Monday, September 17, 2012

A Day In My Shoes + A Guest Post

Happy Monday everyone! 

Today I'm guest posting for Jenna over at The Life of the Wife talking about a favorite topic of mine, makeup! I'm sharing my beauty essentials so be sure to go check it out. And if you're here today stopping by from The Life of the Wife, welcome! I'm so glad you're here :)

Last week, I saw this post over on Whitney's blog where she shared what a typical day in her life looks like and I thought it was such a fun idea that I just had to copy it. Many of us bloggers tend to be oversharers (shocking) and I'm definitely no different, so obviously I thought a post where I go through every single detail of my day sounded like a great idea. Here is a peek inside a my typical I'm sure you were dying to know:

 Alarm goes off...the snooze button is hit...sometimes multiple times, but we're usually always out of bed by 7:30 each morning. I use my phone for my alarm so I'm definitely guilty of checking FB/Instagram/Blogger before I get out of bed some mornings! Since I work from home, I just change out of my PJs in to workout clothes, which are equally as comfortable!

I get Lola out of her crate (she is not a morning person...also I realize she's not a person, but you know what I mean!), take her outside, and get her fresh water and food. Cam gets dressed and ready for work and he usually makes us eggs and some sort of meat for breakfast. I make sure his lunch is packed, and then we eat breakfast together before he heads off to work. 

 After Cam leaves for work, I typically try to take Lola for a half hour walk...depending on how busy I am with work it doesn't always happen, but I feel like my day starts on such a better note when I do. It's nice to be able to get some fresh air before being on the computer all day!

Make myself a cup of green tea (Tazo Zen is my favorite!) and then sit down at my computer to start the day. I work remotely as a client-facing recruiter for an RPO firm based on the East Coast, so the first part of my day usually involves sorting through lots and lots of email as it's already almost lunchtime for my clients/colleagues when the day is just beginning for me. The time difference is definitely a little annoying because I feel like I'm always playing catch-up, but I try to make the best of it. In addition to email, this part of my day usually includes (lots of) blog reading, catching up on news/celebrity gossip, conference calls and reaching out to candidates for positions I'm working on.

Around mid-morning, I typically try to get up and stretch my legs and grab a snack from the kitchen (which is pretty much always some sort of fruit, usually berries!). Also, the first few hours of my day tend to fly by as I'm spending the bulk of it getting caught up on blogs email, so around 10:30-11am is the time when I feel like I can actually start getting work done and actually being productive. I typically work in my office, but occasionally I'll bring my laptop out to the family room and work there instead which completely freaks Lola out. (You can see our home here btw!)

Around 1pm I typically get up and make myself lunch (which is pretty much always the same salad every day--I'll be sharing more specifics about what I eat daily on my Paleo page tomorrow, but if you have any specific questions feel free to email me!) and stretch my legs again. This is the point in my day that always starts to feel like a race against the clock; because all the positions I recruit for/all my colleagues/clients are on the East Coast, it's always a struggle to try and reach them before it's too late. However, I have no problem calling candidates for positions I'm recruiting for up until 8pm their time because I figure I'm still in the office, so why not? I mean, if a recruiter called you about a new job in the evening after you got off work would you be mad? Probably not. For a lot of people it's easier for them to speak at this time of day anyway, and I figure if they're busy, they'll just let my call go to voicemail. 

I'm usually frantically wrapping up my work day, Cam gets home for work and we leave to go to the gym. And Lola keeps on being Lola.

We take a class at our gym in South Lake Tahoe, usually either a conditioning or strength (both are circuit style classes) or spin.

Our gym is right next to the grocery store, so inevitably it seems like we are always having to stop in to pick up an ingredient we forgot for dinner. When we get home, sometimes we'll take Lola for a walk, otherwise we just jump right in to making dinner.

Eat dinner, take a shower, put on my PJs and watch some TV. Most days, it seems like I have work to finish up, so I'll have my laptop open attempting to send emails or catching up on admin stuff for my job. Otherwise, I have my personal laptop open and I'm working on ze blog! (Or reading blogs/browsing Pinterest/FB) The shows that we tend to watch during the week are reruns of the Big Bang Theory, lots of Food Network, White Collar, and lately we've been watching the Voice! This is also when wine, dark chocolate, and or coconut milk ice cream gets consumed for an after dinner treat :)

So this is the part of my day I'm trying to work on...Cam will usually head to bed to read and fall asleep by 11pm...whereas I'll still be working/working on my blog/mindlessly browsing the Internet and I'll get sucked in to Conan/Friends/the Nanny reruns and before I know it, it's after midnight! I am a total night owl and I love having that peace and quiet at this time of the day where I can just blog and relax, but I know I need to start getting to bed earlier. Being that we don't have to get up for work all that early, I could technically go to bed at midnight and still get seven hours of sleep...but still. It's definitely a bad habit, but I'm trying to work on it this fall

(All photos are from my Instagram)

So that's my day in a nutshell!
(Completely boring riveting I know)

As mundane as writing about a typical weekday is, I think it really is a fun post to write because I'm sure when I look back in two years or five years from now, my day to day will (hopefully) be very different. If you wrote one of these posts let me know because I'd love to check it out! 

As for this weekend, it was pretty solid--I caught up with some high school girlfriends on the phone, Michigan football won, I did some shopping in Reno (I didn't really end up buying anything, but it was still fun!), we went to a really great housewarming party (complete with a bounce house...I hadn't been in one of those since 2nd grade, so that was amazing), and we had a lazy Sunday enjoying the sunshine in Tahoe. I was going share some Instagram photos, but then when I went back through I realized that 95% of them were of food. 

 (You can check out the rest of them here if you're interested)

What can I say, I'm kind of obsessed with Instagram/food/September weather/Tahoe in general right now. 

Hope your weekend was fabulous as well! Xoxo


  1. Love this! I always check my phone while I'm stretching in bed each morning!

  2. Love this overview of your day! My is MUCH more mundane right now...get up, feed Ethan, change a diaper, play, nap....rinse and repeat! ;) I'm a night owl's definitely hard to get to bed early for us!

  3. Ok, so I need you to explain your job :) I'm trying to work at home these days too, and I have no idea how you go about getting a job like yours! Any tips would be great. I've worked in HR and human services for years but don't have a lot of experience with working remotely. Thanks!!

  4. Loved reading about your day. I've been a bit out of my own routine these last few weeks due to being sick/crazy schedules, etc., but maybe I will have to do one of these soon! :)

  5. I love taking a peek into other people's days. It's just so neat how all of our lives are different! And Lola just has the sweetest face :)

  6. Great idea. Although I felt a bit stalkerish reading this, but very cool to peak into someone's life for a day.

  7. I loved this idea on whits blog too! So fun! You go girl going to the gym in the morning! Wish I had that motivation!

  8. I seriously loved going through your schedule and you have inspired me to want to wake up earlier and eat healthier. I can totally relate to you staying up late blogging


  9. Just found your blog via Life of a Wife. I am so glad I stopped by! My husband just started paleo a month or so ago and I am making the switch slowly but surely. Can't wait to check out recipes. Your newest follower,

  10. I feel like I know you so much better now! I can't wait to see your Paleo choices.

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