Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Explore Oregon // Bend Eats

Last week, I shared photos from our recent weekend trip to Bend and talked about the gorgeous mountains and great skiing. However, one thing I didn't mention is that Bend has some awesome food (and beer!) as well! On this last visit, we tried two new-to-me places, along with re-visiting an old favorite, and I wanted to share in case you ever find yourself in Central Oregon...

Crux Fermentation Project
 When most people think of Bend breweries, Deschutes probably comes to mind. It's definitely the "big" brewery in the area, however, there are some other smaller places that are really fantastic. 10 Barrel is a great brewery that we visited on our last trip to Bend, however, we were told that the wait times there are also super long now. However, Cam's brother was excited to take us to a new place called Crux Fermentation Project the night we got into Bend...
Crux was actually started by the longtime brewmaster from Deschutes, and focuses on really creative brewing techniques with a wide variety of different styles of beer. We had heard great things about this place, but it managed to exceed our very high expectations!

My first beer of the night - The Doublecross, a strong dark Belgian beer - so good!
 The tasting room was nice and seems like a popular spot in Bend!
I was really impressed by how many different styles they had on their menu...
But what was even more impressive is that all of the styles were really really well-executed. We split a taster to try a few different things and I honestly loved them all!
Crux also has a solid food menu - I couldn't resit the pull of buffalo mac & cheese!
I also tried their Nitro Stout and it was really delicious too!
I loved all the copper - so pretty!
Crux also has a great outdoor area, and people gather outside to watch the sunset each night - it would definitely be a fun place to hang out in the summer!

Crux Fermentation Project on Urbanspoon

This place is a Bend standard that Cam's family really likes for breakfast. It seems like it's always pretty busy, especially on the weekends, and for good reason!
It's a pretty traditional place and it's definitely not "trendy" - it's just good food!
Many of their breakfast dishes come with the scones and they're really yummy.
I got the High Dessert Hash, and it was really good! They also have awesome pancakes so I'd definitely check those out if you're dining here!

McKay Cottage Restaurant on Urbanspoon

This place is actually located right next to Crux, and Cam's brother and sister-in-law recommended we check it out. It's an adorable French artisan bakery that I absolutely fell in love with!
The had so many delicious pastries to choose from!
The also serve Stumptown coffee, which was awesome.
Cam and I stopped by Saturday afternoon, and he choose the pastry on the left, the Paris-Brest (with bacon!) while I chose the one on the right, the giant Parisian macaron - both were excellent!
They also have breakfast and lunch items on their menu as well.
I thought that cake was super impressive!
However, what The Sparrow Bakery is really known for is their famous Ocean Rolls. When we stopped into the bakery on Saturday, they were out of them so of course we had to swing back by on Sunday before skiing! The Ocean Roll kind of looks like a cinnamon roll, but it's very different - it's made with croissant dough that they roll up with cardamom, vanilla, and sugar. It has a very unique and interesting flavor - a must try if you're in Bend! (Some of the local coffee shops carry them as well!)

Sparrow Bakery on Urbanspoon

I'm already looking forward to going back to Bend for another visit!


  1. Wow. Just wow. ALL these places look absolutely wonderful but I think the buffalo mac and cheese stole the show!

  2. Bend always amazes me. I lived there over 10 years ago and it was not the Bend that we know today! It has grown so much and the food and beer scene has really taken off in the past few years! My best friend lives in Bend and when we visit a few times a year, her & her husband are always taking us to new restaurants and breweries! Definitely a fun weekend escape from Portland :)

  3. I love the Mckay Cottage! I always stop there. SO GOOD. Nice photos!

  4. i always love hitting up 10 barrel when i am in bend :)

  5. you always eat at the most amazing places jane!! that scone looks really good

  6. Wow that scone looks so buttery good!

  7. Next time we head over to bend I am definitely going to that bakery! I wish I would have known about that place when we spent a week in Sunriver last summer. Thanks for sharing. I'm such a sucker for baked goods.

  8. Damn, I've never even HEARD of Crux. Gotta add that to my list...right behind Boneyard.

  9. I want that giant macaroon. Not sure why this isn't more of a thing in Portland. It needs to be a thing. Please tell me if it's a thing somewhere.

  10. I. Love. Bend. …And Crux!

  11. I love Bend! We don't get to visit as often as I'd like...and I miss eating in some of the more interesting places. Since we have small kids, we usually end up in a boring and predictable restaurant....sigh!

  12. After fawning over your Instagram posts, I told my husband we needed to make a trip to Bend this summer. We went last year for a wedding, but didn't get into town much (we were at Sunriver Resort). I can't wait to go back and try all these spots. Pinning this for later!

  13. Bend is so awesome! We just moved here and really love it. Crux is one of our favorite breweries and Mckays is really good too! Their scones are so yummy. I will have to check out the Sparrow Bakery! Thank you for sharing. :)


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