Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday: Snow Day Edition

This morning, I woke up to this: 

So crazy. And it's still snowing. It's supposed snow all day with an additional 4-8 inches of accumulation on top of what we already have. I am not very happy about this. I'm told that an October snow storm is fairly typical here in Colorado, and it's supposed to be in the mid-60's all weekend, so I know it won't be around for long. But still. Not happy. 

I made the executive decision to have a snow day today. I'm from Michigan so I can drive in the snow (that's a lie...I'm still terrible at it) but I just didn't want to risk getting stuck at work since the roads are supposed to get worse, not better. 

So instead of being negative, I'm linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday and focusing on some of the good things about today's little snowstorm:

+I'm currently listening to Christmas music...snow in October definitely justifies Christmas music in October thank you very much! I also just ordered this album from Amazon, and I'm so excited to listen to it non-stop for the next two months. Zooey Deschanel is my fav. 

+Last night, I turned on our fireplace and Lola is obsessed. She's been sitting by it all morning staring at the snowdrifts. Precious. 

+In preparation for last night's storm I made my first cup of hot cocoa of the season. Definitely necessary. Also, if you haven't tried this hot chocolate yet you should because it's worth the splurge. 

+I also busted out my cozy Christmas socks and my holly PJs last night...and I'm still wearing them right now...snow day protocol.

+I've got a big stack of magazines with my name on it. Love. 

+I'm starting to work on some Christmas presents seems fitting with the snow, and after all Christmas is now less than two months away, yay!

+I plan on baking something yummy at some point today...recipe/photos to come! I also plan on watching this movie because I love it and it's kind of Christmas-y. 

+Last but not least, I'm loving some of Christmas Pinterest finds...

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Alrighty, back to enjoying my winter wonderland...hope y'all are having a great (read: warmer) day! xoxo


  1. James told me to tell you that you can't be upset about the snow because you are going to be living in places where there's lots of snow. He was like, why is she living in snowy places if she doesn't like snow, lol. I told him I wasn't sure you had a choice :)

  2. p.s. I also think we'll visit you in Lake Tahoe Too!! haha

  3. Snow! So lovely, but not at all ready for there to be snow here yet. I love those book page ornaments

  4. That snow looks really pretty, but I'm glad I'm not living in it. Happy Wednesday!

  5. I love snow days! As long as that means having the day off :)

    Hope you enjoyed it!

  6. Holy snow! How pretty, but it's just sooo early for snow! Haha, I love that your dog is obsessed over your cute! If only we knew what they were thinking!

  7. I was loving the snow today! I took Tals out for a mini hike and she was seriously loving life! It was adorable watching her romp around in the snow drifts :)


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