Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cookies are the new currency...

 Lola's pretty excited about it. 

I'm rich!
All week, I've been posting cookie recipes and by now you might be wondering why I made so many or perhaps you're curious what I did with them...good question! 

(Or maybe you don't really care all that much...but I highly doubt that...ha)

Well, mainly I just made all the cookies because I'm slightly crazy when it comes to Christmas and I absolutely love to bake. But I also wanted to send some of the cookies to friends and loved ones, so that was part of my excuse motivation to make so many. 

Once I was all done with the cookies, I packed up a few tins to send to friends living out of state because I know that it's always fun to get packages, especially when you're away from your family at the holidays. 

How cute are those tins from Target? I also shipped a two tins of cookies to my parents when I shipped their Christmas present before we left Colorado, and then I packed up a bunch to bring to Cam's family in Oregon as well. I found these fun little snowflake bags at Michaels and they're what I used to pack up the cookie by type inside each tin. 

Finally, Cam brought some of the cookies into work for his holiday treats day last Wednesday. Originally he didn't even tell me about it, and then when I was done with all the cookies he was like "oh by the way, I'm supposed to bring some cookies in to work, are there any extra?" I was like "umm obviously, but why didn't you tell me that it was treats day?" And he was like "because I was afraid if I told you you'd start baking even more cookies." And he was probably right. Luckily I had made more than enough to put together a good size tray for him to bring in. 

So that's it for my holiday baking 2011! 
In case you missed any of my cookies, here are links to the recipes: 

And then I also made Peppermint Bark and Christmas Crack, but there was no room left on the tray for that! I hope you enjoyed all my recipes this year, what special treats are you making at your house? I'd love some new recipes for next year! Xoxo


  1. Now that's some serious cooking making! Everything looks so good!!

    And I love the pic of your dog lol :)

  2. Those cookies look amazing! I'm definitely going to be trying some this weekend when my family starts our baking :) Fun survey too, love reading about other people's traditions. I did it too!

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