Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Travel Tuesday: When My Husband Travels...

For today's post, I thought I'd do a little bit different take on Travel Tuesday!

Cameron and I are fortunate to be able to travel together for fun quite a bit, however, he does also have to travel for work from time to time. He was gone for most of last week on a business trip, and I realized that there are certain things I always tend to do whenever he's out of town.

Instagram from this weekend's brunch after he got back home :)
It totally made me think of that Sex and the City episode where they all talk about their Secret Single Behaviors aka those things that you enjoy doing when you're by yourself that are super random. I think everyone has these things whether they're single or in a relationship, so I thought it would be kind of awkward fun to share a few of mine. When Cameron is out of town, I pretty much always:

-Paint my nails
Cam hates the smell so when he's gone I can breathe in the fumes in peace haha!

-Listen to the same song 100 times a row
I have a tendency to get obsessed with a certain song and I can literally just listen to it on repeat. This past week it was "Let It Go" from Frozen (so great, seriously I love it - also that who Adele Dazeem thing cracks me up) and "Happy" by Pharrell (which if you want to listen to it on repeat you can do so here). I listened to both an embarrassing number of times last week.

-Watch makeup tutorials on YouTube
Another thing I love that Cam can't stand...I could seriously watch them for hours!

-Go to happy hour with friends
When Cam is gone, I always try to make plans to get together with girlfriends as much as possible. I love meeting up for happy hour and trying out new places, plus it saves me from having to bother with cooking myself dinner! Sometimes it seems like when Cam is home we get busy with things we have going on together, so it's nice to have some dedicated time to catch up with my friends!

-Wash my makeup brushes
This is just one of those pesky tasks I don't do often enough, so I try to take the opportunity when I'm by myself to make sure it gets done!

-Take a yoga or spin class 
Me time is a perfect excuse to get out of the house and exercise so I try to take advantage of it!

-Stay up late
I am such a night owl and Cam is the one who makes me go to bed at a reasonable time (or tries to at least). When he's gone, I definitely indulge my love of staying up late. Whoops.

-Do facial masks/beauty treatments
I can slather on my crazy green clay masks and only have to get weird looks from Lola.

-Eat breakfast burritos
Ugh, I do this way way too much when Cam's gone. There is a food cart not too far from us that has giant breakfast burritos...and when I'm by myself, I seem to end up getting one as a late breakfast/early lunch because it's just so easy. And delicious.

-Catch up on blogging
In theory, I always tell myself I'm going to get a bunch of extra posts written while Cam is gone but it never quite happens that way...still it's nice to have some extra downtime to blog!

-Let Lola sleep in the bed with me
That's her treat when it's just us girls.

I definitely don't love when my husband has to travel for work, but instead of feeling sad I really try to look on the bright side and relish in having some "me" time. It's fun to have some down time where I can do the things on this list, but then I'm always very happy when Cam gets back home!

What about you? Do you have any secret single behaviors? 
Please share so I don't feel like such a weirdo, ha!


  1. heheh this made me giggle. most of this stuff i do all the time as a single girl...and my male roommate is like wtf, you're listening to that song AGAIN? and didn't you JUST paint your nails??

  2. hah! jane! we're the same. ben HATES the smell of nailpolish - i have to try to do it when he's gone/away/out of the house. i also stay up later too!
    ladies in navy

  3. Haha this is too funny because Luke is traveling for work right now :) I've been catching up on trashy reality TV (real housewives of beverly hills, haha) and sleeping in the middle of the bed! As far as the nail painting goes, Luke realized a long time ago that is one battle he'll never win :)

  4. Love this... and love that Sex and the City Episode :)

  5. This is definitely true. Joshs schedule switches from days to nights every week and while I don't love his night shifts, it is nice to have some me time and to have the whole bed to myself!

  6. i am looking forward to brad being gone some next week so i can do these same type of things without him!

  7. Fun! My husband rarely travels for business (I think he's been on 2 trips in his 15 years at Intel--once to India and once to Arizona). The Arizona trip was recent and I spent my "single" time being sick...sigh!

  8. Haha so true! I go on a TV binge for the shows Dave truly hates, like Dance Moms! Bondi also gets to sleep in the bed with me -- always love snuggles with the dog! :) PS Bondi misses Lola! xo



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