Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer!

Happy Friday everyone and cheers to the weekend!

Last month, I posted a little to-do list of things I was hoping to accomplish this spring. I know that summer doesn't technically start for another few weeks, but with today today being the last day of May I figured that it was as good a time as any to post an update on my progress!

Spring 2013 To-Do List

Get a hair cut--Check! 

Go to San Francisco--Check and check!

Focus on eating 80-90% Paleo--Check!
Definitely haven't been perfect with this one but now that so much great produce is in season, it's much easier to eat lots of fruits and veggies!

Try a new recipe for dinner each week--Check!
Although I can't say that we've exactly tried one each week, we have made quite a few new dishes recently that we've really enjoyed. I have a hard time blogging about dinner recipes though because I'm usually starving and just want to eat, plus since it's dark out the photos never turn out well. However, some of the new meals we've enjoyed include these potato skins, this steak with chimichurri sauce, this shrimp scampi, and fish tacos! (Working on putting together a good recipe for those to share soon!)

Visit a National Park 
While we did go camping, we weren't able to make it a national park--hoping we'll be able to   make it to Yosemite some time this summer though! 

Clean out my closet--Check!

Invest in some new spring pieces--Check!
I picked up these boyfriend jeans, these sandals, these shorts, this tanks, this dress, and a few other new pieces lately. I still have a few holes in my wardrobe that I'd like to fill, but I think that's pretty much always true for every woman!

Start running again
I actually did try running a few times this spring, but my knee seemed to bother me a little bit so I haven't been pushing it. Instead, I'm trying to attend spin class more regularly. 

Be more organized at work 
Pretty sure that this will be a perpetual item on my to-do list that never quite gets accomplished.

Go wine tasting--Check!
Even though we had a great time in Napa/Sonoma recently, there's so much to see in that region that I'd really love to go back again this summer! 

Stay on top of spring cleaning
Yeah, this didn't quite happen as much as I would have liked--oh well!

Schedule time to connect with friends
I wasn't as good about this as I would have liked, another work in progress!

Get out and hike--Check! 

Overall, it's been a great spring but I am so looking forward to summer! The upcoming month is going to be filled with lots of travel, weddings, graduations, bridal showers, and lots of time with friends and family--I can't wait! On that note, have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I have been to San Fran many times, it is one of my favorite cities! I bet you had a blast! I spin 2-3 times a week and absolutely love it; it really tons up your legs and melts calories right off and isn't nearly as hard on your body. Great entry!

  2. It sounds like you've had a busy spring! I cleaned out my closet this spring too. I was amazed at all the "stuff" I had in there. Love your blog, new follower!

  3. Wow, you've done a lot more than I have this spring! I definitely need to get on the closet cleaning out thing. Mine is a mess.


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  4. We have to hit up the Farmer's Market again this summer!

  5. You've done so much! And Jack Rogers sandals are always perfect :)

  6. Come back to the Bay and go wine tasting with me!!!! My current favorite winery is in Napa and I'm a member so we can taste for free & get discounts on wine. YUM!


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