car seat. We use the peg perego high chair... Comfy but easy to clean since the seat is leather instead of regular fabric. Thought the bumbo chair was useless. I've heard the rock n go sleeper is great and plan to get next time instead of regular bassinet. We didn't love the co sleeper since the mattress was super thin and uncomfortable. My son wasn't a fan of the bouncy chair but loved the swing... Every baby is different so if you can see if you can borrow one to try out before buying. Even if you plan to Breastfeed I suggest having a few supplies either to pump or formula feed just in case. Good luck registering! I know there is so much to consider!

  4. We went with the Uppababy stroller and while little lady is still awaiting her arrival (two weeks!). We love it! I love that at some point it can adapt to two children. We also plan on using the bassinet as her "crib" in our bedroom when she first arrives. The registry can be overwhelming but also so fun!!

  5. just fyi on the jj cole bundle me… for safety reasons as well as car seat warranty reasons the baby is not supposed to have more than 1-2 layers of light clothing between them and the car seat and the bundle me has a thick padded layer that goes between the baby and the carseat. Look more for a shower cap style car seat cover like the jj cole car seat cover that just completely goes over and around the edge of the car seat. Honestly it might not be chilly enough in portland to even use one. I have used them in places that get tons of snow as well and negative temps and the baby will still come out overheated and sweaty, so I imagine that it would only be magnified in portland. Although if you will be in michigan a lot in the winter that it would be more useful though still not 100% necessary.

    Onto strollers. I am a first time mom with a baby boy arriving in January but have been a nanny to 4 different infants from birth to a year so i have used a wide variety of strollers and I have decided that I am going to get a bob with the car seat adaptor as my main carseat because from what I know, which isn't much :), is that you can jog with the baby before 6 months as long as they are in their car seat. I have used the bob as a main stroller for families i work for and it really does fold up easily for how big it is and stores well for how big it is.

    I have been having the same debate about the city select (and other single to double convertible strollers) as well but from my research and my knowledge of children over two year olds is that the adaptable strollers that can convert to a double often are not completely comfortable for the 2+ year old and that many kids won't stay in strollers much longer than two… so unless your plan for your age gap is about 2 years, i would probably not pick a stroller based on the possibility that you might want it to be converted to a double later.

    If i was not a jogger than I would get the city select or city mini right out and leave it at that but since I know i will want to jog eventually with the baby, I need the bob. For traveling (which we do a lot of as well) I will probably get a nicer, bigger, umbrella type stroller like this (not necessarily this exact one) because honestly sometimes those are better than even a city select from my experience of traveling with a stroller through airports and folding it up and for its weight. the one i gave an example of weighs less than 3 lbs where as the city select is 27 and they have comparable sized wheels. So with a nicer umbrella stroller as well as a bob, I will come in under $1000 which going over honestly seems excessive and unnecessary for my family.

    I agree with the other ladies about the bumbo, heck some babies legs never fit in them and there has been some conflicting info on the development safety of them (like if they are really the proper positioning for a baby to sit it)

    on baby carriers, remember that bjorn is not considered safe for babies hips. I would go for an ergo or the boba 4g although i don't think you can hip carry with the boba like you can the ergo.

    I don't think that the 4breeze playyard/portable crib/pack in play/whatever you want to call it :) is worth the expense. I am personally getting the gracco one you have listed but that is because my baby is going to be sleeping in it until we move across the country when he is 4 months and I don't want to assemble a crib just to dismantle it in 4 months. I like the changing/napping area for the baby but that is just more specific to my situation.

    Alright I think that is it so far!! remember lots of burp cloths (i love the gerber pre fold diapers as burp cloths) and tons of blankets!

  6. OH my number one baby must have is a fisher price snuggawhatever/cradle n swing swing with av adaptor!!!

  7. Ok so when it comes to strollers we got one that has a car seat with it so it saves a little more money. I would skip the bassinet and get a pack n play. Carriers get the cloth ones. They are suppose to be better for your back and won't over heat you or baby. They are called boba wraps and you can find them on amazon. Amazon also gives you a list if things you need for a new baby and really helps you step by step. I am so happy with registering with them. Good luck!!


  8. oh my gosh! This makes me overwhelmed and I don't have kids yet is a girl supposed to decide? I love that so many other people have given such great advice above and will def be saving this post as a fav!!!! Let us all know what your final decisions are!

  9. I have so many of the same questions. Trying not to even think about it until we know the sex. Although, I'll end up going with gender neutral items as well. I'm curious to see what you end up picking. I do know that we are definitely registering for the bob. I've also heard great things about the ergo carrier from numerous friends. Good Luck.

  10. You aren't supposed to use just the BOB until they are at least 6 months, but you can get an adapter and use your carrier carseat with it. My problem with the BOB is that it is BIG (even broken down) and heaving. I would suggest a smaller, lighter weight stroller that works with your carrier seat. The nice thing about registering for the BOB is that you don't have to purchase it. :) They are SO SPENDY!

    We have the baby bjorn and that worked great for Henry because he HATED facing in. He would have hated the ergo or moby wrap or something. The problem with the baby bjorn is that it only goes up to 25 lbs. If your baby boy is a big guy like mine, that won't last until his first birthday. I would LOVE another carrier that goes up to something a little more. Because while 35 lbs is a lot on your back, it is even harder on your arms.

    I am with you on gender neutral stuff. I don't want to have to purchase new stuff for the next kid.

    I would suggest 2 of the those bottle drying racks. We used the grass ones as well. If you will be working and pumping (or even formula feeding), you'll constantly have stuff on the drying rack. If you are going to be staying home, 1 would probably be enough.

    We love sleep sacks!!! Get a few in each size. The swaddling blankets are so soft and great for swaddling. We double swaddled Henry because he was a little houdini and always got his arms out. I never had to worry about him overheating in those.

    Sophie the giraffe is a must. That thing is like catnip for babies.

    I would also suggest some kind of swing or vibrating chair. Henry hated the swing, but LOVED the chair. That's pretty much the only thing I could do with him while I showered and got ready for the first 6 months.

  11. I'm so glad you posted this! I have been working on our registry over the last couple of weeks and it has become totally overwhelming. My sister sent me the link to this blog which was definitely helpful. She's a city mama... I think in San Francisco and has some pretty funny and totally down to earth insight on all of the most popular baby products. I was planning on getting the BOB until she turned me onto the Britax B-Safe and Britax B-Agile travel system. I'm pretty sure that's going to be my final choice and I'm pretty excited about it!

  12. Here's my two cents (for what it's worth!):

    1. We love the BOB and use it as our primary stroller. We actually travel with it too...just use it in the airport and gate check. It's so comfortable for when you get to your destination that we haven't even considered getting a second stroller or umbrella stroller. And the infant attachment is great for the beginning. More secure than a bassinet for sure (and cheaper!).

    2. I would definitely go for the Graco pack 'n play. It's not as cute/modern as the others you posted, but it's SO functional. You can use it as a bassinet next to your bed in the beginning and the changing table aspect is great too. Ethan still uses his for travel and at Grandma's. Highly recommend.

    3. We liked the Bjorn for the beginning and the Ergo for a little later on. I feel like everyone has varying opinions on carriers, and really, every baby is different!

  13. If you want a BOB, get it and the Britax B Agile travel system. It comes with the stroller which we LOVE (it is 16lbs and takes the place of a snap and go AND an umbrella stroller) and the carseat that clicks right into it... unlike other strollers that needs a $50 adapter. I love my Ergo and Boba.. .people rave about the solly!

  14. I don't know anything about this..but I do know that every baby shower I've ever been to someone gets that sophia giraffe- so I think it works!

  15. I just had my baby shower this weekend, so haven't really used our stuff yet but registered for it based on many recommendations from friends with babies. We opted for the baby jogger city elite stroller because we really liked the all terrain tires (might be good in Oregon), and it wasn't too heavy for me to lug in and out of the car. The BOB just seemed too bulky for me. We got a BOB by britax car seat and adapter for our city elite. We are planning to have our kids close together so will most likely purchase a city select or something similar down the road, however I didn't want to register for that now as my husband and I are both tall and the city select didn't seem to have a ton of leg room for the older child. You and your husband should go 'try out' the strollers you're interested in by breaking them down in the store and carry/push them around a bit - see what feels most comfortable for you as you'll likely be using it the most!

    We're going to use a fisher price rock n play as our newborn bassinet...heard really good things about those. And they also are somewhat upright which is nice if your baby has reflux (I'm a pediatric nurse so it's important to keep baby slightly elevated in this situation).

    We are going to cloth diaper after the first 2 ish weeks (check out green mountain for TONS of options and reviews), but will use honest co diapers those first few weeks.

    For baby products (sunscreen, soap, hand sanitizer, diaper cream) I love the babyganics brand as there's no harsh chemicals in them.

    We also are planning to get a gracco pack n play as we travel a lot too, and a gracco high chair as they're easy to move around the house.

    For baby carriers I got an Ergo, a Boba, and a Sollybaby wrap - just waiting until baby's here to try them out.

    Sorry for the long post, but just fresh off our shower I wanted to share! Happy registering :)

  16. Wow! Such fun options. Hahaha... and there is nothing like kiddo choices that brings out the community and advice. I am glad to see some really helpful comments up there!

    I had that cute little grass dryer. It is adorable.

  17. I can only speak from my own experience but I had a "regular" stroller and a BOB and, honestly, I used both of them quite a bit. The regular stroller I had was part of the cicco travel system and I loved that I could just snap the carseat into it AND that I could use it until my son was about 3 (he's a big kid, so he outgrew it earlier than most). It also folded up far easier than the BOB did, which made it a better choice to keep in the car. However, if you run--or even walk--you'll also want a BOB. I did Baby Bootcamp and having a BOB stroller was pretty much a requirement. Also, even just for walks, the BOB is just so much easier to maneuver.

  18. A baby neck cushion?! They HAVE those. I just want one for me.

  19. Our baby girl isn't due until November so my opinions are based in what we have decided to go with. We are moving next month (at 8 months pregnant) so we went the minimalist route trying to decrease the number of things we have to lug 1,000 miles across the country. We chose the 4moms Breeze that we are planning to use as a bassinet when she is teeny tiny as well as for our pack and play. We chose the City Mini because neither of us are runners. We do hike however, and are getting a few different carriers. I will start out with the K'tan and Bjorn One carrier for my husband. For things like swaddles, diapers, bottles, and pacifiers I've purchased one of about 3 or 4 different brands. I'll see what works best for us and then buy a few more of that specific brand after we've tested them out. It is incredibly overwhelming and I still barely feel like I have an idea of what we will truly need.

  20. Well I wanted to comment... but I have absolutely no idea or nothing to share. :) But it looks like a lot of other ladies did so I'm off the hook.

  21. (My comment may have already posted, if so -- sorry!). Anyway, I just wanted to recommend Lucie's List. When I was registering for our kiddo, I was so overwhelmed and this site is so helpful, refreshing and

  22. I want to have a baby just so I can get all that cool stuff! LOL! Do you have a rocking chair so you can sit in it and rock the baby while you nurse or feed him? I also like mobiles... my little nephew would just lay in his crib and stare up at his mobile for hours, kicking his arms and legs and babbling. They even have those battery ones that project images on the ceiling above the crib! Also maybe some CDs of lullabies and kids music, put it in his room when he's sleeping and get him used to that, so as he gets older it can be calming to him when you put him down for a nap.

  23. I have two babies under two. Go the "less is more" route and remember you probably don't need half the stuff you think you do. What is use most is: Graco Pack and Play with the bassinet attachment (and the thicker mattress they have on amazon to use for the first months when baby sleeps in your room); ergo carrier -- it's the easier to get on and off and I don't have time for the wraps anymore; city mini stroller -- it's so easy to unfold and fold and easily fits in my trunk/house/garage; nose frida (it's gross, but it works); medela pump in style breastpump; boppy pillow for feeding and resting baby on; dr. brown's bottles; and the oxo high chair (because it cleans easy and doesn't have any obnoxious characters on it). Get some swaddles with velcro for the beginning and sleep sacks for when baby starts to roll over. Also, register for diapers, wipes, creams, soaps, baby suncreen, etc. (all the stuff you will definitely use) and try to think ahead on your registry and put sippy cups, silverware, bibs (plastic ones you can wash in the sink) and other things you'll need when baby gets a little bigger. good luck and congratulations :)


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