Friday, May 11, 2012

San Francisco & Santa Rosa Weekend

Why hello there! Long time, no talk!

I didn't intend to take so many days off from blogging this week, but the time flew by and it just sort of happened. Oh well, you didn't miss me too much did you? (I know you did...ha) Well the good news is that we're already at another weekend, yay! I figured it's high time that I share the photos from this past weekend when Cam's parents came to visit us! They got to Tahoe on Thursday night, and last Friday after work we got on the road and headed to San Fran. Once again, we were blessed with beautiful weather and we had a fantastic time seeing more of this amazing city! 

Friday night, we ended up having dinner at a great restaurant called Town Hall. It was trendy with a Southern twist, and I'd highly recommend it! (Also, I added the Yelp gadget to the sidebar of my blog so you can check out some more of my restaurant reviews there!)
Thanks so much for all your sweet comment on my Instagram shot of this blazer! I got it at H&M on my trip to NYC because I thought it was very Kate Middleton-esque, but I have been a little hesitant to actually wear it because I wasn't sure if it was too...nautical? old man-ish? But now that I've worn it, I'll definitely be incorporating it in to more outfits in the future!
Saturday, the sun was shining and the weather was perfect for walking around the city!

It's still pretty chilly in Tahoe, so it was great to see everything in bloom!

We stopped for a bite at Kara's Cupcakes in Ghirardelli Square...
They had so many flavors to choose from!
We ended up going with Lemon, Ghirardelli Chocolate (obviously), and Dark Chocolate w/ Sea Salt...they were all delicious and I'd highly recommend this place!
Mandatory Fisherman's Wharf shot :)
We went back to check out the Farmer's Market in the Ferry Building...
...and we picked up some Blue Bottle Coffee, which I'm looking forward to enjoying this weekend!

Wendi, I took this picture for you! :)
Cable car pic aka me pretending I'm DJ Tanner...ha.
I never get tired of seeing this bridge...

We ended up taking a long afternoon drive through some beautiful scenery around SF (on windy roads that did not agree with my stomach!), so by dinner I was pretty hungry! We decided to eat at Scoma's, and we had really pretty views while we were waiting for our table :)
Scoma's is a super touristy (yet nice) restaurant in a super touristy part of the city, so I wasn't sure what to expect...however, it exceeded my expectations! If you're in the mood for ethnic cuisine/trendy atmosphere/creative dishes...this is not the place to go. But, if you want classic seafood, endless sourdough bread, and good service, Scoma's is your place! I had lobster bisque (which was amazing), crab cakes, and more than my fair share of sourdough. This place has been around forever, and I think that it's a touristy place for good reason. We all really enjoyed our food, and I'd definitely recommend this place. Be warned: You will leave this place really full! (Like so full, I couldn't even look at a dessert menu which NEVER happens...but don't worry, we ended up getting gelato later that night!)
Trying to get a shot of the super moon right over Coit Tower!
Coit Tower is so pretty at night :)
Sunday, we got up early and headed out of San Francisco and started driving up the California coast. California really is a beautiful state, and driving along the ocean was gorgeous. I didn't take any pictures during the drive, but I did snap a few when we stopped in Point Reyes Station along the way.

Point Reyes is famous for their blue cheese, so of course we had to give that a try!
Get that smelly cheese away from me.
We ended up driving all the way up to Santa Rosa, CA and stopped to have lunch at the Russian River Brewing Company.

They had a lot of different beers to chose from...I ended up getting a Abbey Double style beer and it was awesome! Plus, their food was pretty tasty as well and in my book good food + good beer = a great restaurant!

Downtown Santa Rosa
After lunch, we headed to The Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa!
The museum is actually a neat place to check out if you're ever in the area and you like the Peanuts gang!

There was lots of information about the history and creation of these beloved comics...

Mosaic of a bunch of the comic strips!

Charles Schulz was from Santa Rosa, CA and they even recreated his studio inside the museum
Pretty museum grounds
On our way back to Tahoe, we stopped for dinner in Placerville, CA (an old mining town between Tahoe and Sacramento) and ate a surprisingly great place called The Independent Restaurant and Bar...if you're ever driving between the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe, this place is worth a stop!
Overall, we had a great visit with Cam's parents. I'm so glad they were able to come visit and it was great to be able to see some more of California with them! Between my parents' visit last month and their trip last weekend, I feel so blessed that we have such supportive families that comes to visit us wherever we move!

Alright, that's all I've got for today! I've got a lot to do to wrap up the work week, and then we've got another fun (and busy) weekend ahead! TGIF friends! Xoxo


  1. I have never been to San Fran but it is on my places to go list and after seeing this I want to go that much more!

  2. I felt like I visited San Francisco all over again! I hope you don't mind my saying so, but you look even more slender and fit than you did before! I definitely notice a change - you look great!

  3. I adore SF and you're making me want to go back. I feel like I need to number my comments because there are so many:

    1. The pic of Lola and the caption with the cheese was hilarious and seriously made me laugh out loud at my desk at work

    2. You're outfit for Santa Rose was so cute. I loved the scarf and shoes especially

    3. Did Cam make you sit under the psych pic?

    4. Thank you for the Gandhi pic. I didn't see that when I was there!

    5. I'm also upset I missed the cupcake place. We def need to go back!

  4. I love San Francisco! Such a great city.

    The Charles Schulz museum looks awesome!

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  5. San Francisco is the best city of the world! I lived there for a while and let me tell you, I have never been bored!!

    Scoma's....amazing food. The first time I was in SF I ate it and it was scrumptious!

  6. I love San Fran. Looks like the weather was beautiful! :)

  7. Looks like a lot of fun! Hope you have a great weekend. : )

  8. :)San Francisco is by far one of my favorite places to visit and Scoma's = The BEST - So so yummy!!! Seeing all your pictures makes me really want to go back here soon!!
    Glad you had a great trip! Have a great weekend.

  9. Great pics! It looks like you had a wonderful time and ate some ridiculously delicious food.

  10. What a sweet weekend (literally). I love San Francisco, glad you enjoyed your time there.

  11. Gorgeous pictures of the city!! Looks like you two had a blast! :) So glad you got to come to my shower this past weekend. It was great seeing you as usual!! Hope you enjoyed the rest of the GREAT weekend! :)

    OH and PS...everyone was DYING over that book. It is so so funny! Love it!


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