Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scenes from the Weekend

Happy Hump Day everyone!

I wish I could say this week is flying by, but the last two days have felt extremely loooong. I'm trying to get ahead with some things for work since we're leaving to go out of town later this week, so I've been putting in long hours. Yet every time I cross something off my to-do list I feel like I add another five things on in its place, plus I still have to pack and get some things on my personal to-do list crossed off before we leave. And yes, I'm a compulsive list maker.

I digress.

I wanted to share some snaps from our weekend! This weekend was pretty low-key yet really fun at the same time. Friday night, I took a yoga class with one of my favorite instructors here in Tahoe and then watched this girl on House Hunters.

Saturday, Cam and I went tubing on the Truckee River with a group of his coworkers and it ended up being a great time!  We all met up in Tahoe City, and then parked a few cars down at our end point. I got to meet some new people from his office that were really nice, and the weather was absolutely perfect. The float down the river took a few hours, and it was so much fun to just relax, drink, chit-chat with new friends, and enjoy the sunshine. Right near the end of the float, the water was a little faster moving and when we went over some rocks I actually fell out of my tube. Since my tube was tied to other people in our group/the floating cooler, I just flipped out and my tube kept going. I know, I'm awesome. It was really shallow though so it was completely fine; I just started laughing (awkwardly) and walked over to the shore. Cam jumped out of his tube to try to help me (aww) but the water was deeper where he was and he had to swim to make it out. When we were both on shore, we walked over the spot where the rest of our group was getting out like the losers cool couple we are. We spent the rest of the afternoon getting lunch and drinks at the River Ranch which was right next to the spot we ended our float at. They've got a big back patio right next to the river and it was packed! I actually used my cell phone camera all weekend so if you follow me on Instagram you've already seen some of these, but some I saved on my phone until now.

I am really enjoying having our Wrangler this summer, it's the perfect car for Tahoe!
Even though you have to wear a hat if you don't want hair in your face :)
I was so excited to find Fat Tire cans to take out on the river, makes me think of Colorado!
Perfect afternoon
River Ranch

On our drive, Cam and I stopped at the Char-Pit in Kings Beach, CA and got the best tall swirly soft serve cones ever, all thanks to this girl's recommendation. Spending the day out on the water, driving around the lake in our Jeep with sun shining, and eating ice cream cones is pretty much the perfect summer day if you ask me!

Sunday, Cam and I went to check out the Celebrity Golf Tournament that was in Tahoe this past weekend! The tournament took place at Edgewood (the same place where we spent Easter) and featured people like Michael Jordan, Tony Romo, Alfonso Ribeiro (from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!), and Charles Barkley. The course at Edgewood is gorgeous and has great views of the mountains and the lake, the weather was perfect, and it was a lot of fun to just walk around and people watch.

Tony Romo
Michael Jordan
He was literally smoking a cigar the entire day
Carlton Banks...ha
My favorite person to see was Charles Barkley, he was hilarious! He was definitely not taking things to seriously...and also, I'm not quite sure how the whole Weight Watchers thing is working out for him...yeah.
He'd literally just take the club one handed and smack the ball...LOL.
Good times.

Alright, time to get to work! Hopefully the weekend hurries up and gets here already! Xoxo


  1. oooh you look cute in a hat! i just bought one and i'm excited to wear it. i might be going to the PGA tournament (it's at Kiawah this year!) in a couple weeks. i'm excited!

  2. okay its official...I am coming up and floating the river with you!!! that looks like a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Girl, you're life is EXCITING! I want to come hang out with you!

  4. Such great photos...I happen to agree with Alex...we need to hang out because you always look like you're having a good time.

  5. sooo many good things about this post!
    Carlton Banks takes #1
    #2 Fat Tire Beer, my fave.
    #3 Wraaaanglers
    #4 Go Tigers!


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