Friday, April 24, 2015

Henry // Our Day at 4.5 Months

Happy Friday everyone! I don't know about anyone else, but this week is flew by for me! We got back from last week's trip to Seattle & Vancouver super late on Sunday night, and it seems like it takes a little longer now that we have a baby for things to get back to normal after being out of town. And now this weekend, we have friends visiting from out of town so I'm excited to show them Portland!

I have a running list on my phone of posts that I'd like to share here on the blog, but just haven't had the time to sit down and write them yet. I think it's super annoying when bloggers are constantly apologizing about not having time to blog and so I'm not going to sit here and do that. Henry is my first priority, whereas this blog is something extra that's supposed to be fun, not something that I should feel guilty about. At the same time though, I do really enjoy writing and sharing things with you guys here and so it can be frustrating not having as much time for it as I'd like! So I really appreciate you bearing with me while posting is a little less frequent :)

One topic I've been meaning to talk about for awhile now is what our day to day schedule looks like at this point in time. I really enjoy reading these posts from other bloggers, new moms especially, because I think it's fun to see how other people structure their days. I actually wrote a similar post a few years ago and it's kind of funny to see how different things were back then! (Also, I kind of want to cry a little bit about how much better shape I was in...) Right now, I'm a full-time stay at home mom and I'm still exclusively breastfeeding; both of these things afford us a lot of flexibility from day to day where I don't have to be super rigid with our schedule, and I'm so thankful for that! Plus, Henry is still little and he's not a robot, he's baby whose needs change from day to day. My first priority is going off of what he seems to need; some days he wants to nurse longer/shorter or nap more/less and I just try to go with the flow, and so far, that's working really, really well for us. I know that how we structure our days will likely change a bit as he gets older, but here's a general idea of what our days look like during the week right now...

Henry is my alarm clock these days and I wake up to him fussing in his bassinet when he's ready to eat! The time he wakes up does vary some from day to day; sometimes, it's closer to 5am and other days it's closer to 7am, but typically it's right around 6am. (The time he wakes up for that first feeding has a bit of a domino effect on how the timing of the rest of our day will go) Once he wakes up, I reach over to get him out of his bassinet, which is right next to our bed, and nurse him sitting up in bed while trying not to fall back asleep myself...and not gonna lie, occasionally I do nod off a little :) But for the most part, I manage to stay awake by scrolling through pictures on my phone/checking Instagram/FB/email and I usually nurse him for about 30 minutes or so.

After Henry nurses in the morning, I usually lay him back down in his bassinet. He usually starts falling asleep at the end of feeding, and then wakes up once I lay him back in the bassinet. He tends to babble to himself for awhile, but will usually fall back asleep eventually and will snooze for another hour or two sometimes. I'm trying to work on getting up at this time to get my day started after I put him back down instead of just going back to sleep myself because I'm realizing that this is really prime time to get things done that I should be taking advantage of. I've gotten into somewhat of a routine where I pump once a day, and after that first morning feeding is usually when I'll do it as it seems to be the most worthwhile time where I'm able to yield the most milk. (I try to pump once a day because I always like to make sure I have a few bottles of pumped milk in the fridge for times when I do need to leave the house without Henry, and if I don't end up using them then I just freeze them to have for backup) After I pump, sometimes I'll head out to a morning workout class while Cam and the baby are still snoozing, and I feel super productive when I can make this happen! And then other mornings, if I'm really tired, I'll just get back in bed...or sometimes I'll just skip pumping and fall back asleep :)

If I go to a morning workout class, I try to get home and jump in the shower before the baby wakes back up and Cam has to leave for work. If I sleep in later, I'm usually out of bed by 8am and either Cam or I will make breakfast, let the dog out, and he'll head out for work. (Luckily he doesn't have to leave for work super early because we're both more night owls vs. morning people) At some point, Henry wakes back up and so I'll change him and Cam and I love just enjoying his sweet little personality in the morning because he's usually so happy! Once Cam leaves, I'll put him in his swing or his pack and play while I finish getting ready...and by that I mean brushing my teeth and changing into yoga pants :) We don't give Henry a bath every day at this point per our pediatrician's recommendation and I personally don't like giving him a bath at night because I feel like it wakes him back up. So if it's a day when he needs a bath, this is usually when I'll do it. If we're going to be heading out somewhere that morning, I'll pack up his diaper bag and get ready to go and then usually nurse him again right before we leave the house, so somewhere between 9:30am-10am. 

There are a few different workout classes I attend throughout the week where you can bring your baby to class with you, and usually they're offered mid-morning. I love doing stuff like this because it's a great way to get a workout, it forces us to get out of the house in the morning, and it's fun to connect with other moms. Depending on the class, sometimes Henry will take a nap during it and other times he'll stay awake but fall asleep on the way home. If we're not taking a class, then usually at this time I'm at home playing with Henry so reading books, FaceTiming with my parents, doing tummy time, and just enjoying my sweet boy. If we're home, I'll try to put him down for a nap sometime before noon however, he does tend to nap better if we're out and about and he's in his car seat or stroller.

Usually Henry is napping somewhere around this time, and so if we're still out and about after taking a class, this is a good time to run errands like Target, the grocery store, or grabbing lunch while he's sleeping. If we're home, this is the time I catch up on email, eat lunch, do laundry, possibly throw something in the crock pot, and get things done around the house. Some days he'll take a really long nap and other days he'll only sleep for 45 minutes or so. Whenever he wakes up during this time is when I change him and feed him for a third time, so it really all depends on how he's feeling.

After his midday feeding, typically we'll have some more play time at home for a bit. He's such a happy boy that I end up spending quite a bit of time just sitting there talking to him and trying to make him laugh once we're done nursing. Sometimes we'll have a playdate or plans to get together with friends in the afternoon, but most days this is when I try to get out for a walk. I usually try to time it so that he's ready for a nap once I put him in the stroller and he'll often fall asleep not long after I start walking. Once he's passed out, I try to walk as much as I can because I enjoy it and it seems like it helps him stay asleep longer. At some point though he'll wake up and when he does I'll change him and feed him again :)

Cam gets home from work, we catch up on the day, and I usually start dinner if there's not already leftovers or something in the crockpot. Cam either plays with Henry or he plays in his exersaucer for a bit while Cam does stuff around the house/yard. Depending on how Henry's afternoon feedings spaced out with his naps, sometimes I'll need to throw another nursing session in here at some point.

We usually eat dinner fairly late (between 7:30pm-8:30pm) but if we happen to get done earlier, we'll try to go for a walk. Cam gets to spend with Henry and we just enjoy hanging out as a family, while also getting the kitchen cleaned up. Our goal is right now is to get Henry down no later than 9:30 (and sometimes we do put him down earlier) but we don't do any super intense bedtime routine. We really just try to have some simple cues that let him know it's getting time for sleep - we lower the lights, one of us will change his diaper, then we put him in a sleep sack, and then start that last nursing session no later than 9pm. I'll nurse him, he usually falls sleep near the end, and then I'll take him upstairs and lay him the bassinet in our room. Sometimes he'll fuss for a little bit, but usually he falls asleep relatively quickly.

This is my time with Cam and it always seems like this part of the day flies by! Sometimes we'll do various stuff that needs to get done around the house, but usually we just relax on the couch and watch a show. This is also when I try to catch up on email if I can and it's when I'll try to work on the blog. But it seems like I often don't have ample time to actually write a post/upload pictures/etc. and so blogging doesn't always happen :) I'm guilty of staying up much later than I should after Henry goes to bed - sometimes it's because Cam and I will fall asleep on the couch and won't actually get up to get in bed until late, but other times I'm wide awake and it's just hard for me to force myself to go to bed and so I'll stay up too late on the computer. Usually at this point though I'm too tired to actually finish a blog post, so this is usually when I'll catch up on other people's blogs :) And some days I go to sleep later than 11:30pm which is completely dumb, but I feel like I'm wired to be a night owl and it's hard to break myself of that. 

So there you have it! Henry is sleeping straight through from 9:30pm-6am most nights (and then will usually go back down after that first nursing session until 8:30-9am or so) and it's awsome to have that long stretch. For that reason, I don't get too hung up on his naps at this point. Instead I just try to make sure I'm nursing him about 5-6 times per day, so 3-4 hours between feedings, and then I try to look for cues that he's getting tired when putting him down for a nap. Every day is a little bit different depending on what's on the calendar too - doctor's appointments, play dates, errands to run, etc. and then traveling tends to throw this schedule off a little as well. I also know that lots of little chunks of time here and there throughout the day end up going to waste because I'm on my phone and that's something I'm trying to work's hard though! And honestly, sometimes time just flies by during the day and not a lot gets done because I'm just busy smooching this sweet face...

But can you blame me? :)

I hope you enjoyed this look into what our days are like, I am definitely loving being able to spend so much time with Henry. He is such a happy baby and he brings Cam and I so much joy :) I just want to freeze time because this stage is so adorable. Getting to stay home with him is such a gift and every day just seems to get better and better!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Beauty // Can't Live Without It Blush

Happy Friday friends!

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that we've been in Seattle this week and I am loving it! We're actually heading up to Vancouver, BC for the weekend, so I only have a minute to pop in today. And that's why I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to write a post for a fun new link-up my IRL turned blogger friend Stephanie and two other lovely bloggers (Cait & Laura) are hosting.

I personally love to write super wordy posts with lots of pictures, but let's face it, with a four month old baby, I don't always have the time I'd like to pour out some long diatribe here on the interwebs. Enter this link-up. Basically you just share a quick post about something you're loving right now, which I think is such a genius idea, especially for Fridays when my mom brain is typically a little fried.

Posts as of late, aka 2015, have been pretty heavily Henry-focused. And while I can't promise that's necessarily going to change any time soon, I do want find a little more of a balance in the content I'm sharing to include things like recipes, beauty/style posts, restaurant reviews, etc. That's why for my first 'Can't Live Without It' item, I wanted to share a beauty product that's an oldie but a goodie.

This blush
This gorgeous cheek color with the racy name has been a cult favorite for ages. I remember one of my mom's friends talking about wearing it when I was in my early teens, and it was actually one of my first non-drugstore beauty purchases when I was in high school. It's described as a peachy pink with gold shimmer and it's lauded as being very universally flattering. I fell in love with this gorgeous warm color that added the perfect glowy-yet-natural flush to the cheeks when I was 16 and have repurchased this blush many times since then. The price is a little steep but totally worth it in my opinion as the formulation is quality, very pigmented but also blendable. (Plus, I am just a huge fan of NARS products/brand aesthetic in general) I've tried tons of different blushes over the years, and while I do have other ones that I like a lot, time after time I seem to keep coming back to this one. I feel I'm always particularly drawn to it in the spring as it's such a perfect color for this time of year. When I look in the mirror and I'm feeling sort of mehhh as a new mom, just little bit of this blush can make a world of difference in perking up my tired face. I feel like it would honestly look good on any skin tone and it's definitely something worth the splurge!

So there you have it, one of my mama makeup must haves :)

That's all for me today, but be sure to hop over to my sleep post from last week to see if you won my giveaway for the Halo SleepSack! And follow me on Instagram (@inthepinkandgreen) for photos from our Canadian adventures this weekend, eh? :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Henry // Four Months

Henry turned four months old last Wednesday (4/8) and this past month has been so much fun! I feel like things just get better and better every single day, and we couldn't love this boy more if we tried. It feels so bittersweet because on the one hand, he seems to be growing so fast now and learning new things all the time which is super exciting! But it's also kind of sad because I just want to freeze this precious little baby stage in time forever because it's so incredibly sweet and adorable. He's just the happiest little boy and he has such a pleasant demeanor. I love seeing his little personality shine through more and more each day, and I feel like he's starting to look more and more like a mix of Cam and I as he grows which is great! Here's what he's been up to since his last update...

I took these right before naptime and he was clearly not into the sitting down in the chair pics at this point in my little photo shoot...I just thought this one was kind of funny :)
Henry had his 4 month well check on 4/9 where he weighed in at 16lbs 8oz and measured 25 3/4 inches long. He is in the 80th percentile for both height and weight (as well as head circumference) and they said he's growing right on track! We were definitely happy to hear that :)

Overall, Henry is a healthy guy! He did get his first cold this month, and although it was super sad to see him coughing and congested, he got through it just fine. I tried to do things like set his bouncer seat in the bathroom while I was taking a shower to help the steam clear out his stuffy nose, and then I just nursed him more than normal. He is drooling quite a bit now, but I guess that's pretty normal for this age. He also developed a little bit of craddle cap over the past month, but it's pretty mild and looks like it's already starting to go away. He also scratched his face up just a little bit (which you can kind of see in these photos) because his little nails grow sooo fast that mommy has a hard time keeping up with them sometimes :(

He has still been loving his hands this past month! He chews on his fingers all the time and constantly sticks his whole fist in his mouth. He's still super smiley, but over the past month he's really started laughing a lot and it is literally the BEST thing ever. Hearing him giggle is the cutest and so we're constantly trying to entertain and do whatever we can to make him crack up. He's very social and seemed to really enjoy having so many people around when we were in Michigan. He loves rolling around and he's starting to get more into toys as well. He's great at grabbing for things, whether it's the toys hanging from his car seat or on his playmat. He's seems like he's still enjoying going to our Mom & Baby yoga class as well as going for walks :)

Henry is a pretty happy boy and there's really not a lot that he doesn't like these days. He gets fussy when he's overly tired, and he's not a big fan of taking a bottle. When I'm home, I usually use my Breast Friend pillow to feed him, and he doesn't like when he's hungry and he's waiting for me to put it on...ha! And then as far as our dislikes, he has had a few more blowout diapers over the past month which has been a real treat. Not.

He has pretty much completely grown out of all of his 0-3 month/3 month clothing and is wearing mainly 3-6 month/6 month stuff now. Luckily, we were able to stock up on some stuff in his new size while we were in Michigan, but I have a feeling it won't be long before he's outgrowing it too. And I still have him in footie PJs 90% of the time regardless of what we're doing - I figure he's a baby and I want him to be comfy! (Plus, trying to deal with a blowout when he's wearing an actual outfit is just such a pain) He's still wearing size 2 diapers but they are definitely getting too small and so I'm going to try to use up the diapers we have and then switch him to size 3.

Still exclusively breastfeed and things are really going well! He can go 3-4 hours between feedings, and so I typically feed him about 5-6 times during the day. He gets a bottle occasionally if I go out, but for the most part, it's straight from the source 24/7. Our pediatrician did say we could start introducing solids now that he's 4 months old, and we haven't started it yet but will probably ease into that over the next month. I'm honestly not in a huge rush to start him on solids since he's doing so well with breastfeeding, but he is starting to show a real interest in our food and he has really good head and neck control for his age. Plus, Cam and I love food and so I am looking forward introducing different flavors and textures to him :)

I wrote a more detailed post on sleep last week, but overall things have been going really well the past month. Henry has typically been sleeping from about 9:30pm-6am straight each night with some solid naps during the day as well. But sure enough, just as soon as he hit 4 months last week, we've had a few nights where he's woken up between 3-4am. So I'm hoping it's just a fluke and that this whole 4 month sleep regression thing people talk about won't be too rough on us. He is still really good about falling asleep in his carseat or if I'm wearing him in the wrap, which makes it great to be able to go out and run errands during the day.

Favorite Things: 
We're still loving all the items I mentioned in my 0-3 month baby gear must haves post, but there are a few new things we've been enjoying lately. We're putting Henry to sleep in a Halo SleepSack now instead of swaddling him and he seems to really like it. (And you can enter to win one by entering the giveaway on my post from last week!) When we were in Michigan, my parents had this playmat for Henry and he loved kicking the piano keys. We also set up this Step 'n Play Piano right before he turned 4 months and he's really getting into it! He also seems to like stuffed animals more now and this one is his favorite. (Thanks Aunt Melissa & Uncle Ben!)

-Henry spent the first part of this past month in Michigan; he did great meeting so many friends and family, and was really good on the long flight home.
-While we were there, we took him to visit Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan, which is where Cameron and I met, got engaged, and were married so that was really special :)
-He rolled over from his stomach to his back while we were in Michigan, and now he's been rolling around quite a bit whenever he's on the floor now. It's amazing how much he can move around for not crawling yet!
-We went on our first hike as a family in Forest Park.
-Henry went to his first car show and loved looking around at the cars.
-I took him with me to Stroller Strides for the first time and he seemed to really enjoy it! I loved being able to get a good workout while having him there with me.
-One of my favorite things that he's doing right now is when I pick him up out of his bassinet in the morning to nurse him, I usually stand him up facing me to tell him good morning and he reaches out and puts a hand on each side of my face and just gives me a huge's seriously the best way to wake up :)
-We're still unsure what color his hair and eyes are going to be. His hair seems to be lightening up a bit and it looks like there is some blonde starting to come through...but then sometimes his hair will have more of a reddish tint to it...whereas other times it looks really dark, so who knows! And then his eyes still look really bluish gray some of the time, and other times it seems like there is some brown starting to peek through. Time will tell I suppose!
-I feel like Henry is very attached to me at this point (and the feeling is mutual...ha!) and it seems like he always wants to be looking at me and smiling at me and I just love it. But he's also not at the point of having separation anxiety yet and will gladly let other people hold him as well. He also loves being with Cam and daddy definitely gets some of the biggest laughs from him with his silly antics :)
-He celebrated his first St. Patrick's Day and first Easter! Even though he's not going to remember, it's still so much fun experiencing all these "firsts" with him and I love dressing him for holidays. His little Easter outfit was so stinking adorable, and so I thought I'd share a few more photos...(aka the only ones I managed to take on my real camera vs. my cell phone on Easter!)

That last picture is one of my all-time favorites of him :) He is the sweetest baby and he just seems just like he's bursting with pure joy. Sure he has his fussy moments now and then just like any baby, but overall, he's just such a happy little guy. I love love love being his mom more than I can describe and I am at a point where I'm feeling so comfortable with things now and it's really nice. Granted, I'm no expert and don't claim to have things figured out, but I just feel like more confident in my ability to take care of him and don't get as nervous taking him out to do things anymore. He is such a blessing to us and I can't wait to see what this upcoming month brings!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Motherhood // How is he sleeping?

Ever since Henry was born, there's one question that I've been asked over and over...

"Are you getting any sleep?"

From the time we left the hospital, I've been asked some variation of this question by family, friends, people at the grocery store, strangers on the street, etc. And I get it, everyone means well and it's an obvious topic of conversation when someone sees a baby. But when you're the exhausted new parent, getting asked about sleep can get real old, real fast, especially in the beginning.

Sleep (or lack thereof) is something that consumes so much of your focus when you have a baby. I take a Mom and Baby yoga class once a week and in the beginning of class, everyone goes around the room and introduces themselves and shares a little about what they're currently going through with their baby. On any given week, at least 90% of what people have to talk about are issues with sleep. Whether it's moms with really young babies or moms with older babies, sleep seems to be the one thing that can be majorly challenging for everyone. So when you're constantly being asked about it all the time by other people, it almost starts to feel like your measure of success as parent is based on how well things are going in that department. And then getting your baby to sleep through the night is almost seen as this badge of honor, and sometimes it can feel like a competition to say your baby sleeps through the night as early as possible. Granted, I'm pretty sure every new parent wants their baby to start sleeping through the night as soon as possible. But if your baby isn't there yet, constantly being asked about it can make you feel like a failure. I remember when Henry was a month old or so and people would ask me if I was getting any sleep, I literally wanted to scream in their face and be like "NO BUT THANKS FOR ASKING YOU JERK!" But now that he's four months old (his monthly update is coming tomorrow!) we're in such a better place when it comes to sleep! Granted every baby is different and I don't really have any specific tips or tricks, but I just thought I'd share a little about what the whole sleeping experience has been like for us so far.

When we brought Henry home from the hospital, he was eating pretty much around the clock, which is to be expected when a baby is brand new. I only slept for three hour stretches max those first few weeks and sometimes much less than that depending on how often he wanted to eat. The only reason Cam and I were able to get any sleep at all in those really early days is because my mom was staying with us. She would stay up and hold the baby in the middle of the night so we could get some rest since he would tend to sleep longer if he was being held vs. if we tried to lay him down. But eventually we attempted to make the transition of having him sleep in our bedroom and our plan was to have him sleep in the Bassinest, the swiveling bassinet we got for right next to our bed. However, Henry was just not having it. He would wake up as soon as we laid him down and he would just cry when we put him in there. And so he would end up putting him in our bed every night, something I said we would never have our baby do before he was born, ha! I was just not a fan of the idea of co-sleeping with the baby actually in our bed, and that's the whole reason we got the Bassinest in the first place so that he could be right next to us but in his own safe space. However, given the choice between putting him the Bassinest and having him cry and just putting him in our bed and nursing him to sleep, we ended up choosing the second option because we were tired and that just seemed easier. We wound up having him sleep in our bed every single night those first two months, and he would essentially just graze throughout the entire night when it came to nursing. Granted because he was in our bed, I didn't have to fully wake up to feed him since I would usually nurse him laying down in the middle of the night, but it was still very tiring. As far as naps, during the first two months I'd typically just let him sleep wherever and he was pretty good about napping in his carseat or stroller if we were out and about.

At around the two month mark, we knew we needed to make a change because we were ready to transition him out of our bed. Even though we did follow the guidelines for safe co-sleeping, we were just never super comfortable having him in our bed because we were always nervous about accidentally rolling on him or elbowing him in the face. I really wanted to get him sleeping in his own safe space in our room, so when we got back from San Diego, we started trying again to get him to sleep in his Bassinest...and all the sudden, he decided he loved it! It was around this time that he decided he liked being swaddled as well, which was a change since he really did not seem to care for it the first two months of his life. So we started swaddling him each night and putting him down in his Bassinest and it was such an improvement! He'd typically sleep a 5-6 hour stretch at that point, and so we'd usually put him down for the night when we'd get in bed around 11:30. I'd swaddle him, nurse him one last time, and then lay him in his Bassinest. Granted he'd take cat naps in the evening before that, but this way his longest stretch of sleep was lining up with when we were actually going to bed. I'm not really sure what caused this change, but I think a lot of it just had to do with the fact that he was starting to grow out of some of the fussiness and gas that babies tend to experience in those first two months of life. I think I also started to realize that he had a lot more ability to self-soothe than I was giving him credit for and so when I stopped instantly nursing him every time he made a sound, that's really when he started giving us a longer stretch at night. As far as naps, I also started trying to lay him down for naps in his crib if we were home during the day. Granted we'd often be out and about during naptime and he'd sleep just fine in the carseat, stroller, or wrap but it was nice to start getting him used to his crib here and there.

When he was three months old, we went to Michigan for two weeks, but thankfully the time change didn't seem to affect him too much. He was still sleeping a 6+ hour stretch at night while we were there, and would usually go back to sleep for quite awhile after I'd nurse him. I would also try laying him down for naps, but tried to be somewhat flexible since we weren't home and there were lots of visitors. We were also still swaddling him at this point, but he was starting to become increasingly mobile and rolling around so I knew it was probably best to start transitioning him out of the swaddle.

I know some babies have a tough time transitioning out of being swaddled, but thankfully, it hasn't been too big of a deal for Henry! We've started putting him in a Halo SleepSack instead of a swaddle at night, and he seems to do really well in one of those! If we're home, I'll typically put him in a SleepSack and lay him in his crib for naps, and then at night, I'll nurse him one last time, then put him in a SleepSack, and then lay him down in his Bassinest. We do typically lay a heating pad in the Bassinest while I'm nursing him to warm up the surface a little and then we remove the heating pad before laying him down. I also love that the Bassinest has a vibration feature and a heartbeat sound effect and I turn both of those on before I lay him down at night and it seems to help a lot!

As far as the SleepSack, I really like that they come in different weights to fit the season/your baby's needs. Since it's not very cold here in Portland, I typically just put him in a 100% cotton one but sometimes I'll put him in a fleece one so he's a little extra cozy. (Plus the patterns are cute too!)

I like that the Halo SleepSacks give him room to kick his legs as he seems to really enjoy that while he's falling asleep. He is typically awake when we put him down for naps/at night, and he's started to get really good at falling asleep on his own which is exciting.

Right now, we typically put him down in his Bassinest around 9:30pm and he'll typically sleep straight until 6am. At that time, he wakes up to nurse and then I'll usually put him back in his Bassinest and he'll usually sleep for another 2-3 hours.

The smiles definitely make it easier to wake up for sure :)

In addition to sleeping that long stretch at night, he usually takes 2-3 solid naps every day as well. I'm so happy he's sleeping so well at this point and now our goal is to start trying to push his bedtime back a little earlier gradually over time. However, I don't want to be that jerk mom that brags about having a kid who is an awesome sleeper because I know that everything with babies is subject to change. He did just turn four months yesterday and so I'm crossing my fingers that he doesn't go through that dreaded four month sleep regression that so many babies experience, but if he does, we'll just take it one day at a time! And while I'm no expert, my biggest advice when it comes to sleep based off our experience is just to keep trying things. Just because your baby doesn't like something one night, that doesn't mean they won't like it next week. I feel like all you can do is try to enjoy it when things are going well on the sleep front and then not stress too much if you run into bumps in the road. Oh, and then coffee helps too! :)

 I'm a big fan of the Halo SleepSack and so I've partnered with them to give one away to one of you! This giveaway will run until next Thursday night (4/16) and I'll announce a winner on Friday :)
  Halo SleepSack Giveaway Good luck and sweet dreams!

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary SleepSack by Halo, as well as provided one to giveaway. However, the Bassinest and other SleepSacks we have were purchased either by us or were gifts from friends and family. These are definitely products that I am a big fan of and would happily spend my own money on in the future. 


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