Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Big Announcement...

Hello hello everyone! 

So we're back from Vegas and we had a fantastic time.

I'm looking forward to sharing the photos with you, but things have been busy since we got home on Monday night and I just haven't had the time to put them up. Speaking of which, I still have to share our photos from Jerusalem from our trip to Israel three months ago.

Oy vey. 

I love blogging and I wish I had more time to devote to it...but sometimes life just gets in the way. Even if we only go out of town for a few days, things are always busy when we get home getting back in the swing of things. This week has been no exception getting caught up on work, grocery shopping/cooking, watching the Downton Abbey season finale that we missed Sunday (and can I just say WTF, I'm still extremely sad/angry about it days later), getting to the gym, not to mention the fact that I still have yet to unpack from Vegas and my email inbox is a joke (if you've emailed me lately and I haven't gotten back to you, I'm sorry--I will soon!) Plus, when you have a job where you're on the computer all day it can be tough to spend even more time staring at a screen to write up a post. But I promise that I'll be sharing photos from these trips as soon as I can find the time! 

However, despite how things are always a little crazy when we get back from a trip, it's always totally worth it to get to travel and see new places...which is why I'm happy to share that we have some exciting travels coming up next month!! 

Cameron and I are going to be taking a trip to Scotland, England, and Ireland!

I am pumped

This whole thing came about very suddenly last week. Cam found out that he has to go to England for work, and so of course I wanted to go too (who wouldn't?!). Scotland and Ireland are two countries that we've been really interested visiting for awhile, and weren't able to fit into our intinerary when we went backpacking through Europe back in 2010. We felt like this would be the perfect chance for us to see these two places, so we booked our tickets last week and we're leaving next month! 

First, we'll be flying to Scotland and spending a few days in Edinburgh.  

From there, we'll be heading to Northern England for Cam to attend his event for work. I didn't want to use too much of my vacation time, so I'll be working while we're in England as well. And finally, we'll head to Dublin, Ireland for a few days.

 The best part?

We'll be in Dublin for St. Patrick's Day!! 

We figured that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so we had to do it. We're both really excited about this trip, and feel blessed that we're getting the opportunity to go. It will be here before we know it, so if you have any recommendations for Edinburgh or Dublin please let me know! We're in the process of getting things planned ASAP, so any suggestions would be extremely helpful! Xoxo


  1. So exciting!!! I cant wait to read about it!! Those three are on the top of my list of places to go! Josh and I are saving for a trip in 2015 after were married! I hope you have an incredible time! P.S. That is so awesome that you can work from anywhere!

  2. holy smacks this will be AMAZZZZZZZZZING! Cant wait to follow along and see your pretty pictures :)

  3. Wow! That will be such an amazing trip!

  4. Wow, what a wonderful trip, that sounds amazing!!!

  5. AHHH SO COOL! I've been to Edinburgh, but it was so long ago I can't remember anything to do! I'll try to drudge something up for you :)

  6. Oooooooh my goodness that is AWESOME! Love it! That's perfect timing if you ask me!

  7. SOo fun!! You and your husband are quite the travelers! Dublin will be amazing!!

  8. You are going to love it! In college I spent a summer in London and made my way to Edinburgh.

  9. YAY!!! So excited that you're going!! And we SO need to chat about Downton...WTF is right!

  10. Ireland was the best trip we took while living in Europe! Definitely try the Guiness Stew! Amazing! Edinburgh- if you can get to the Duone Castle- it was the castle from Monty Python. I have never seen the movie but in ALL the castles we saw in our 4 1/2 yrs overseas- it was the coolest. Go about dusk and they will give you a headlamp and you have free reign of the castle! SO cool!

  11. Jane, this is soooooo amazing!!! Exciting to plan another trip!


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