Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Recap + Grammy Fashion!

Happy Monday everybody! How was your weekend?

Mine was fairly low-key and it was great to relax, especially since we're going out of town at the end of this week! I didn't take many photos this weekend, but I thought I'd share the few I had on my phone for the link-up over on Story of My Life...

1. Friday night, I went to get my nails done with one of Cam's coworkers who's also new to Tahoe. We went to a place called Perfectly Polished in South Lake Tahoe--it was a such a cute salon and I'll definitely be going back!
2. I got a shellac manicure, and they did an awesome job! I decided to go with a bright pink and I absolutely love the color (even though you can't see it that great in this photo because the lighting isn't great but it's a perfect for Valentine's week!
 3. Saturday morning cute are their Valentine's cups?!
4. Saturday afternoon, Cam and I decided to go for a little drive to explore some more of the area, but the road we were planning on taking was closed for the winter. So we decided to head home to relax, cuddle on the couch, and watch a marathon of Worst Cooks in America on Food Network...and Lola and I indulged in a little cat nap. So nice.
 5. I still can't believe I live surreal. 
(And this isn't even a good picture since it was taken on a cloudy afternoon...the clear mornings and the sunsets are 10x better and make me feel so lucky to be living where I am)

That's it for the photos from this weekend...not pictured? 

A Saturday night movie date...Cam and I finally went to see The Artist! (It was my turn to pick the movie and originally, I wanted to see The Vow but after hearing some mixed reviews I think I'm going to wait and rent it...) I love seeing the movies that are nominated for Oscars before the awards ceremony. I was especially intrigued by The Artist since it's a silent film shot in black and white and has gotten a lot of great buzz. The movie was incredibly charming and extremely well-made (I loved the 1920's costumes!). I'll admit, it didn't grab my attention the way some movies do (I think it was the lack of talking...) but it was a very pleasant film and the dog in the movie was so stinkin' cute. 

(PS: Personally, I liked this movie that we saw a few weeks ago much better)

Yesterday, we decided to go skiing and I didn't even bother taking any pictures because everything basically looked exactly the same as last weekend...not that that's a bad thing. I just didn't feel like taking my gloves off to try and get more pictures of the lake/goofy pictures of moi on the chairlift. The only thing was conditions yesterday were really terrible. Tahoe has barely gotten any snow since we've been here, so pretty much all the snow on the mountain right now is man made aka super icy and gross. We only ended up staying for a few hours before heading the five minutes home. Since we went skiing in the morning, we decided to try out a new church in the area that has a Sunday night service.  We both really liked it so I'm excited about that!

And finally, the Grammy's were on last night! While I only caught a few different performances because Cam and I were watching the premiere of Worst Cooks in America on Food Network (did anyone else watch that show? I love it and I'm so excited that Bobby Flay is on this season!), I wanted to share a few of my favorite fashion choices from the evening...

I loved Taylor Swift's look because it was definitely a departure from what we usually see her wearing, yet it still looked like her. So pretty.
Carrie always looks flawless and last night was no exception. Seriously, does the girl ever not look gorgeous?!
Even though she has nothing to do with music, I thought presenter Kate Beckinsale's look was really chic. She always looks great, and I really love this black and white dress.
And last but not least, I thought Adele looked amazing last night. I did see her performance (amazing!) and I loved the polka dot dress she wore for that too. She's got this great retro glam style, and she's so incredibly talented. She so deserved the 6 Grammys she took home! :)
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That's all for me, it's time to go tackle the week! Hope you're weekend was fabulous! Xoxo


  1. Glad you got to indulge in a little bit of pampering, up there in the snow you sometimes need it :)

    Sounds like an amazing and relaxing weekend, so glad to hear that you're enjoying tahoe!

    Happy Monday :)


  2. I watched Worst Cooks in America for the first time this weekend - I really liked it! I need to watch the premiere!

  3. such a wonderful dresses!!
    xoxo from

  4. Sounds like a great weekend!
    I LOVE Carrie's dress!

  5. Love the color of your nails! I've heard The Artist is a good movie, I'll have to check it out.

  6. i love the color you picked for your shellac manicure, i still need to try it. and yes you do live in a gorgeous place, i am jealous! the grammy's were good the fashions awesome overall except nicki minaj, eh??

  7. Love your manicure. Looks great!

  8. pretty nails {reminder to self: NEED manicure!}... and that view is breathtaking!!! taylor swift's look is to die for gorgeous!!! WOW! glad you had a great weekend :) XO brynn

  9. Ok....
    1. LOVE your shellac! Isn't that the best invention ever?
    2. Carrie Underwood looked amazing (my hubby loves her too :)
    3. Glad you had a fabulous weekend!!


  10. 1. I LOVE your nail polish and saw that the other day. so cute.

    2. I straight up love Taylor Swift's dress. I started recording Fashion Police on E because I love seeing all the fashions but never get a chance to actually see them.

    3. I saw Adele's performance outfit and thought she looked beautiful. I love her.

  11. oh my! do you live in the mountains/forest? it's my dream to do that one day when i get married!

  12. We're planning to see "The Artist" this weekend. I've heard so much buzz about it, so I'm really looking forward to it. It's also my choice, not the hubby's. ;)

  13. i loved loved LOVE taylor swift. how cute is she!? her little banjo inspired me to dust mine off and start picking some grammy award winning tunes....bah!

    xo the egg out west.

  14. Love your Grammy re-cap! Those dresses are total stunners. Love all the ladies wearing them, too! Looks like you had a great weekend :)

  15. I LOVE Carrie Underwood. She always looks completely stunning! And those starbucks cups are too cute. Love your blog! Newest follower!

  16. Girllll love your nails :) And I agree, Adele was totally gorgeous last night.

  17. I love shellac nails! So nice to not have polish chipping off after a day! And I have to agree that Taylor looked great last night! It helped that she switched it up from her norm.

  18. Your Grammy picks are spot on :) All those women looked gorgeous!

  19. So glad I found your blog! Loving your posts! And Adele, carrie, and taylor were my favorite dressed at the Grammy's too! They looked so chic and classic! And I just read how you live in SC! My husband and I are going there (Charleston) next month for vacay !

  20. Love love love your nail polish color. You match the cups! :)

  21. LOVE your nail polish color! so cute.

    and i totally agree with your grammy picks.


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