Monday, July 23, 2012

Bachelorette + FNS Finales!

Happy Monday everyone!

Last night was a big evening for finales in our house as it was the last episode of this season's Bachelorette (one of my favorite shows) AND the last episode of Next Food Network Star (a show that Cam and I both love)! I was excited to see how they wrapped up, and ironically, for both shows the hipster guy with the Elvis hair came out on top.

Starting with the Bachelorette...Emily picked Jef. With one f. Jef. Seriously, wtf kind of name is that? But in all honesty, Jef does seem like a nice, genuine guy so I wasn't super disappointed with the outcome. I just liked Arie more. I actually liked Sean the best (after my initial favorite Ryan ended up being a huge loser) and I thought he seemed like the best match for Emily both from a looks standpoint (seriously how adorable would they be as a couple?!) and from the fact that they're both Southern (ok, Sean is from Texas which I realize some people do not technically consider the South, but oh well). I just think that skateboarder Jef seems so different than Emily, but they both seem like they really care about each other. (Well, as much as you can care about someone that you meet on a staged reality show...) I guess my question with Jef is the whole fact that he's like straight up from Salt Lake City Mormon was kind of glossed over and I just kind of wonder how that really jives with Emily's Southern Christian girl vibe long term? I guess time will tell. 

My favorite part about the finale is watching the After the Final Rose special to find out what happened after the cameras stopped rolling, and I love that they do it live. Jef and Emily seem really happy together, and the pictures of them with Ricki were adorable. I think it's awesome they're going to Africa and Emily mentioned that they might have their wedding in Charleston which would be such an AMAZING place to get married, definitely the ultimate Soutern wedding spot. They do make a pretty cute blonde family, and Jef seems like a good guy (even if he does look like he's 14), so best wishes to them!

It's funny because I think that this season was a perfect example of how different the Bachelorette/the Bachelor are to watch. I feel like the Bachelor seasons have way more drama because when you get to the finale there is always one girl who's really great and the other one is like a villian who everyone can't stand. (ex: Jake and Vienna/Tenley, Ben and Courtney/Lindzi) And the guy usually ends up picking the person everyone hates, which makes the After the Final Rose special that much more interesting. I feel like the guys are so much more easily bamboozled by the trashy girls, where as the girls are a much better judge of character. I also feel like the girls are much nicer about being sensitive to other persons feelings and telling them they're the loser before they actually suit up to propose...whereas the Bachelors let the girls get all dolled and then break their hearts right at the end. So the Bachelor makes for better TV IMO, but I still like watching the Bachelorette. Here's hoping that Sean will be the next Bachelor!

Funny Thanks Ecard: Thank you Chris Harrison. I wasn't aware that there was only one rose left.
But I'm just not even going to watch Bachelor Pad this season, it looks like such utter garbage that I don't even want to waste my time...and this is coming from someone who will watch her share of Reality TV!

As for Next Food Network Star, I was so happy that Justin Warner was the winner! I voted for him on Food and I thought he was just so great all season. I love Alton Brown, so it made me happy that his protégé won, especially because he and Justin have so much in common. I really liked Justin's POV, I loved his creativity, and he's just so quirky. I'm excited to watch his show in the future! (Also, did anyone else think that clip where they showed Alton Brown talking about a Giada See-and-Say was hilarious? "Ricotta!" LOL)

Well since I spent all last night watching reality TV and had to get up for an early conference call this morning, that's all I have for today! Let's make it a great week everyone! Xoxo


  1. I missed the fact that Jef is Mormon...what?? That is going to be interesting for sure...I don't get that. But anyways...I'm happy with the outcome. I think Jef is great. BUT I realized how much I'm not a fan of Emily after watching the finale for some reason. I'm glad that after the rose ceremony, she looked more natural & not as much make-up! She looks beautiful without a cake of makeup on!

  2. Jef is not a practicing mormon in the way that he isn't strict about all the rules. I think he is okay with being christian like emily, although his family is reallllly mormon. His parents were mission leaders which is the reason they couldn't come meet her during the show! also, the next bachelor is roberto-- or at least that is what I heard! :)

  3. I was also "Team Sean" the whole season, but also really liked Arie! I'm hoping Sean is the next Bachelor. Apparently he's now in the running!! I completely agree on the Bachelor vs Bachelorette being so different. The only Bachelorette season I really really loved was Jillian Harris. Every other one was pretty boring. I had high hopes for Emily since I love her style, but even that was pretty lackluster. Oh well. At least we have Bachelor Pad!!! =)

  4. Next Food Network Star is my FAVORITE show! I've been a Justin fan from the beginning, and I was like crying when he won! He's just so sweet and so stinkin' cute!

  5. I can't believe The Bachelorette is over either! I was rooting for Arie BUT her and Jef were adorable as well..he just looks so young for her!!

    I hope they last since the track record is usually a breakup/divorce


  6. Hi! I found your blog from the sac bloggers site! You are too cute! Plus a bachelor/bachelorette fan! Love that! I can't believe you aren't watching bachelore pad?!

  7. Also team Sean but hey- if Emily letting him go means I have a chance, then I'm good with that! :) Ashley and I learned the mormon info from a new mormon friend of ours. Pretty interesting. We'll see if it lasts! They seem cute together, but boy...he looks like he's 16! Bachelor Pad was a train expected! hehe


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