Monday, March 19, 2012

On Traveling Alone

Hello, hello! I'm back from the Big Apple! 

Did y'all enjoy my guest posters? Thanks again to Ruthie, Natasha, and my sweet husband filling in for me last week while I was gone...I hope you enjoyed their posts! 

I got back from New York late last night, and I had the BEST time. Seriously, I love that city, but more on that later this week as I've got tons of photos to share from my visit (as well as our trip to San Fran last weekend!). It was a nightmare getting home from the airport last night because it snowed a ton here over the weekend, but thankfully we made it back safe. It was so nice to see Cameron and I wish he could have been in New York with me. He actually ended up flying home to Portland for the weekend though, so I'm glad he could spend some time with his family too! Even though we've been married for almost 3 years, we definitely miss each other when we're apart. So that brings me to today's topic...when you're married, what are your thoughts on traveling solo?

This was a picture I snapped awhile ago and totally forgot to I thought it would work for this post! :)
Travel is something that's a passion for both Cameron and I. We love traveling together and, thankfully, we get to do it quite often. However, there are times when it doesn't makes sense for us to travel together, and so I was just curious how other couples feel about this subject. Being that I work remotely now, it makes traveling a little bit easier for me than it does for Cam. But there have been plenty of times during our marriage where he had more time off than I did, and he's flown home to Oregon to visit his family without me. He's also had to travel for work here and there, and while I realize that's not a vacation, it's still time we have to spend apart. And then there have even been times when we were both going to the same place (usually over the holidays) and we've had to fly on different days due to work schedules and that's just the way it is. But we try our best to make it work.

This year, I've already taken two trips solo--one to visit friends in Arizona and then this trip to New York to see my family. I'm blessed that I have a husband who's very supportive of things I want to do, and he's never resentful of things that I do apart from him. We both want each other to to be happy, and I'm really thankful that it's worked out for me to take these trips this year. However, our travel budget isn't endless, and I realize that travel we do solo is essentially taking money away from trips that we can take together. So even though I do work remotely, I'm definitely not planning to do a ton of these trips by myself just because I'd rather save the money for a vacation that Cam and I can both go on.

However, I do think that it's healthy to have some time apart from your spouse now and then. Even though Cam and I really do love spending time together, it's nice to have a few days to ourselves as well. This past weekend, we both got time to spend time alone with our friends, and I think that's a good thing. Being that most of our friends live out of state, a lot of times seeing them when we're home in Michigan or Oregon usually involves both us because the other person doesn't just want to sit home. And although I like Cam's friends and he likes my friends, it's still fun for him to have time to do guy stuff and for me to have girl time (aka watching the Bachelor!). The same goes with our siblings; it's nice for Cam to be able to go-kart with his brothers and for me to shop with my sister without the other person being bored. Plus, I think that having a little time to miss your spouse is healthy, because it allows you to realize all the little everyday things you love and possibly take for granted.

What about you--do you ever travel without your spouse?

That's all for me today, hope your weekend was lovely friends! Xoxo

PS: How cute are these Mr. & Mrs. coffee mugs by the way? They were a gift from my aunt and I just love them. The verse that's printed on the inside of the mug is one of my favorites :)


  1. First, I love those mugs. We received his and her mugs as a wedding shower gift. It wasn't on our registry but those have became our favorite mugs! Second, I travel without Derek to visit my family in SD. I definitely prefer to travel with him but if it doesn't work out that he can come, it doesn't stop me :-)

  2. I adore those mugs. I'm headed back to the big apple on thursday!! :)

  3. Since flying back to Cali from the South Africa is so expensive, most often when I go home in December it's without Jurgen. In a sense it drives me crazy because the entire time I walk around think, it would be so awesome if Jurg could see this! etc, but it's also nice to be alone with my family in a sense, since I see them so rarely. Like you said it's just something we have to live with.

    Sometimes I also thinking taking girl trips is important and so are guys trips. But, 90% of travelling I prefer to do together :)


  4. I think you have a very healthy outlook on marriage and spending time together...and apart! I think it's essential to have balance, when possible. But, I definitely prefer to travel together...especially with how far the airport is from home up in Tahoe. When I lived 5 minutes from the airport, it was a snap! ;)

  5. Well, Craig and I aren't married, but we do live together, so I feel like I can weigh in on this (I hope that's ok!). For me it's hard because I'm so used to having him next to me. When I travelled for work and was gone for a week it was tough! Though having a big bed to myself was nice, it was lonely! So we chat on the phone a lot, and now that we both have FaceTime, we can do that to see each other :) But we still text and e-mail. Little things :)


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