Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bumpdate // 18-20 Weeks


 How far along:
20 weeks and 6 days today!

Baby's size:
About the size of a banana, but approaching the size of a pomegranate!
(Aka 6.5 inches from crown to rump and about 10.6 oz)

Weight gain: 
At my 20 week appointment, I had officially gained 10 lbs which my midwife said was right on track for where I'm supposed to be at this point. I do weigh myself at home here and there, and I felt like for the first 18-19 weeks that I hadn't really gained any weight...and then all the sudden it was almost like I gained 10 lbs overnight! I couldn't resist doing some googling to see if that was normal, and it sounds like that it's really common to see a sudden jump in weight around the point in pregnancy (and my midwife agreed). I think it's cool how seeing these outward signs like putting on weight line up with things that the baby is doing because I know that he's rapidly growing now!

 In case you missed the announcement on Friday, we're having a BOY! (Thank you for all your sweet comments by the way!) Cam and I found out at the ultrasound, and now I couldn't have imagined not doing it that way...especially because it was pretty obvious on the screen that we're definitely having boy...ha! We told our families right after the ultrasound, and everyone was super excited :)

(I definitely hit up Baby Gap right after the ultrasound!)

We didn't end up doing the whole gender reveal party thing, but took some gender reveal photos on Thursday night instead. It was really awesome to have a fun way to share the news and something to commemorate a really special day. (Thanks again to Kelsey for taking the awesome photos for our gender reveal, I love how they turned out!)

Yes! Beyond finding out the gender, that's been the other big development over these past couple of weeks. During week 18, I took a prenatal yoga class and during savasana at the end of class I finally felt the baby move around for the first time where I knew for sure that's what it was - such a cool feeling! Since then, I've been feeling him move around quite a bit. The movements aren't super intense yet, but it's still awesome to finally be able to feel them. Cam has also been able to feel him move around a few times and he was really excited about that. He seems to move around the most at night...and after I eat ice cream. Definitely my child, ha!

Food cravings: 
Ice cream (but that's not really abnormal so I can't blame it on pregnancy) and beer cheese pretzels, aka what they have at most breweries and so it's my treat since I can't have a beer. I've also been loving greek yogurt and granola topped with lots of fresh fruit!

Anything making you queasy or sick:
Nope, thank goodness!

I've been sleeping pretty well overall with the exception of when Cam was traveling for work earlier this month because I never sleep well when he is out of town :(

Miss anything?
I do miss being able to just do things without having to think about whether or not I should or shouldn't do since I'm pregnant. Last weekend, I went in a heated pool and then had a minor freakout because I realized that I probably shouldn't do that since I'm pregnant. (I checked with my midwife and she said not to worry though!) I miss being able to plan a long hike or some sort of intense physical activity without having to think about whether or not it's going to be too much.

Mainly prenatal yoga and walks with Lola, that's about it!

Maternity Clothes?
Still wearing my regular clothes/dresses for the most part, but starting to incorporate some more maternity pieces! (The dress I'm wearing for my 20 week photos is maternity from Old Navy)

No real symptoms to speak over the past few weeks thankfully!

 Feeling really good overall. But also in disbelief that my pregnancy is already halfway over...and starting to realize there is quite a bit that needs to happen between now and December! I haven't been feeling super interested in doing house over the past couple of months, but this past week I've been really gotten the bug and I want to get the whole house decorated ASAP. I feel like these nesting tendencies are only going to intensify as the weeks go on!

Best moment from weeks 18-20:
Finding out the gender and knowing we're going to have a son was definitely amazing! It was also awesome to be able to see our little guy moving around around at the ultrasound and to know that he is developing like he is supposed to. Feeling him move around has been really exciting and I know that's only going to get more intense!

Looking forward to: 
Now that we know we're having a boy, I'm excited to really get going on the nursery soon! I also can't wait to get our registry started - I'll have posts about both of those topics coming up soon!

Previous Bumpdates:
First Trimester-14 Weeks
15-17 Weeks

Friday, July 18, 2014

It's a...

I thought I'd let the photos speak for themselves to announce our happy news - we found out yesterday that we're having a baby BOY! (Just in case that wasn't extremely obvious from all of the blue...ha!)

A boy was my initial instinct when I found out I was pregnant, but as I mentioned yesterday, I ended up changing my vote over the past few weeks. But Cameron has said it's a boy all along, and it looks like he was right! We are both so so thrilled, and it's amazing to know that we're going to have a son!

Although the excitement of announcing that we're expecting was great, it was more of this somewhat vague concept because December seemed really far away. But now that we're halfway through this pregnancy (so crazy!) and we know that it's a boy, all of the sudden it seems a lot more real. It's incredible to think that in just 4.5 months we'll be a family of three (well four, counting Lola of course!) and the thought of having a little mini-Cam running around makes me really, really happy!

Finally, I have to give a HUGE thank you to my friend Kelsey for taking these beautiful photos for us! (Seriously Kelsey, you are awesome!) It was such a fun way commemorate finding out the news (although, I'm not quite sure fun is the word Cam would use to describe a photo shoot with a very large, unwieldy balloon on a windy day...ha!) and I'm so glad to be able to share our joy with all of you!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baby Graybeal // Gender Predictions

Today is the day that we have been (very) eagerly awaiting for weeks now...
We finally find out whether we're having a baby boy or baby girl!!

To say that we've been looking forward to this is an understatement - it's something that I've thought about literally every single day since finding out I was pregnant! But by the time you read this post, Cameron and I will likely be at the ultrasound or already know the big news, provided baby cooperates that is! I'm exactly 20 weeks pregnant today, so I feel pretty confident that they should be able to determine the gender without too much difficulty, but fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!

I mentioned in my last bumpdate post that I was debating about what to do about the whole "gender reveal" thing. In the end, we decided that as fun as a party would be, it's just not the right thing for us to do given how chaotic this month is for us already. Instead, Cameron and I are finding out at the appointment today (eeeeeek!), and then we're going to share the news with our families this afternoon. However, we are planning doing something special to reveal the news here on the blog...but that's not going to happen today. Whomp whomp. Sorry to keep y'all in suspense, but I wanted us to have some time to celebrate the news more privately for a day first before making it public. 
But definitely check back here for the big announcement tomorrow!

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share what all the old wives' tales have to say before we officially find out! Even though they're not accurate, I'm pretty sure most women use these to try and figure out what they're having, and I've been no different. Plus, everyone I know seems to have their own opinion on whether I'm having a boy or girl based on how my pregnancy has been going so far, and it's been fun to hear everyone's guesses! I have to admit, I totally got the idea for this post from my fellow mama-to-be Katie (thanks girl!) - it was such a cute idea that I couldn't resist doing it too! 

The old wives' tales seem to point in favor of a boy, and in the beginning, I totally thought it was a boy for sure. However, the past few weeks I've been getting the vibe that it's a girl! I actually had a dream that we were at our ultrasound and they told us it was a girl and my sister-in-law just had a dream this week that we were having a girl, so I think that's what's making me lean that way. Cam is still thinking boy for sure at this point, but (obviously) we'll both be thrilled either way. Feel free to weigh in and give me your guess in the comments, and then come back tomorrow to see if you're right! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Portland // One Year Later

I snapped this photo last Friday down by the waterfront on a gorgeous summer night here in Portland and it seemed fitting to share it today, as I've been doing a lot of reflecting this week on the past year in my new city. It's hard to believe that a year ago this month, Cameron and I had just made the move to Portland from Tahoe. In a way, it feels like that time has flown by, yet  SO MUCH has happened over the past twelve months that it's kind of crazy to think that it's only been a year!

Coming here was a big transition, especially for me. Unlike Cam, I didn't grow up here and although I had visited many times, knowing that you've moved to a place that you'll likely live for the rest of your life is a little overwhelming. My attitude towards this move was pretty different from other places we've lived as this was the place we planned to settle down, and so it was important to me to work on creating my own roots here right from the beginning. At this time last year, Cam and I were living with his parents, and we had just signed our lease for our apartment downtown. I didn't know my way around the city and I didn't know anyone here outside of Cam's family. However, I knew if I was going to be happy here, I really needed to start making my own connections and make Portland my home. This was somewhat of a daunting task considering that I work from home, but looking back over the past year, I feel so incredibly thankful for the way things have worked out.

I've been thinking about this a lot this week because Cam has been traveling for work and I've been here in Portland by myself for the last ten days. Ugh. As much as it's tough for me when he travels, the great thing is that I've literally had plans with friends every single day that he's been gone. This has not only helped to make his absence much more bearable, but it's also made me realize just how much I have really made Portland my home over the past twelve months and that makes me happy.

I never could have predicted what an incredible tool that this little blog would be for me when I moved here, but it has been such an amazing platform for me to meet so many wonderful people here in Portland that I now consider my really close friends. Plus, it's provided me with some really awesome opportunities to connect with the larger community and participate in some fun events such as Feast (which I am participating in again this year and I'm SO EXCITED about it - stay tuned for more details on that!), Portland Fashion Week, and many other local events (that usually involve delicious food, ha). Portland Bloggers has been a fantastic resource and such a great way to meet people, and I'm just still amazed how blogging really does have the ability to connect people!

And although blogging has been great, it's definitely not the only way I've been able to meet people here in Portland. I have a handful of girlfriends here that I've connected with through the most random ways; some are people from my past that I've reconnected with because we're both living here now whereas others are people that I've been introduced to via email through mutual friends because we both live in Portland. I've also connected with friends through Cam as well, and it's just been really cool all the serendipitous ways that I've gotten to know people over the past year.

I feel incredibly blessed to have built a really strong network of friends here in such a short amount of time, and I'm excited to watch these relationships grow as time goes on. But in addition to just getting know so many people, it's also been really awesome to reflect on how Cam and I have really gotten to know Portland over the past year and how much it's really become home to us. Although my husband is from the Portland-area, he grew up out in the suburbs and never lived in city before we moved back here last summer. He also left Oregon when he was 18 to go to college and had been living away for the past eight years, during which time, the city has changed a lot. We've had a lot of fun discovering it together, and house-hunting really forced us to get to know a wide variety of different neighborhoods. It's still quite surreal to me that we actually bought a house here in Portland, but I'm so happy that this is where we put down roots in our first home.

Even though it's been a year, I feel like my infatuation with this place still hasn't worn off...and I hope it never does. There are so many things about Portland that make it an awesome place to live, yet I'm still discovering new things to appreciate about this city all the time. Whether it's taking Lola for a walk and seeing beautiful roses in someone's yard or discovering a new restaurant or catching a glimpse of Mt. Hood as I'm driving over one of the bridges, I am constantly being reminded of how awesome it is to live here. Plus, from the mountains to the Gorge to wine country to the coast, there are so many beautiful areas that are just a short drive from the city, and I've really been enjoying discovering those things as well. As we venture into this next stage of life, I couldn't be more excited that we get to raise a family here in Portland!

Thanks for enduring this long, sappy post but I couldn't resist, cheers to one year in PDX!


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