Friday, July 6, 2012

Missing My Lola

TGIF everyone!

The great thing about having a mid-week holiday is that this week was nice and short and now we're already at the weekend again! Cam had to work Thursday/Friday of this week so he's already back in Tahoe, but I'm still in Michigan through Monday. I'm sad he had to go back, but it's great to be able to have a few extra days here in the mitten to spend time with family and friends. I plan on spending my remaining time here trying to avoid the excessive heat by doing some shopping and eating more delicious food! (I've been posting an obnoxious amount of food pics on Instagram--follow me @janemarieg)

The bad part about about taking such a long vacation? (Well besides the 10lbs I'm pretty sure I've gained...) I haven't seen my pup in over a week! If you've read my blog for any length of time, you probably know that I am somewhat obsessed with our dog Lola. Since I work from home, we spend pretty much every second of every day together so being away from her for this long is really difficult! I'll definitely be savoring these last few days in Michigan, but I cannot to see my dog next week!

I thought I'd share some recent snaps of her that will hopefully brighten up your Friday :)

"I'm sad because I rolled in the dirt and now I have to get a bath"
I really don't get how a dog that literally sleeps all day can look this tired.
Lola is honestly the strangest dog when it comes to going on a walk. Most dogs go crazy if you start putting on your shoes and telling them you're going for a walk, but not her. Literally, in this picture I'm telling her we're taking her for a walk and she looks so pissed that we're making her get off the couch. Her life is really rough.
Cam is calling her telling her to get her butt of the couch so he can put on her leash and she is just not having it.
"But why would we go for a walk when we can just stay here and watch Food Network instead?"

Good question Lolz.

Happy Friday y'all, have a fantastic weekend!! Xoxo


  1. Hey there! I just stumbled on your blog, and its so adorable!! I'd love it if we followed each other:)

    Shelby xoxo

  2. I completely agree! Working from home makes me miss Barkley even more when I'm gone. And holy cow - those pictures are hilarious/adorable! Lola is so stinking cute!

  3. Aww lola! Little Greg HATES waking up in the mornings -- I'm like GET UP IT'S TIME TO RUN. And he just hits his face with his paws. Like he's trying to hide -- it's pretty adorable.

    And imagine how excited Lola will be when you get home!

  4. She is so sweet! My Beaufort does the same thing with his teeth overlapping his lip. Aren't they easy to love?

  5. Aw Lola! She's so sweet!! I just want to hug her and then take a nap with her!

  6. I have a Lola too! She's a 50 lb mutt :) Your Lola is adorable and I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes random photo seshs of the dog. It's not my fault she is cute when she just lays there! Anyway, just thought I'd say hello from one Lola to another :)

  7. Sharks and I didn't see each other for 3 weeks when I left in June and I about died without him.

    Lola is PRECIOUS.


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