Thursday, April 24, 2014

Explore Oregon // Spring Beach Day

Earlier this month, we had an exceptionally warm, sunny day so we ended up heading out to the Oregon Coast with Cam's family to enjoy it. It's only about an hour and half from Portland, but every time we go, it makes me realize that we don't do it enough! As usual, I couldn't resist snapping some photos throughout the day, but the sky was just so blue that I just couldn't help myself! 

We started off the morning in Seaside where there is a statue of Lewis and Clark to commemorate them reaching the Pacific Ocean...also, all these photos are unedited - the sky was so vibrant!
We then headed from Seaside just north up to Gearhart where there is a drive-on beach...
Lola is always a little timid around the water initially, but eventually she joined her cousins in the fun...
After awhile though, she gets tired and just wants to spend time with the humans :)
I love Lola's face in this picture :) 
Even though it was warm out, the ocean was cold...but that didn't stop my nieces from playing in it!
Yes, that would be my dog's tongue covering half of my niece's face...whoops, ha!
After licking Selah's face, Lola proceeded to knock her in the sand and then ran over and plopped right in the middle of her beach towel...I don't know what we're going to do with that dog :)

After spending all day at the beach (where I got super sunburned!), we headed down to have dinner in Cannon Beach. It's been such a pretty spring, I can't get over all the blooming trees!
We were able to catch the last bit of sunshine in Cannon Beach - it was gorgeous!
I tried getting a family picture, but Meara and Selah weren't super into the idea - ha! 

It's been super rainy this week, but these pictures make me excited about more sunny days to come!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Travel Tuesday // May Trips

I realized the other day that April may be the first month in a long time that Cameron and I haven't traveled anywhere! (Well, he's traveled for work, but I mean taken a trip for fun!) Whether it's flying to the other side of the world or taking a weekend trip to somewhere a few hours away, Cameron and I generally like to go out of town on a pretty regular basis. And while it has been great to be in Portland these past few weeks, we have a couple of trips coming up in May that I'm really looking forward to!
Next month, we're heading to Zion National Park!
We really enjoy visiting our country's National Parks and have been fortunate to visit a handful of them in the past few years, and so I'm looking forward adding another one to our list! Zion looks absolutely stunning and I'm excited to do some hiking - we're planning on doing the Angels Landing hike which looks scary, but awesome! We'll also be camping, so hopefully the weather will be nice!

And then late next month, we're traveling to Michigan!
They've had an absolute brutal winter back in my home state, but I think that (hopefully) we're in the clear to visit and not have to deal with snow, ha! We haven't been back since Thanksgiving, so I'm really excited to spend some quality time with friends and family!

Can't wait to get some travel in next month! What about you? Any trips coming up?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Book Report // The Goldfinch

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend :)
Ours was pretty low-key, which was great. I'm actually a little behind on sharing some photos I've taken recently, but hopefully I'll have time to get around to it soon. In the meantime, today I wanted to share a book review with y'all that's been a long time coming.

I don't even remember how long ago I started The Goldfinch, but it seems like ages ago now. I had heard fantastic things about the book, and the fact that the subject matter had to do with art intrigued me as I was an art history minor in college. I downloaded the book on my Kindle and knew it was a long one (almost 800 pages!) even though I didn't have a giant tome to flip through, but was excited to dive in. At first, I had trouble getting into the story (but I feel like I have that problem with a lot of books) as a tragedy takes place right in the beginning and some of the subsequent scenes were a little confusing to read through (or they were to me at least). However, once I got engaged in the book, I found myself really enjoying it. Donna Tartt is an extremely skilled and very intelligent writer that includes so much vivid detail for the most mundane and ordinary scenes that it makes them really interesting and beautiful. The story itself is pretty depressing, but the character development is excellent and I found myself rooting for the story's protagonist, Theo Decker, despite the somewhat rotten hand he's been dealt. Another thing that I personally enjoyed about the story is that a lot of it takes place in New York; because this is a city I love and have visited many times, I could very clearly picture many of the scenes she was describing and it helped me feel that much more connected to the plot. I really liked the supporting characters of Borris, Hobie, and Mrs. Barbour, along with the way that Tartt writes so eloquently about the power of beautiful objects.

However, as time went on, I felt like this book really started to drag. Although Tartt is a beautiful writter, sometimes I felt like she'd try to put so much detail and these deeply profound sentences into every scene that I just wanted her to get to the point already. Granted, I was primarily reading this book before I'd fall asleep at night, but often I'd be too tired to read more than just a few pages and given the book's length, it just felt like it took forever to finish. I had a feeling once I got into the book that it wasn't going to be the type of story with a neat happy ending, and that ended up proving true. Although some of the main storyline did come to a resolution, I found myself wanting more detail on what became of some of the characters and their relationship with Theo. The fact that Donna Tartt was trying to write this epic novel with lots of depth and meaning was very apparent, and although I did enjoy it, sometimes I just felt like it was trying a little too hard. However, it is beautifully written and the characters are very memorable and I think it's one I'll likely be thinking about for awhile. If you like more classic, Dickensian-type literature and enjoy a longer novel, then I'd recommend reading The Goldfinch as it really is a great book (and it just won the Pulitzer Prize)! However, I just feel like it might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially if you have a short attention span.

And speaking of books, earlier this month I shared my perfect pairing - enjoying a great book with Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate! I just wanted to remind you all to be sure to check out my post and definitely click the link to find out more about perfect pairings and to upload your photo to the Ghirardelli site! Thanks friends :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Explore Oregon // Willamette Valley Wine Country

Ever since moving to Oregon, I have been bugging Cameron to go out to the wineries! While there are actually wineries throughout the state, a large majority are located less than an hour south of Portland in the Willamette Valley. Two of Cameron's brothers actually live right in this area, so every time we've gone down there in the past has been to visit family and not to taste wine, ha!

But while my friend Lisa was visiting Portland last month, we finally decided to make a trip down there and check out a few different wineries! Unfortunately, the weather while she was in town was pretty rainy, and so it kind of limited our options on normal things we do with out-of-towers like going to the coast. However, the great thing about wine tasting is it's a fun activity no matter the weather - and fortunately, the weather did clear up for us later in the afternoon so we got some fantastic views!

The Willamette Valley as a wine growing region is actually quite extensive and boasts more than 300 wineries. The area is world-renowned for its Pinot Noir, but produces a variety of other wines as well. We didn't have a specific plan in mind when we headed out, but figured we'd stop at some of the bigger name wineries since it was our first time wine tasting there. We ended up hitting up five different wineries over the course of the afternoon, and I felt like that was the perfect amount. Wine tasting in Oregon seemed to be a little more relaxed than our previous experiences in Napa and Sonoma, and the tastings were a little bit more reasonable ($10-$15/per tasting on average vs. $25/tasting in California!) and I enjoyed the more low-key vibe. It seemed like most of the wineries have maps of the regions and are happy to make suggestions if you're looking for other places to visit. Here's a recap of the five places we visited, along with my thoughts on each one...

Location: Newberg, OR
Hours: 10am-5pm
Tasting Fee: $10

We decided to visit Rex Hill for a few reasons - it's one of the first wineries you come to on Hwy 99 as you're coming from Portland, the tasting fee is relatively inexpensive, and it's a bigger name winery that's fairly well-known. The tasting room was nice, but nothing to write home about. The tasting itself included four wines - 1 Chardonnay and 3 Pinot Noirs, and they didn't pour us anything extra like they did at some of the other wineries. The wines were all fine, but none really impressed us and overall, the whole experience was just OK. I think it gave us a good baseline to compare the other wineries too, but it definitely wasn't our favorite. However, it was also pretty rainy when we stopped there so we didn't really get a chance to look around outside much.


Location: Dundee, OR
Hours: 11am-5pm
Tasting Fee: $10
Argyle another one of the bigger names from the Willamette Valley and they are known for their sparkling wine, which is why this is definitely one that was high on my list to visit! Their tasting room isn't quite as picturesque as it sits in town in Dundee as opposed to some of the other wineries that overlook their vineyards. (Although, the small grounds at the tasting room were looking very pretty with everything blooming for spring!) I definitely think that it's a fun place to stop as it has something for everyone no matter what type of wine you like. They actually offer three different $10 flights - one that's a mixture of all their styles, one that's all sparkling wines, and one that's all Pinot Noir. Cam and Lisa opted to do the Clubhouse Flight, which included a Riesling, a Chardonnay, a Pinot Noir, a dessert wine, and a Brut. I opted to do the POP Flight, which consisted of four different sparking wines...what can I say, I love bubbles! Everyone at Argyle was very friendly, and in addition to the wines that came with the tasting, we each got a bonus pour as well. I'd definitely recommend stopping here if you like sparkling wines!

Cam having the time of his life...ha.

Location: Dundee, OR
Hours: 11am-5pm
Tasting Fee: $10

Erath is well-known for their Pinot Noir and widely distributed across the country, so we figured it was worth checking out. The tasting room is set up in the hills and there are some really beautiful views! The standard tasting (which I believe they call the Pioneers Flight) is only $10 and includes six different Pinots! (I believe there was also a more expensive tasting option as well that included some different wine options) It was kind of crowded when we got there, but it ended up clearing up and we had a great time at this winery! All the wines we tried were good, and it's definitely a great place to stop if you're a Pinot Noir fan!

Location: Dundee, OR
Hours: 11am-4pm
Tasting Fee: $20

We weren't initially planning on stopping at Winderlea as we were a little put off by the higher tasting fee. However, when we passed by their beautiful modern building on the way to Erath, we decided to give it a chance...and I'm so glad we did because this was by far our favorite winery of the day! Winderlea is a small boutique winery that doesn't distribute, and so it was a good contrast to some of the larger operations we visited. First of all, they are located in a gorgeous spot that offers fantastic views of the rolling hills. They also have a really cool modern building that's really unique and everyone working at the winery was really nice. The winery tasting is a little bit more expensive than other wineries, but it's definitely worth it and I liked that we were trying wines that you're not going to see in the grocery store. You're supposed to get five wines, however, they were really generous and poured us a few additional wines as well. Plus, part of the money from the tasting fee goes to an organization that provides healthcare services to Oregon vineyard workers. We had a really great experience at Winderlea, and the fact that the sun came out while were there was the icing on the cake! I'd highly recommend stopping here if you're going wine tasting in the Willamette Valley!

Location: Dundee, OR
Hours: 11am-6pm
Tasting Fee: $10

I had never heard of Dobbes before our day of wine tasting, but someone at Rex Hill suggested it because he said that it's open until 6pm, whereas most of the wineries close at 4-5pm. This seems like a popular "last stop" for many people, and so we decided to check it out. They offer a Classic flight of 5 wines for $10 (they also offer a $15 flight) which features a variety of different styles, and it was nice to try a few different types of wine to finish out the day. It wasn't my favorite winery that we visited, but since it is open until 6pm, it's not a bad place to stop!

We had a fantastic day wine tasting in the Willamette Valley, but there are so many more wineries we didn't get to see! I'm looking forward to going back and continuing to explore this summer!


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