Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Barefoot Contessa, culinary genius

Since I clearly have a lot of time on my hands (as evidenced by this blog!), I have been cooking up a storm lately, as well as watching a lot more Food Network since our move. And with this rise in cooking, my Barefoot Contessa cookbooks have been in heavy rotation. Sorry Rachel Ray 365: No Repeats, you're staying on the shelf for now. I've always liked Ina Garten's food, but when my friend Lisa (who is also Barefoot-obsessed) gave me one of her cookbooks for my birthday last year, I began to see just how awesome she really is (Ina, not Lisa, although Lisa is awesome too haha). All her food is just fabulously delicious. It's just good food, plain and simple. Like she's all about entertaining and simple elegance, rather then making trendy, contrived, or budget food like a lot of the chefs on FN. Her stuff isn't necessarily the fastest or the cheapest, but it's not crazy complicated either. It's just amazing. Sorry to be rambling, but honestly, I just want to be like her when I'm old--rocking my button-shirt, eating delicious food everyday, and loving life. (Cameron is soo my Jeffery haha). So far some of my favorite things of hers that I've made have been her Roasted Shrimp & Orzo, her Lemon Yogurt Cake, her Guacamole Salad, and her Peach and Blueberry Crumble. She's not the healthiest chef in the world, I mean, she probably uses as much butter and cream per episode as Paula Deen, but her French & Italian inspired dishes are really worth it. I seriously want to go to the Hamptons, find her, and ask her to teach me all her secrets. I bought a big container of Michigan blueberries at Whole Foods yesterday, and I wanted to make one of her blueberry muffin recipes, so I went with the blueberry streusel muffins in her Back to Basics cookbook.They are in the oven right now, and I'm not even waiting for them to finish baking to write this post, because I already know they're going to taste amazing. And once we finish the muffins, I want to try out her Honey Vanilla Poundcake...and her White Pizza with Arugula...and basically every recipe of hers that I haven't made yet! So although I have to spend two hours at the gym a day to eat her food, it's worth it, so here's to Ina for being awesome! :)

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