Thursday, August 1, 2013

Matador Date Night

Today, I've got another fun Portland restaurant to share! 
(I promise that this blog isn't going to become just all restaurant reviews now, we've just eaten at a lot of great places during the past few weeks that I want to talk about!)

Casa Del Matador is a Mexican-style restaurant located in the NW/23rd St. area of Portland, which is one of my favorite parts of town. (Apparently, they also have another location in Portland, along with other places in the Pacific Northwest) Cam and I went there for a late dinner after the Oregon Brewers Festival on Saturday, and it seemed like quite the happening place to be! I loved that the restaurant had these giant open windows to create an indoor/outdoor dining experience, and I thought that the decor was really fun too. It seemed like the perfect place for a date or a girls' night out!

I started with a cucumber jalepeno margarita with a chipotle salt rim--so good!
The low-lighting in the restaurant made for a cool atmosphere...but it was not so great for food photos! (In other words, please excuse the coloring/lack of clarity in these pictures!) In addition to delicious chips and salsa, Cam and I ordered the Braised Pork Sope for an appetizer which featured a masa cake topped with black beans, carnitas pork, smashed avocado, chipotle crema, and cojita was really hearty and flavorful!
For dinner, I ordered one of their specials--Enchiladas al Pastor. The three braised pork enchiladas were covered in roasted garlic poblano crema and were topped with arugula and orange habanero pico de gallo, and they were excellent! The garlic crema was so delicious and the addition of the arugula made it really fresh.

Overall, I really liked this restaurant a lot. Cameron and I love Mexican food and I enjoyed the fact that Casa Del Matador was a little more fun and trendy than a typical mom-and-pop type place, while still being casual. It's in a really cute part of town and the food and drinks we ordered were all delicious. I know we will definitely be coming back here again soon!

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  1. Take me there plz? I want all the foods.

  2. Oh my goodness this place looks amazing! Yum! Just found your blog and am loving it. :)

  3. Glad you got to try Matador... one of our favorites!

  4. We love the Matador, great drinks & pretty reasonably priced! :) Next door, they also own Southland Whiskey Kitchen, that's pretty good, too :)

  5. You had me a braised pork! Looks sooo good...I actually love the ambiance of the place, looks great for a date night indeed!

  6. Wow! This place looks amazing!! My tummy is grumbling big time over here!

  7. ahh you just made me realize how much i miss this place! we used to go often for happy hour in Seattle!!

  8. Love that place! We used to go there for girls nights all the time and I always get the verde enchilladas.
    Glad you are getting a chance to eat at a lot of good places!


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